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Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement: a Series of Books for Ages 5 & up, That Teach Fundamental Social, Financial, Personal, & Life Skills Necessary for Adulthood

To ensure our children learn the necessary skills to have a successful future in their workplace, personal lives, & anything else they set their mind to, INSYL has developed a comprehensive set of children’s books that explain vital concepts in ways young minds can understand & absorb! These include:

  • Focus: Dedicating enough mental resources to a task, & giving it the necessary attention.
  • Motivation: Harnessing the energy & drive needed to see things through to the end.
  • Confidence: Recognizing their worth & ability, & using that to put forth a poised image.
  • Goal Setting: Assessing realistic & desirable objectives to work towards.
  • Time Management: Using a limited amount of time wisely & with maximum results.  

Crafted with two specific age groups in mind (5+ & 7+), the INSYL series is divided into three units, each dealing with a specific focus.

1. Financial Education
Give your child an elevated advantage to build a secure, prudent, frugal, & wealthy future.

2. Positive Psychology
Give your child a positive outlook, confidence, motivation, leadership, & healthy perspectives on life.

3. Artistic Consciousness
Propel their subconscious thinking, inspire imagination, & cultivate creativity.

Only 17% of teens in the US have any idea how to manage their money, & more than half lack basic workplace & life skills. Activities as useful as making a study timetable or having the confidence to give a presentation in class are left undeveloped in lieu of social media, video games, & internet hours, & with one in three persons currently having zero dollars saved for retirement, it’s clear this isn’t a problem that corrects itself with age.

The statistics proved that 3 out of 4 teens turn for financial advice to their parents.

The fact is that us parents, we’re tasked with preparing our kids for their future, giving them the lessons & support they need to eventually stand on their own when we can no watch over them. When your child is ready to begin their adult life in the next twelve to fifteen years, will you be able to confidently say that you’ve done all you can to help them face the challenge? Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” April 2018! 

WeatherEgg Kids: Whacky Weather Board Game a STEM Board Game That Helps Kids Ages 6+ Learn About Weather Science in a Fun, Educational Way!

The WeatherEgg Kids: Whacky Weather Board Game is meant to teach kids about weather. With the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in education, the board game highlights words used in weather science. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter as an EARLY BIRD to get YOURS January 2018!

With the onset of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum in education, what better way to make science fun than by introducing some animated 3D humanoid characters affectionately called the WeatherEgg™ kids. Holley Humidity, Peggy Pressure, Tommy Temperature and Wesley Wind.
Holley Humidity is full of rain. She loves to rain, and that is why her head is shaped like a raindrop, and she is the color of a raindrop. Peggy Pressure is a moody girl. She likes to lower the air pressure which causes storms. When she raises her amulet and calls for Air Pressure. LOOK OUT! Tommy Temperature raises and lowers temperature. He tries to do his best, and his cape helps him be a hero. Wesley Wind can be mischievous. He will blow a gentle cool breeze to cool you on a sunny day, or he will be part of a Hurricane!

Motherstucker’s “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
As part of her 4th grade homework, my daughter reads at least 30 minutes per night. When it came time for reading this week, she chose “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry! I’m not going to fib, I was a bit shocked! Although engaging (to say the least!), this new release is picture free & far from her  usual & popular literary diet of Babysitters’ Club or Dork Diaries 😉 I asked my daughter about her favorite parts of “Higher is Waiting”. She said she loved it all, but especially the chapters about Perry’s  earliest memories of growing up a shy boy in New Orleans. Despite struggles at a young age Perry learned incrdedible  lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness. Motherstucker could not agree more. This NEW release is a page-turning book of inspiration by one of the great cultural icons of our time.To celebrate the release, Motherstucker & Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House have a “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry GIVEAWAY! The giveaway is for 1 hard cover copy of “Higher is Waiting” by Tyler Perry –  If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Shipment make take 4-6 weeks. Prizing provided by Penguin Random House. Enter NOW through midnight EST November 23rd, 2017! Good Luck!


Turn up the Heat for National Apple Cider Day!

November 18 marks National Apple Cider Day! Check out this quick & delicious Ginger Whiskey Cider recipe, courtesy of the NEW Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer. Cheers!


Courtesy of Brooklyn Crafted

  • 2 oz. Hard Cider
  • 1 oz. Whiskey
  • Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mini in Traditional, to fill
  • Crushed Ice


In a 12-16 oz. high ball glass, combine the hard cider and whiskey. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top with Brooklyn Crafted. 

A Fountain of Art & Science!

Aquarius is a fountain lamp that can manipulate water in ways that are seemingly impossible. Users can become mesmerized by watching a stream of water bend, change colors, freeze in place, rise upwards, split off into multiple streams, & even display effects such as volcanic lightning or the Northern Lights! Due to its slim profile, Aquarius can fit within a variety of settings & capture audiences with its visually impossible displays of water manipulation. 

Aquarius can also be placed into a water-less standby mode which activates its ambient mood/accent/night light. Created for all those who appreciate the beauty of the union of art & science, Aquarius seeks to create a new visual sensory experience & scientific curiosity for all users. Join Motherstucker & BACK this FUNDED Kickstarter to get YOURS April 2018!

Young Explorers Race & Hop Across the Treetops on a Spelling Adventure!

TREE TOP HOP is unlike any other word/spelling game for kids. It’s an adult style board game but designed for children five years of age a&over. What’s great about the game is that it’s so much fun, kids won’t know it’s educational! Do kids care that they’re learning when they play TREE TOP HOP? – NOPE! they’re having too much fun. As parents, teachers, homeschoolers, do we care? – YUP! There’s nothing more rewarding then to watch our kids grow. TREE TOP HOP is easy to learn and is quick to play, so spending quality time with family is something everyone can do. Join #Motherstucker & BACK this #Kickstarter to get YOURS March 2018! 

Pauls CurlieMaker, the World’s Only Electrical Kitchen Appliance That Processes Raw Potatoes into Chips & French Fries!

Bring healthy snacks fresh to the table! CurlieMaker is able to cut potatoes, red beetroot, courgettes, apples, carrots, parmesan cheese & more into curlies, shoe strings ?/or grates! 

Pauls CurlieMaker is a multi-use device turning vegetables into snacks for frying or oven-roasting. The device is a beautiful design intended to be displayed in the kitchen as a talking piece even while it entertains its admirers with fresh snacks, salads, & more. It comes with XX blade magazine adapters for producing Curling, Shredding, French Fry cuts, & more. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS May 2018! 

November: Adoption Awareness Month!

MOMS, (Dads too!):

Celebrate Adoption Awareness Month this November with THIS uniquely written first baby book PERSONALIZED & illustrated to celebrate YOUR family! For your custom personalized baby book, visit www.NamelyMeBooks.comGet 10% off your customized book order! Use code: ADOPTION – Discount expires1/1/18!

Zebras! Elephants! Giraffes! OH MY ;)

Sold exclusively at Amazon! Search “zoolie silicone bibs”!

  • VALUE 3 PACK! Set of 3 Colors <3 COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE – Use the snap buttons to adjust the collar around your little one’s neck. SIZE (6m to 6 years) EASILY ROLLS-UP – Keep extra one in diaper bag, purse, or car.
  • 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE – (BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex-Free, Lead Free)
  • WATERPROOF/DISHWASHER SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN – Just use soapy water to wash it off.
  • DEEP WIDE POCKET – Catches food and actually STAYS OPEN!
  • PERFECT GIFT – A MUST have item for first time Parents, Baby Showers, or Friends. Learn more: 



Pockey, a premium, eco-friendly, and handcrafted women’s clutch line that prides itself on being the world’s first smart clutch product made from vegetable-tanned leather with RFID blocker, this week, in addition to its Kickstarter campaign, has launched an Indiegogo specific campaign for the Avant Garde clutch line. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost 145% of the brand’s target, Pockey became one of the top 25% Kickstarter campaigns to achieve more than their intended goal.

Passionate about developing the perfect smart clutch product that satisfies every woman’s daily demands, Pockey set out to create specially handcrafted clutches, made from eco-friendly premium leather, that is five times more durable than conventional clutches available today, for longevity and personal item protection.

“Traditional brands feel outdated today. They’re overpriced, out-of-reach, and poorly made, resulting in product degradation after only a few months of ownership,” said Karthik, Co-Founder of Pockey. “As for the inexpensive clutch brands, they are either low quality or poorly designed, putting personal items and cards at constant risk. None of these brands take care of the credit card information therein, which is where we come into play.” 

Contactless card reader technology is more prevalent today than ever before. People are able to scan and read credit card information directly through purses, clutches, and wallets. Credit card information is at an especially high risk of being stolen from cards in the clutches available to consumers today.

“Many people don’t realize that people passing them by or sitting next to them on a bus or subway can use technology to scan and read credit card information,” said Ishaan. “It’s an unsettling new reality we have to live with today in 2017. With our RFID blocker technology, we’re able to keep all cards within Pockey protected from unwanted viewers.”

Pockey clutches are made from vegetable tanned full-grain leather, sourced directly from Tuscany, Italy. To produce this special leather, it requires 40-days of skilled craftsmanship, compared to just one day for machine-made and chrome-tanned leather. Pockey comes in four colors: Cardinal, Navie, Misty, and Opaque. Most importantly, each Pockey comes with a built-in Smart RFID Blocker that keeps the clutch resistant to card scanners and invasive technology. 

Other Pockey features include ethically sourced eco-friendly tanned leather, easy to repair leather that won’t wear out under normal usage, world-class craftsmanship, and comfort with every design. Each Pockey can hold 8-cards, a coin pouch, an iPhone 7 Plus, a slim power bank, and 2 bills compartment. Additionally, Pockey is less than 150 gms, which feels like a feather in hand.

For anyone who backs the campaign, they are promised a Pockey before the holiday season, ensuring their vitality as gifts for any interested consumer.

“We never want to compromise quality, which is why we’re seeking crowdfunding support to make our hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and sustainable, safe clutches accessible at a price that people can afford,” said Ivy. For more information, or to learn more about Pockey’s journey thus far, visit: 

Don’t Toss Anything out before Looking It up on WorthPoint!

What are those items worth that you have laying around the house? Don’t just toss them out before looking them up on WorthPoint. This site has a history going back 10 years showing what items have sold for. By researching all those “old toys” the kids don’t play with anymore, you may be surprised at how much VALUE they have. For example, a Fisher Price family sold for over $9,000. in 2013! Crazy! Go ahead and enjoy a free 7 day trial:

Hey! AceHole!

MOMS, Remember the A$$hole college drinking game? NOW REFRESH & check out the 2017 version AceHole perfect for Girls-Night-In &  Bachelorette Parties – Join #Motherstucker & BACK this #Kickstarter to get YOURS March 2018! Deal ME In! <3





Adorable styles for the WHOLE FAMILY, you can match CHRISTMAS MORNING or all HOLIDAY SEASON long. 

Affordable & cozy MATCHING FAMILY PAJAMAS are sure to brighten your holiday season! Perfect for gift giving & CHRISTMAS EVE BOXES. Snuggle up & wait for Santa in one of our exclusive Kryssi Kouture Holiday Pajama designs at Ruffles & Bowties Bowtique. Use CODE “MOTHERSTUCKER” for 10% Off YOUR first purchase!

Enter to Win 1 Personalized Hardcover Children’s Book from Bright Start Books – $22 Value!

Make your child the star with personalized books! Enter to Win 1 Personalized Hardcover Children’s Book from Bright Start Books – $22 Value! Giveaway brought to you by, “Fresh & Juicy News MOMS Use” & #BrightStartBooks! 1 winner will receive 1 Personalized Hardcover Children’s Book! Printed to order made to be last! It will include your child’s name, age, hometown, family & friends’ names, & a dedication page. With over 40 personalized book titles to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll just the right one for every individual child, no matter what their unique interests. Learn more at 😉 Giveaway ends at midnight 11/8/17! 

Precision Probiotics!

The probiotics industry is the wave of the future. In the past 3 or 4 years, humans have discovered that your health, as well as diseases unexplainable by genetics alone, like obesity, lupus & diabetes, are all linked to the unique environment created by the microbes in your gut. The problem is that there are no good systems in place to help you get the probiotics you need. So you’re at your local supermarket’s probiotic section stocked with hundreds of different brands of pills & supplements & all you’re looking for is something that can improve your digestive health. Would you stay for long if you knew that 85 percent of the supplements that you’re looking at won’t survive your stomach & will never make it to your gut? Even if you did know which products survive, how would you know which ones to take? There are over 1,000 species of microbes in your gut & every human’s microbiome profile is unique. That’s why Sun Genomics started! At Sun Genomics, they examine your gut bacteria, determine precisely what your gut environment looks like & provide you with probiotics tailored to your unique profile. It’s precision probiotics. They test for gastric survival & harness the power of your microbiome so that you can flourish.

Find out more at – Use coupon code “mom150” for $150 off at checkout!

What Is the Sleek Socket? Revolutionary. Inexpensive. Game Changer.

The sleek socket is an innovative & affordable product that allows you to completely hide unsightly, unsafe & inconvenient outlets out of sight via a unique ultra-thin plug, measuring only about the thickness of a pencil on top of an outlet. The sleek socket drastically reduces, & in some cases completely eliminates, obstructions between furniture & traditional plugs attached to an outlet.

Given the elegant design of the plug, the sleek socket also enhances home décor around the outlet by eliminating ugly plugs & cords that clash with the color of the wall around the outlet. If you have a wall with an outlet is white — the same color of the sleek socket, the sleek socket blends into the wall &  you may forget it’s even there! Simply attach the sleek socket to the top receptacle of a duplex outlet – no tools or screws are required!The sleek socket childproofing model is designed to make it more difficult for children to gain access to electrical outlets by completely hiding the underlying outlet, & by way of 6 large high strength adhesive cord clips, helps protect children & pets from accessing & chewing electrical cords. The childproofing model includes 4 five inch cord clips & 2 four inch cord clips. Each sleek socket is compatible with a duplex outlet having both round receptacles (which typically have a single center screw) & rectangular receptacles (which typically have a top & bottom screw), including tamper resistant receptacles. As noted in packaging documentation, the sleek sockets should not be used with any GFCI or AFCI receptacles.


No Prick, No Prod, No Pain!

MOMS! Meet Lisa Blaurock, President of Affordable Allergy Testing. Her story is a MUST READ!

“After having my kids, I always struggled with my weight. I even had lap band surgery (also had the band removed… long story). After having my band removed my doctor told me he would see me back when I started to gain the weight back again… What??? Frankly I was pissed off so I started to look for answers because I hardly ate anything and slowly the weight start to creep back on… well I found a doctor that suggested I get an allergy / intolerance test… at the cost of $850!!! But I was desperate for answers… got the results back and found out that I was allergic to gluten and dairy among other things…. I immediately went cold turkey and I realized all the issues I was having with heartburn, burping, upset stomach etc. was due to my FOOD.

Several months later my daughter (a collegiate athlete) complained of her constant upset stomach and bloating. So, I decided to find a less expensive way to get her tested… I thought I had found a good price at testing for $250.00… after getting her results (just like me, she is gluten and dairy intolerant) I decided affordable allergy testing was needed. I contacted a lab and asked to partner with them. That is how Affordable Allergy Testing was created.

Now my mission is to spread the word of affordable testing and when you get your results it is up to you on your response… I have had some customers go all in like I did but I have also had some just keep the information in the back of their minds so they know when they eat something and when they don’t feel good they know it isn’t a “bug”, it is a reaction. I am not asking everyone to change their lifestyle but I want to give you the tools to know what is happening to your body at a particular time.”

Get YOURS at or on amazon prime. Use discount code “20bucks” for a $20 discount on any item!

In Our Eyes In Our Words – This Book Can Help.

When artist Jeff Horn sat down with the first of his homeless subjects in 1992, his vision was simple: interpret and reveal the personality of the people who agreed to have their portrait drawn from life. At first, the men and women who congregated at Episcopal Services Alliance felt they might be demeaned, but this all changed after the first drawing was complete. The dignity and authenticity of the portraits Jeff Horn created reveal a depth of humanity that connects every one of us, regardless of our race, our beliefs, or, most poignantly, whether or not our homes have doors.

As the work progressed, Jeff began to realize that the process of making the drawings was cathartic, both for him and for the sitter. As Jeff writes in the Foreword of In Our Eyes In Our Words:

“I realized my drawings mean more than catching their likeness. For my homeless subjects these portraits were an acknowledgment of their existence; something they seldom felt.”

As Jeff realized his subject often were willing to share stories from their lives, he began handing each a piece of paper with an invitation to write something about their experiences on the street. These handwritten statements, reproduced alongside the portrait of the person who wrote them and transcribed in many cases for readability, offer us a direct, first-hand look into the life of the homeless person whose eyes convey what mere words never could.

“Of all the things I have done artistically, I am most proud of this endeavor. I hope that all who view this portfolio of drawings will sense their common humanity with those on the street.”

— Jeff Horn, October 2017

Please Don’t Stop the Music…

Lose yourself in the music! Did you know that listening to music is actually GOOD for you? abc NEWS published, “5 Science-Backed Reasons Why Music is Good for You” & Motherstucker is turning UP the tunes!

♥ Music Can Help Ease Pain

Feeling achy? A study conducted in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that when fibromyalgia patients were exposed to 10-minutes of music they liked—anything from pop to folk to classical— that was slower than 120 beats per minute, they experienced less pain versus when they listened to pink noise. The participants also saw an increase in their mobility with the music. Listening to country singer & songwriter Chris Stapleton eases all Motherstucker’s pains! Check out Chris Stapleton on Instagram too!

♥ It Could Help You Focus

Next time you’re preparing for a work presentation or studying for something, listen to a little Vivaldi or Bach. A 2007 study from the Stanford University School of Medicine found that tuning into music from the late baroque period, leads to changes in the brain (recorded by an fMRI scan) that help with attention & storing events into memory.

♥ It Elevates Workout Performance

We all know that bopping to a little Beyoncé can be a lifesaver during that cardio kickboxing class, but did you know it could also be the key to successfully sweating through those unbelievably grueling high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, too? Researchers had 20 active adults perform two interval workouts— four, 30-second “all-out” cycling sprints with four minutes of rest in between—one with music & one without. Those who sweated to beats not only found the interval training much more enjoyable, but it also revved them up, making them exercise harder, too. When Motherstucker RUNS I <3  Spin Cycle Mix Radio Show – Check out Spin Cycle on Facebook too 😉

♥ It Cheers You Up

As we creep into the colder months, those winter blues have a way of raining on our happiness parade. Luckily, music is a proven spirit saver. According to a 2011 study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, certain classical tunes caused folks to get the chills, which in turn led to the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that can help you feel jollier. To feel jolly, Motherstucker recommends composer, orchestrator, & conductor John Ross Jesensky. Check out John Jesensky on Instagram too!

♥ It Can Keep You Calm

Switching to mellow music during a stressful drive may prevent road rage & even help you drive better, according to a 2013 study in the journal Ergonomics. Researchers found that upbeat music made people happy, but as soon as the drive became demanding, an abrupt dial change to more soothing tunes kept study participants calmer & boosted driving ability better than those who didn’t change the station as quickly.

Kitsune: Adorable Cake Based Foxes & Their Friends from Tasty Peach Studios!

A playful pun on the Japanese words for Cake, ‘Keki’, & Fox, ‘Kitsune‘, these little rascals will quickly cuddle their way into your <3 ! Created in 2015 by artist Ryan Zanfei, these delightful delicacies are quickly becoming a new staple character set of the Tasty Peach Studios brand, & have been needing some plush love for quite some time! Join #Motherstucker & BACK this #Kickstarter to get YOURS April 2018! 

October is National Pasta Month!

Gluten free, protein-packed, high in fiber – not necessarily the first terms that come to mind when sitting down with a big bowl of pasta! Today’s options go far beyond wheat or white, with trending brands like Explore Cuisine offering pastas made from organic beans, lentils, & peas, loaded with plant-based protein, iron, & fiber.

For those looking to celebrate, Motherstucker wants to share a few  #NationalPastaMonth recipes: Simple Spaghetti for beginner chefs & Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine in a Light Pesto Sauce for those who like mix things up in the kitchen.

♦ Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine in a Light Pesto Sauce


7 oz. Explore Cuisine Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine – cooked & drained

2 large yellow squashes, peeled into ribbons with a peeler

3.5 oz. pecans – peeled & halved

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

3 oz. pine nuts


1 large bunch of fresh basil

2 cloves garlic

2 oz. olive oil

2 tbsp pine nuts

1/2 tsp coarse sea salt


Peel skin from garlic cloves, & chop into big chunks. Using a food processor, pulse basil, garlic, & nuts several times until finely chopped. Add the salt & olive oil, pulse until blended. Pesto may be thick, so add more olive oil for a looser consistency. Lightly toast the pecans, pomegranate seeds & pine nuts in skillet. Mix the fettuccine with the sauce, gently fold in the remaining ingredients. Serve immediately.

♦ Simple Vegan Chickpea Spaghetti


1 box Explore Cuisine Chickpea Spaghetti

1/4 cup nutritional yeast (optional)

1 cup organic pasta sauce


Cook the spaghetti until soft according to the packet directions. Drain the water from the pasta, & stir in the pasta sauce. Add more if you like more sauce. Serve in bowls & then sprinkle the nutritional yeast on each one. Season with salt & extra nutritional yeast if desired.

Bon appetit!

Avoid 4 of Blogging’s Biggest False Steps!

5 years ago THIS month Motherstucker started blogging! It has been a wonderful crazy adventure that I highly recommend 😉 To celebrate, I’m sharing advice for overcoming some of blogging’s biggest false steps.

-Don’t Set Yourself an Unrealistic Publishing Schedule

Wait, what? A schedule? YES, do yourself a favor & invest in a daily planner. Schedule your posts to hit at even intervals (1 per day or 3 per week vs. 3 per day on Tuesday with 0 posts on Wednesday & Thursday). Scheduling doesn’t just apply to blog posts either! Be sure to calendar your social media posts as well! Publishing too frequently  – or infrequently can be maddening for readers.

-Don’t Steal Images

Your posts will NEED pictures! Be sure to create your own, or use an image bank like Shutterstock to visually enhance your posts. So many bloggers have fallen down the rabbit hole of “borrowing” an image found on google. I often use fiverr to create fresh & new seasonal logos, feature pics, & special interest photos!There are severe consequences to stealing images – including litigation. Do yourself a favor in the long run & don’t go there! SCARY! 

-Don’t Try to Go It Alone

You are NOT a blogging island. Reach out to other bloggers, reach out to those who have commented on your posts, reach out to companies directly! Join social media blogging groups, attend blog conferences! Your blogging will improve when you have a TRIBE <3 Where to start? Follow Motherstucker on Instagram & also check out Grace Lever reviews on Instagram – SHE is on a mission to equip female entrepreneurs to build the lifestyle business they deserve. Join the doer’s inner circle!

-Don’t Forget Social Media Sharing Options

Honesty Hour: MY MOTHER HATES THE NAME OF MY BLOG. She won’t even acknowledge that I have a blog, yet alone utter the word “MOTHERSTUCKER”. However, I know that she DOES read it, because she will ask about specific things that I’ve only shared ON the Motherstucker blog. So yea, it’s great that your mom regularly reads your material, but eventually you want to reach a wider audience with your blog posts – right? That’s why you need to make yourself as engaging, as clickable, & as shareable as possible. Obviously you start with great content & an eye-catching title. But how do you ensure that you’re reaching as wide a demographic? Social media is the key! Add a little convenience for your readers. INSTALL social media sharing buttons. I personally use Access Press Social Share Plugin & find it super easy.  Don’t believe me? Click the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest button below & SHARE this post to the social media outlet of YOUR choice 😉

Do It Because You Want You & Your Fam to #Feelgood

Do it for a #healthybody…

Do it for #glowingskin (#guthealth shows)…

Do it to be a #happier you… (gut is the #secondbrain)

Do it for your #family…

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Do it because #youcan…

Do it to be on my #TEAM…

Do it because the idea scares you a little bit… & maybe excites you a LOT…

Step 1
Step 2 I can send you personalized instructions
#GoGirl #OrGuy 😊😊👊👊👊 

5 Recommendations to Keep Your Children Protected

  1. Never allow your children to keep a cell phone turned on under their pillow while they sleep.
  2. Teach your children the 2 inch rule (distance from their head) when talking on the cell phone. Use speaker and microphone.
  3. Train your children to carry the phone away from the body in a back pack, handbag, purse, gym bag, etc. and not against their body. Their phone still transmits signals even when not talking.
  4. Encourage safe texting versus talking with the phone unless the phone has a bio shielded phone case with protection on the front of the phone. See for description.
  5. Teach your children not to use the phone in a metallic enclosure area as in riding in a car, plane or train. Cell phones boost radio transmitting intensity to connect to tower which would also traveling into the brain.

I researched and designed a phone case using the correct materials that is not only beautiful, but protects your entire family from the cell phone radio signals directed towards the brain and body. For more information, please visit Fb: CruzCases


A fitness app that specifically caters to women, or as my co-worker described it, “doesn’t look like it was based on a men’s locker room design”? #Motherstucker says YES! Please! Enter #SheAPP! Get YOUR Personal Body Blueprint & so much MORE 😉 With SheAPP you’ll love your body, your data, your life. Join me & BACK this #Indiegogo to get YOUR Sheapp December 2017!

#engagement #learning #motivation

Calling All Snack Moms & Dads!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got snacks. The two just seem to go hand in hand! As parents ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to bust boredom with the snacks we serve, whether at home or heading to an after-school activity. So for all you soccer moms, scout dads or other parents on snack duty, let’s shake things up and bring back the fun to snack time!

Focus on Fruit

Packed with goodness and great taste, fruit is a no-brainer snack choice for kids. Plus, it’s a naturally gluten-free and nut-free option for kids with sensitivities. While some little ones will gladly devour all types of whole fruit, others need a little more coaxing. Try these ideas:

  • Slice it Up: We’re not sure why, but kids tend to like fruit better when it’s washed, cut, and ready to go. So slice those apples to amp up their appeal!
  • Set it Up: Out of sight, out of mind, right? Rather than keep bananas and oranges tucked away, display them in a bowl on your kitchen counter for an easy-grab solution.
  • Kebab it Up: Pro-tip: Everything is more kid-friendly on a stick—perhaps because it resembles a magic wand? Add strawberries, grapes, melon and other bite-sized fruit to a skewer, alternating as you go.
  • Mix it Up: Offer fruit in a variety of forms and textures, from freeze-dried to canned to smoothies and beyond.

Veg Out

Don’t tell your kids, but snack time can be a great time to incorporate veggies—especially if you do it in an artful way! A few of our faves:

  • Ants on a Log: Fill a celery stick with natural peanut butter, then sprinkle with raisins.
  • Bell Pepper Rainbow: Cut half-moon strips out of red, orange, yellow and green organic bell peppers. Arrange in a rainbow shape and add a piece of raw cauliflower on either end to mimic clouds.
  • Cucumber Sandwich: Use two round cucumber slices as your “bread” and fill with a yummy spread, such as hummus or cream cheese.
  • Kale Chips: Spread organic kale leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until browned, about 10-15 minutes. Let kids help by sprinkling on salt, pepper and/or parmesan cheese when done.

Grab and Go

We like to get all Pinterest-y just like any other parent, but sometimes it’s all about quick and portable. These packaged snack options are great for car rides, field trips, lunch boxes, sports practice or any other time you need to head out the door in seconds flat. It all depends on which flavor your kids are feeling!

  • Salty: Popcorn, pretzels, veggie straws, mixed nuts
  • Sweet: Animal crackers, oatmeal cookies, graham crackers, individual cereal boxes
  • Bars: Granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars, etc.
  • Other Popular Picks: Raisins, string cheese, yogurt tubes, Go Organically gluten free fruit snacks

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Motherstucker’s Realization on Vacation

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with Combat sample product &/or payment. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own & not influenced in any way.

10 years ago this month, my grandmother organized an autumn getaway for all the women in my family to Edisto Island, South Carolina. Meemaw, Aunt Lori, Cousin Mackenzie, my daughter Cady & I with bulldog Oedamae traveled from Kentucky to the beach house rental. We arrived at dusk, chose our rooms in the beach house & began to unpack. I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter at the time & soon after I began unpacking, I needed to sit down on the bed to take a rest. My bedroom walls were natural wood paneled with large dark knots. Pictures of sailboats hung on the wood walls. It was seaside shabby chic – quaint and very different than what I was accustomed to in Kentucky. As my gaze moved from ship picture to ship picture, I noticed one of the wood knots MOVING. I focused. I freaked! There was a huge roach scurrying up the wall!

I grabbed my daughter, bolted from the bedroom & immediately called the beach house rental company. After explaining my unwanted roach roommate situation, the rental company employee LAUGHED. I failed to see the funny and asked if a service person could come bug treat our rental A.S.A.P. When the rental company employee quit giggling, she explained to me very sweetly & sincerely, “Honey, that’s not a roach. We don’t have roaches in South Carolina. That’s a Palmetto Bug. There is nothing to worry about.” 

Fast forward 10 years, I now LIVE in South Carolina. While Spring, Summer, & Fall all feel like summer this far south – cool weather will be here eventually & NOW is the perfect time to protect my home from ants, roaches, Palmetto bugs, whatever. I found Combat Max – Ant & Roach Killing Foam Spray that comes in a 17.5oz ready to use aerosol can. This Quick Kill spray (kills ants & roaches on contact) dries invisible and leaves a protective force-field. Combat Foam expands into cracks and crevices where insects hide. Regular aerosol sprays can’t do that. Within minutes the foam disappears leaving no residues after treatment at Motherstucker headquarters.  

No ants, No roaches, No Palmetto bugs. Thank You Combat Max!