A Children’s Book about Electronics?

Ed Gets His Power Back is the story of a green LED named Ed who learns to light himself up & complete a circuit with the help of his friends. Through Ed’s adventure, kids will learn about electronics components & concepts, & see a real, working circuit brought to life through beautiful, full-color illustrations! From the Kickstarter page:

 It takes a team to create circuits in Breadboardeaux. Here are some of the characters you’ll meet in Ed Gets His Power Back.Ed the LED is a bright green LED. He’s the main character of our story, but far from the only hero.Patty the Capacitor is a 2.2µF (microfarad) capacitor. Patty is able to store up a small amount of power and pass it to the next friend in line, even after a battery has been disconnected. She doesn’t create power, however. For that, we need a battery…Zara Bolt is a 9-volt battery. Her job is to provide power to circuits in Breadboardeaux. She can often be seen lighting things up and making things go, all around town!Rita and Bobby Gonzales are red and black jumper wires. Their job is to connect components together in Breadboardeaux that otherwise cannot reach one another.Mr. Resistor is a 330Ω (ohm) Resistor. His job is to help regulate how much power certain components receive and keep them safe. He’s often found alongside LEDs like Ed.

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