3 Things To Expect Before Starting HCG Diet Program

The HCG diet plan can be incredibly beneficial in helping you cut down excess weight from your body. However, before you start the program, you should be fully aware of what to expect during the diet period. Otherwise, you might come across some unexpected issues that can discourage you and make you drop out from the diet plan midway. And this can be unfortunate since you would have easily lost weight if you have stuck with the program. Below, we look at a few things that you should expect before starting the HCG diet.

Hunger Pangs

Be ready to face some very intense hunger pangs. Since you will mostly be habituated with consuming about 2000 to 3000 calories per day, shifting onto a 500 calorie diet can indeed be grueling. In fact, you will experience extreme hunger at least for the first few days. However, you don’t have to worry about them since you can easily overcome such issues through some smart meal planning. Even though you are limited to 500 calories, you can still each sufficient food to make your stomach feel full. A good example would be a salad comprising of greens like spinach, bok choy etc. You can literally eat a few cups of the salad while only consuming less than 100 calories in total. Be sure to look for specialized HCG diet recipes on the internet. Go through them, and you will surely find a few recipes that are low in calories and satisfies your hunger.

Hormonal Changes

HCG is essentially a hormone. And since you will be injecting them into your body, it is natural that you should expect some hormonal changes. If you are a woman, then knowing how HCG diet effects hormones is necessary since it has a direct effect on your menstrual cycle. It is recommended that you stay away from using the HCG injections during the menstrual cycle since the high progesterone levels will likely block the HCG from correctly burning up the excess fat. Once you are past the menstrual cycle, you can restart with the injections. And when it comes to men, HCG injections can have a positive effect. In fact, if you are a guy taking HCG hormones, then you will likely see an increase in testosterone production.

Desire To Quit

Watch out for a very deep desire to quit the program. Such thoughts are likely to be more prevalent in the first week of the diet period. This mostly has to do with the hunger you feel. However, make sure that you steel your mind to overcome such feelings. A good way to do this will be to switch the thoughts about quitting with positive thoughts. For example, every time you have the desire to quit the diet plan, imagine yourself having a fit body. Think of the positive ways in which your friends and co-workers will react when they see a new you. Such thoughts alone are sufficient to help you avoid giving up on the program.


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