Quick & Easy 2017 Stocking Stuffers to Cover All of the Foodie Fanatics in Your Life!

From kids to athletes &, of course, the drink enthusiasts, the below snacks & beverages are sure to delight your loved ones this holiday season.
For the Foodie Kids:
  • The NEW Welch’s Fruit Rolls are the perfect way to unroll the fun this holiday season! Featuring fruit as its first ingredient, the Fruit Rolls are a great stocking stuffer & available in mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, & White Grape Strawberry.
  • Go Organically Fruit Snacks are a tasty, USDA-certified organic fruit snack great for gifting this holiday. A fantastic stocking stuffer, these fruit snacks are gluten-free, contain 100% DV Vitamin C, GMO Free & contain no preservatives.
  • AquaBall’s naturally flavored water is the only zero-sugar, zero-calorie, zero-preservative children’s beverage around. Featuring fan favorite Disney & Marvel characters, AquaBall is not only fun for kids to open on Christmas morning, but also smart for parents.​

For the Drink Enthusiasts:
  • Cased in 7 fluid ounce bottles, Brooklyn Crafted’s small but mighty ginger beers are the perfect size for Christmas stockings & great for enjoying on their own or incorporating into cocktails this holiday season. Made with 100% fresh ginger pieces you can actually SEE in each bottle, the craft ginger beers are available in four trendy flavors.
  • Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio, which comes in a 375ml bottle, is the perfect stocking stuffer for wine lovers! It’s cute & conveniently portable—making it easy to take almost anywhere. Get creative & include the mid-sized Pinot Grigio in a chef-themed, wine & charcuterie, or movie-night stocking.​

For the Fit Foodie:
  • Give the gift of healthy Protein Cookies this holiday season! With 18G of plant-protein per cookie, Munk Pack Protein Cookies are a delicious protein bar alternative. In flavors like Double Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Raisin Spice, these vegan & gluten free cookies are soft baked & filled with fiber.
  • HUROM’s 10.1 oz. and 13.5 oz. glass Juice Jars are great for gifting that one person you know who’s always eating on the run. These jars feature an air-tight stainless steel lid, perfect for keeping your smoothies, workout juices, oatmeal & other snacks fresh while on-the-go.
  • Unlike the other guys you see in health stores that have lengthy labels & ingredients you can’t pronounce, Carrington Farms NEW Organic Coconut Protein Blend is a vegan & organic protein powder is made with just THREE ingredients (Coconut Powder, Pumpkin Powder & Pea Powder!). Not to mention, it contains a whopping 20g of protein.​

Nutrition Fit for a President!

MOMS, Meet Hart Cunningham, Presidential Candidate (2020)! Human Rights, Green Energy, Logic in the Presidency, Respectful diplomatic affairs, Global Focus on Renewables, Gun control with NRA expansion, Educating for purpose to think and not regurgitate – Sound GOOD? 😉 Yes PLEASE! #Hart2020

Speaking of GOOD, in the video (above) Hart Cunningham walks viewers through every ingredient he consumes in his morning shake. In his words, “Obesity & poverty are the two largest obstacles for a stronger America. We must educate millions on ways to bring nutrition in our lives in a cost-effective, convenient fashion.”

Motherstucker is all IN for Nutrition Fit for a President! Join Me!

Me Time for Moms: 7 Holiday Season Ideas to Try This Week!

MOMS! During this BUSY time of year, be sure to make time for YOU! Take a break from the demands on your busy life this week to celebrate the season <3 Give yourself permission to relax for a few minutes each day 😉

Take your mom to lunch. She could use a break too! 

Get a pedicure!  Treat your feet & your whole body will thank you!

♦  Catch up on your reading.  Find a good book or that stack of magazines you’ve been too busy to get to.

Get your game face on & try Motherstucker’s FAV site for SLOTS! You’ll thank me later! 

Go to the movies with your best friend. Have popcorn.

Try a new recipe.  Choose something you like without trying to please picky eaters.

Reconnect with a friend. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Try an idea or 2, or 3,  each day this week. You’ll  gain a fresh outlook & a new perspective! Happy Holidays!

Give Your Pet A Holiday Stocking Treat!

Fresh, Real Food Options for Pets from Freshpet Inc.,  the first and only maker of fresh, all natural food for pets, wants you to give the gift of irresistible,  delicious treats to your pets. This holiday, stuff your pet’s stocking with the wholesome, yummy snacks for pets that are sure to be their favorite gift of the year! Whether your pet woofs or purrs, Freshpet® offers freshly prepared treats and meals for your dog and cat, using as always only fresh, natural ingredients. Just be sure to refrigerate!

Some of the Freshpet® Treats available for your dog and cat include:

-Freshpet® Dog Joy® Turkey Bacon – Dog Joy® Treats. Smoked to perfection, these all natural turkey bacon treats are an absolute favorite of pups everywhere. Made in the USA. Available in 3oz and 6oz resealable pouches. 

-Dog Joy® Sausage Slices – Dog Joy® Treats. Real chicken and beef sausages sliced thick then baked to perfection, these treats are sure to make your dog bark with excitement. Made in the USA. Available in 4 OZ resealable pouch. About Freshpet

Freshpet has a single-minded mission – to improve the lives of dogs and cats everywhere through the power of fresh, natural food. Packed with vitamins and proteins, Freshpet foods offer fresh meats, poultry and vegetables farmed locally. The Freshpet Kitchens then thoughtfully prepare these natural ingredients and everyday essentials, cooking them in small batches at lower temperatures to preserve key nutrients. That way, your pet gets the best. Freshpet refrigerated foods and treats are kept cool from the moment they are made until they arrive at Freshpetrefrigerators in your local store.

Freshpet foods are available in select mass, grocery, and pet specialty retailers across the US and Canada. From the care Freshpet takes to source their ingredients and make their food, to the moment it reaches your home, Freshpet’s integrity, transparency and social responsibility are the way they like to run their business. To learn more, visit www.freshpet.com

Why Should Mum’s BOOM ?

What is Boom Connections & why do you need another social media app? In this hyper-connected digital world, what does Boom offer that all the others don’t?

After all, your phone is already always with you. Through it you are connected to the world, to your family & friends. With apps like Facebook you can keep up with what friends from school & what they are up to long after graduation day… & of course you can let them all know what you are up to, keeping friendships intact years beyond what once was possible. Yet, there is something, or rather, someone missing.

That missing part of the social media experience is sometimes your family, particularly those who are intimidated by the crazy & confusing world of the interwebs. Usually, they’re the older ones. You know, the mom, uncle, grandad or grandma that you just managed to talk into getting a new phone. They’re probably just confused by the whole process & the constant changes that Facebook is infamous for. Or they wouldn’t post anything anyway.

Others are more concerned about security. They don’t want their personal stuff stored in a server somewhere that’s going to get hacked & sent who knows where. Then there are the countless “friend” requests from people they’ve never met, curated posts they don’t care about, & constantly changing privacy rules they have to actively opt out of.

Let’s be fair, it isn’t hard to understand why they don’t bother.

Of course, then those same people complain at every family gathering that you don’t call or keep in touch. We dont get enough pics of the kids or see what they are doing.

As a result, those connections can weaken over time. What is a millennial mum to do?

Boom Connections can help.

Boom Connections is a new social media app that is designed specifically with all of these things in mind. Boom accomplishes this through its unique Author & Follower system.

Boom Connections allows you to share your posts from your social media accounts to a family member who doesnt have a social media account.

When downloading the Boom app you can choose to be an Author or a Follower.

The Author option lets you sync your Facebook & Instagram accounts with Boom. You can then share posts with your Followers by swiping right, or just dismiss the post by swiping left.

That way, you only share the posts you want to share, perfect if you don’t think grandma should see that pic of you last Friday with the girls or school mums having a few chardonays to clear your head after a busy week with the kids. But of course, they do want to see every snap shot you take of the kids growing up.

Followers are added just by sending an email request. You may need to walk your tech-adverse friends & family through the install process & setting up a profile but once that it is done, all they really need to do is open up the app to see your latest posts. They don’t get requests from strangers, they don’t have to give up tons of personal information, & they don’t get spammed with a ton of posts they aren’t going to be interested in. There is even a private chat feature so you can connect through more than just a couple of posts.

In short, Boom Connections is the perfect solution to bringing your reluctant family & friends into the digital world so you can keep in touch & share pcis & memories, even when you are miles apart. Boom is a private& filtered envirmoment for them so they wont need a social media account or a public profile. You can find Boom in the iTunes Apps Store or the Google Play Store. Download and get reconnected today. www.getboom.com.au

Motherstucker’s 2017 Holiday Spice Guide

National Bake Day is December 23, 2017! Are you ready? Prep correctly for the 2017 Holiday Season with Artisan Spice Co., a small batch spice company with lots of unique spice blends! Motherstucker’s FAV’s & MUST HAVES:

♥ Aged Bourbon Pepper: A blend consisting of premium peppercorns, herbs & spices with real aged bourbon. This is a natural for seasoning red meats, game & seafood.

♥ Artisan Steak Seasoning (Grinder): A chunky blend of dill, coriander, pepper & other spices that truly enhance the flavor of steak & roasted vegetables.

♥ Chesapeake Seafood Blend: Great for steaming crabs & shrimp or for flavoring crab cakes, seafood, soups, dips or stews. Can also be used in potato & macaroni salads or as a condiment.

♥ Everything But Salt (Grinder): Don’t be salty!  Everything but Salt isn’t quite everything, but almost. A variety of herbs, onion & garlic to enhance any dish. The perfect blend for those watching their sodium intake. 

♥ Himalayan Pink Salt (Grinder): Jurassic Salt, also known as Himalayan salt, is mined from evaporated seas that flowed freely during the Jurassic period. High mineral content, coarse, light pink in color, nice briny ocean flavor.

♥ Merquén: Traditionally, this blend was crafted by the indigenous Mapuche people of south-central Chile. This version combines select sweet, spicy & smoked chilies with sea salt and spices. Try it out in your next vegetable side dish of onions, potatoes, or squash! 

♥ Sriracha Lime: Sweet & spicy Sriracha fused with a touch of zesty lime. Sprinkle liberally on everything from scrambled eggs to grilled pork chops, burgers to tofu. This bold & versatile blend transforms simple to sensational! Try it in Honey Sriracha Lime Salmon Hello PERFECT Holiday BRUNCH Dish!

♥ Tennessee Whiskey Rub: YOU HAD ME AT TENNESSEE WHISKEY! 😉 Whiskey Rub is a pepper blend made with a small amount of Jack Daniel’s. It has hints of rosemary & garlic and is a real winner for lamb & other red meats.

♥ Wild Bison Blend: This aromatic & versatile blend enhances the flavor of all wild game, lamb, poultry & especially bison. Ingredients include; garlic, salt, chilies, onion, turbinado sugar, & juniper. Bring Wild Bison Meatballs to your company party & WOW them 😉

♥ Zesty Chipotle Blend (Grinder): A blend of Mexican oregano, chipotle & pepper flakes for a true southwestern flavor. Give any dish some smoke & heat. It is a great sprinkle for pasta, pizza, & salads.

Get YOURS at http://artisanspiceco.com & receive an instant 10% off coupon on the website main page & $5 shipping on all US orders!

3 Things To Expect Before Starting HCG Diet Program

The HCG diet plan can be incredibly beneficial in helping you cut down excess weight from your body. However, before you start the program, you should be fully aware of what to expect during the diet period. Otherwise, you might come across some unexpected issues that can discourage you and make you drop out from the diet plan midway. And this can be unfortunate since you would have easily lost weight if you have stuck with the program. Below, we look at a few things that you should expect before starting the HCG diet.

Hunger Pangs

Be ready to face some very intense hunger pangs. Since you will mostly be habituated with consuming about 2000 to 3000 calories per day, shifting onto a 500 calorie diet can indeed be grueling. In fact, you will experience extreme hunger at least for the first few days. However, you don’t have to worry about them since you can easily overcome such issues through some smart meal planning. Even though you are limited to 500 calories, you can still each sufficient food to make your stomach feel full. A good example would be a salad comprising of greens like spinach, bok choy etc. You can literally eat a few cups of the salad while only consuming less than 100 calories in total. Be sure to look for specialized HCG diet recipes on the internet. Go through them, and you will surely find a few recipes that are low in calories and satisfies your hunger.

Hormonal Changes

HCG is essentially a hormone. And since you will be injecting them into your body, it is natural that you should expect some hormonal changes. If you are a woman, then knowing how HCG diet effects hormones is necessary since it has a direct effect on your menstrual cycle. It is recommended that you stay away from using the HCG injections during the menstrual cycle since the high progesterone levels will likely block the HCG from correctly burning up the excess fat. Once you are past the menstrual cycle, you can restart with the injections. And when it comes to men, HCG injections can have a positive effect. In fact, if you are a guy taking HCG hormones, then you will likely see an increase in testosterone production.

Desire To Quit

Watch out for a very deep desire to quit the program. Such thoughts are likely to be more prevalent in the first week of the diet period. This mostly has to do with the hunger you feel. However, make sure that you steel your mind to overcome such feelings. A good way to do this will be to switch the thoughts about quitting with positive thoughts. For example, every time you have the desire to quit the diet plan, imagine yourself having a fit body. Think of the positive ways in which your friends and co-workers will react when they see a new you. Such thoughts alone are sufficient to help you avoid giving up on the program.


MOTHERLOAD HOLIDAY 2017 GUIDE: Knolee Women’s NEW Fashion Touch Screen Warm Winter Thick Gloves With Button

  • MATERIAL: Cotton 5%, Blend 25%, Acrylic 70% 
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: This comfortable full fur lining and stylish design gloves will keeps your hands warm in the cold weather.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Allows you to interact with any touch screen device with ease-smart phone, tablet etc.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Gloves is the ideal gift for all your friends, which is suitable for most occasions and will quickly become their favorite everyday item!


Benefits of Handcrafted Soaps!

What do you love most about your favorite commercial bar of soap? Is it the bubbly synthetic lathering agents? The “squeaky clean” feel of detergents? Or maybe you thrill to the skin drying hardener that makes for a long lasting bar.

If you are thinking that doesn’t sound like what I look for in a soap, then be sure that you ARE using soap. Take a look at the label. Don’t see the word soap? Then you are most likely using a detergent & that can mean an extremely drying, synthetic, chemical clean. Handcrafted soaps are a better, natural, gentle way to clean your delicate skin. 

You can feel the amazing difference between commercial bars & glycerin rich handcrafted soaps. Pectolite, LLC is the home of Simply Natural Bath & Body Products, which includes a line of handcrafted artisan soaps. Their unique formulations ensure that the skin loving oils that go into making their soaps is exactly what your skin gets out of each creamy, lathery, ever so emollient bar. Want softer, happier, more nourished skin naturally? Then give real soap a try. From the super sensitive to the seriously sensuous, Pectolite has handcrafted soap bars for all skin types, including those allergic to coconut, palm & olive oil. http://www.pectolite.net


Stressed out? ‘Tis the season! One of the most stressful holiday tasks can be creating holiday cards. We’ve all been there! Impossible  to navigate sites, photo formatting issues, non-exsistant customer service, delayed printing, poor quality prints… SKIP that MESS this year with NO FAIL PurpleTrail! Right now, PurpleTrail has Free Shipping on orders $75+ (for a limited time!) on their GORGEOUS Personalized Winter Holiday Cards & Invitations!

Cross holiday cards off your TO-DO list today! Then shop the PurpleTrail site for your holiday gifts from highly tailored printed products, to cards for every occasion, to printed planners, to customized gifts & wall prints.Motherstucker’s gift orders are placed & my holiday cards are IN THE MAIL thanks to PurpleTrail. The most stressful part of the entire experience? My “check engine” light came on en-route to meet with the family photographer this year. After the photo shoot — while sitting in the auto service department — I was able to upload the 2017 photo & place my PurpleTrail order.  100% Customizable. Created by Me. Now it’s YOUR turn. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Photo credit: Andrea Monteruil Photography

Online Platform That Allows Businesses to Broadcast Their Own Promotions to Passing Cell Phones!

Attention MOM Business Owners! THIS product called NETcinity by Trinity Proximity Inc. is THE Bluetooth Beacon Platform Placing Promos on Phones. Place promotions on the LOCK screens of mobile devices driving by the business!!! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Indiegogo Campaign to get NETcinity for your business January 2018! Learn more at https://www.NETcinity.com! 🙂


Join Motherstucker & BACK This Kickstarter to Get “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” April 2018! 


The fact is that us parents, we’re tasked with preparing our kids for their future, giving them the lessons & support they need to eventually stand on their own when we can no watch over them. When your child is ready to begin their adult life in the next twelve to fifteen years, will you be able to confidently say that you’ve done all you can to help them face the challenge?

Crafted with two specific age groups in mind (5+ & 7+), the INSYL series is divided into three units, each dealing with a specific focus. To ensure our children learn the necessary skills to have a successful future in their workplace, personal lives, & anything else they set their mind to, INSYL explains vital concepts in ways young minds can understand & absorb! “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” concepts include:

  • Focus: Dedicating enough mental resources to a task, & giving it the necessary attention.
  • Motivation: Harnessing the energy & drive needed to see things through to the end.
  • Confidence: Recognizing their worth & ability, & using that to put forth a poised image.
  • Goal Setting: Assessing realistic & desirable objectives to work towards.
  • Time Management: Using a limited amount of time wisely & with maximum results.

Planning on Going Shopping This Black Friday?

Motherstucker TIP! Don’t leave home without  great on-the-go snacks to have on hand! From small drinks to quick & easy snacks, the below will have you & your family fueled up & ready to take on those long lines & big crowds this Black Friday. This is what Motherstucker will be bringing along:

  • Welch’s Fruit Rolls deliver the same quality consumers love in Welch’s Fruit Snacks, in a new, irresistibly fun format. Featuring fruit as its first ingredient, they come in three mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, & White Grape Strawberry.
  • Munk Pack’s ready-to-eat Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes, packed with grains & fruit bites, is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go! Available in five delicious flavors, including Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Maple Pear Quinoa, & more, they are gluten-free, non GMO, vegan & high in fiber.
  • Cased in 7 fluid ounce bottles, Brooklyn Crafted’s small but mighty ginger beers pack a zesty punch & are made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually SEE. Available in four trendy flavors – Traditional, Earl Grey, Lemon & Lime & Mango – the minis are perfect for enjoying on the go.
  • AquaBall’s naturally flavored water is the only zero-sugar, zero-calorie, zero-preservative children’s beverage around. Available in four flavors & featuring fan favorite Disney & Marvel characters, AquaBall is not only fun for kids, but also smart for parents.
  • Carrington Farms NEW Organic Goji Berry Powder is a nutrient-rich superfood that is high in antioxidants, sure to keep you energized enough to shop ‘til you drop! It is organic, gluten-free, & vegan, containing vitamin C, vitamin A, & iron to keep you fueled throughout the day. Mix it into your smoothies, yogurt & desserts for a nutritious punch, or use it to make a pleasant juice or tea.
  • Fuel up with a protein filled meal from Explore Cuisine before hitting the stores! Explore Cuisine integrates beans, peas, lentils, & rice to provide you with nourishing meals which are easy, quick, colorful, & simply delicious! All Explore Cuisine products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO & jam packed with nutrients.
  • Stay hydrated throughout your Black Friday shopping with Sparkling Ice. An excellent soda alternative, Sparkling Ice is slightly carbonated with B-Vitamins, Vitamin D & antioxidants. This light & refreshing beverage contains Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, is Gluten Free, & Sodium Free. 

The Season of Giving Is upon Us! FRESH Ideas to Give Back!

Whether it is donating goods or donating time, these family-friendly ideas courtesy of Go Organically Fruit Snacks are just some of many ways you & your family can help give back to those in need this season.

Thanksgiving will be here TOMORROW! Give back as a family! For many people, the season of gratitude is a great reminder to give back to those in need—whether it be by donating to a food drive, volunteering at a soup kitchen or giving money to a favorite charity. For parents like us, Thanksgiving season offers the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the importance of giving back to one’s community. After all, kindness counts!

Donating Goods

Make donating goods a family affair! Here’s how to get the whole crew involved:

  • Food Drives: Have kids go through cupboards with you to identify canned goods & boxed items that your family can donate to your local food drive. Ask older kids to check expiration dates to ensure freshness, & give younger kids the job of sorting or placing items in boxes. Or take a trip to the grocery store together & let kids help pick out items to buy & donate. By loading items onto the grocery belt & helping to bag & deliver goods, they’ll feel like an important part of the process.
  • Clothing Donations: Donating clothing is a win-win. You get to eliminate clutter & help those in need at the same time. Plus, you’re keeping items out of landfills by giving them a second life! Have kids play “fit model” by trying on clothing & seeing what no longer fits. They can also help sort, fold & bag clothing, &/or accompany you to the drop-off site.
  • Toy Drives: Many organizations, such as Toys for Tots, collect new, unwrapped toys for children in need during the holiday season. To get your kids involved, take them to the toy store & have them pick out a gift that they think a little boy or girl their age might like. They’ll love getting to weigh in with a kid’s perspective!

Donating Time

There’s no better way for parents& kids to bond than to do some good together. Here are some of our favorite ideas for pitching in as a family:

  • Visit VolunteerMatch to locate volunteer opportunities in your area. You can filter your search by “kids” to find age-appropriate activities that all family members can participate in—from park cleanups to animal rescue efforts & more.
  • Check with your school, place of worship or community groups to see if they need any assistance with charitable programs. Is the PTA collecting toiletries for a local women’s shelter? Volunteer your family to design, print & distribute flyers to get the word out. Is your child’s scout troop visiting a nursing home for holiday caroling? Dress your spouse &  kids in cute matching sweaters & attend as a family to belt out holiday tunes.
  • Don’t wait for a formally organized effort to spread kindness or lend a hand. Pay a family visit to an elderly neighbor who may be lonely, or buy a bunch of craft supplies & sit down together to make holiday cards for the troops. Welcome the new family in town by shopping for & assembling a basket of goodies. Bonus points if you include Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks.

Happy helping from all of us at Go Organically! Made with real fruit, our gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free kids snacks are a great choice for your on-the-go life. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more kid-friendly ideas!

Cards of Creation

The Cards of Creation is a card game that revolves around the idea of telling a story. Children & adults do not get to use their imagination anymore. They are glued to a screen & technology.

Until NOW! This game is super educational as well as fun!

The cards of creation builds:
– Math skills (addition & multiplication)
– Critical thinking
– Confidence!

Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter with the Earlybird option to get YOUR Cards of Creation April 2018!

Looking for a Christmas Gift for the Person Who Has Everything?

Sometimes shopping for our friends and family can be difficult.
If you’re looking for ideas, why not give your friends and family the opportunity to make money and support young tennis players at the same time?

The Young Tennis Player’s Project is a wonderful opportunity that will put a smile on your family’s face.
Give them co-ownership in a project that is assisting children all around the world, helping them stay active and fit.

Your family member will not just own their own piece of this worthy project, they’ll be able to make money off any sales the brand name generates.

Help kids who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to play Tennis, and give your friends and family their own piece of a great project this year through a share in the Young Tennis Player’s Project. It is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. https://ytp.tennis

Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement: a Series of Books for Ages 5 & up, That Teach Fundamental Social, Financial, Personal, & Life Skills Necessary for Adulthood

To ensure our children learn the necessary skills to have a successful future in their workplace, personal lives, & anything else they set their mind to, INSYL has developed a comprehensive set of children’s books that explain vital concepts in ways young minds can understand & absorb! These include:

  • Focus: Dedicating enough mental resources to a task, & giving it the necessary attention.
  • Motivation: Harnessing the energy & drive needed to see things through to the end.
  • Confidence: Recognizing their worth & ability, & using that to put forth a poised image.
  • Goal Setting: Assessing realistic & desirable objectives to work towards.
  • Time Management: Using a limited amount of time wisely & with maximum results.  

Crafted with two specific age groups in mind (5+ & 7+), the INSYL series is divided into three units, each dealing with a specific focus.

1. Financial Education
Give your child an elevated advantage to build a secure, prudent, frugal, & wealthy future.

2. Positive Psychology
Give your child a positive outlook, confidence, motivation, leadership, & healthy perspectives on life.

3. Artistic Consciousness
Propel their subconscious thinking, inspire imagination, & cultivate creativity.

Only 17% of teens in the US have any idea how to manage their money, & more than half lack basic workplace & life skills. Activities as useful as making a study timetable or having the confidence to give a presentation in class are left undeveloped in lieu of social media, video games, & internet hours, & with one in three persons currently having zero dollars saved for retirement, it’s clear this isn’t a problem that corrects itself with age.

The statistics proved that 3 out of 4 teens turn for financial advice to their parents.

The fact is that us parents, we’re tasked with preparing our kids for their future, giving them the lessons & support they need to eventually stand on their own when we can no watch over them. When your child is ready to begin their adult life in the next twelve to fifteen years, will you be able to confidently say that you’ve done all you can to help them face the challenge? Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” April 2018! 

WeatherEgg Kids: Whacky Weather Board Game a STEM Board Game That Helps Kids Ages 6+ Learn About Weather Science in a Fun, Educational Way!

The WeatherEgg Kids: Whacky Weather Board Game is meant to teach kids about weather. With the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in education, the board game highlights words used in weather science. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter as an EARLY BIRD to get YOURS January 2018!

With the onset of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum in education, what better way to make science fun than by introducing some animated 3D humanoid characters affectionately called the WeatherEgg™ kids. Holley Humidity, Peggy Pressure, Tommy Temperature and Wesley Wind.
Holley Humidity is full of rain. She loves to rain, and that is why her head is shaped like a raindrop, and she is the color of a raindrop. Peggy Pressure is a moody girl. She likes to lower the air pressure which causes storms. When she raises her amulet and calls for Air Pressure. LOOK OUT! Tommy Temperature raises and lowers temperature. He tries to do his best, and his cape helps him be a hero. Wesley Wind can be mischievous. He will blow a gentle cool breeze to cool you on a sunny day, or he will be part of a Hurricane!

Motherstucker’s “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
As part of her 4th grade homework, my daughter reads at least 30 minutes per night. When it came time for reading this week, she chose “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry! I’m not going to fib, I was a bit shocked! Although engaging (to say the least!), this new release is picture free & far from her  usual & popular literary diet of Babysitters’ Club or Dork Diaries 😉 I asked my daughter about her favorite parts of “Higher is Waiting”. She said she loved it all, but especially the chapters about Perry’s  earliest memories of growing up a shy boy in New Orleans. Despite struggles at a young age Perry learned incrdedible  lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness. Motherstucker could not agree more. This NEW release is a page-turning book of inspiration by one of the great cultural icons of our time.To celebrate the release, Motherstucker & Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House have a “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry GIVEAWAY! The giveaway is for 1 hard cover copy of “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry –  If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Shipment make take 4-6 weeks. Prizing provided by Penguin Random House. Enter NOW through midnight EST November 23rd, 2017! Good Luck! http://motherstucker.com/mom-giveaways/


Turn up the Heat for National Apple Cider Day!

November 18 marks National Apple Cider Day! Check out this quick & delicious Ginger Whiskey Cider recipe, courtesy of the NEW Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer. Cheers!


Courtesy of Brooklyn Crafted

  • 2 oz. Hard Cider
  • 1 oz. Whiskey
  • Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mini in Traditional, to fill
  • Crushed Ice


In a 12-16 oz. high ball glass, combine the hard cider and whiskey. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top with Brooklyn Crafted. 

A Fountain of Art & Science!

Aquarius is a fountain lamp that can manipulate water in ways that are seemingly impossible. Users can become mesmerized by watching a stream of water bend, change colors, freeze in place, rise upwards, split off into multiple streams, & even display effects such as volcanic lightning or the Northern Lights! Due to its slim profile, Aquarius can fit within a variety of settings & capture audiences with its visually impossible displays of water manipulation. 

Aquarius can also be placed into a water-less standby mode which activates its ambient mood/accent/night light. Created for all those who appreciate the beauty of the union of art & science, Aquarius seeks to create a new visual sensory experience & scientific curiosity for all users. Join Motherstucker & BACK this FUNDED Kickstarter to get YOURS April 2018!

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