5 Recommendations to Keep Your Children Protected

  1. Never allow your children to keep a cell phone turned on under their pillow while they sleep.
  2. Teach your children the 2 inch rule (distance from their head) when talking on the cell phone. Use speaker and microphone.
  3. Train your children to carry the phone away from the body in a back pack, handbag, purse, gym bag, etc. and not against their body. Their phone still transmits signals even when not talking.
  4. Encourage safe texting versus talking with the phone unless the phone has a bio shielded phone case with protection on the front of the phone. See Cruzcases.com for description.
  5. Teach your children not to use the phone in a metallic enclosure area as in riding in a car, plane or train. Cell phones boost radio transmitting intensity to connect to tower which would also traveling into the brain.

I researched and designed a phone case using the correct materials that is not only beautiful, but protects your entire family from the cell phone radio signals directed towards the brain and body. For more information, please visit www.CruzCases.com Fb: CruzCases

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