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How to Improve the Quality of Your Life? A Comprehensive Approach & Guide to Well-Being

The new book of Dr. Joseph Adrien Emmanuel Demes, ‚ÄúHow to Improve the Quality of Your Life? A Comprehensive Approach & Guide to Well-Being‚ÄĚ is unique & will transform your life for the better.

Trying to make lasting changes in your life can be a frustrating experience. This groundbreaking improvement book uses continuous quality improvement methods & values to help you create the life you want!

Dr. Demes, in his dual roles as a medical doctor & spiritual leader, has found a revolutionary way to help you live the life you were meant to. He combines in a unique & comprehensive strategy the scientific with the spiritual. Now available on Amazon!

Enter to Win YOUR Reveal23 Test Kit – $199 Value!

It is so important to understand your inherited risk for cancer, which is why Reveal23 & Motherstucker are launching this Giveaway Р1 winner will receive the Reveal23 Women’s Genetic Testing Kit for Hereditary Predisposition to Breast & Ovarian Cancer (25 genes). Understand your inherited risk to cancer & learn more at



Statistics on bullying in school, sexual assault, & child abuse have Motherstucker supporting the Bow2Tie Kickstarter! The first SAFE FOR KIDS personal alarm, Bow2Tie is  a patent-pending unisex wearable personal alarm that comes in the shape of a bow tie. Bow2Tie is customizable & available to ship March 2018 with your Kickstarter pledge!

Heavy Music Artwork Launches World’s First & Only Metal & Rock Art Magazine

Join Motherstucker & BACK the Heavy Music Artwork: Music & art print magazine Indiegogo Campaign NOW! The world’s first & only heavy metal & rock art magazine.¬†Featuring:¬†Ulver, Sunn O))), Skinny Puppy, Wolves In The Throne Room, Tombs, Ghost Bath, Candlemass, Pallbearer, Ihsahn, King Dude, John Garcia,¬†Paul Gregory, Mattias Frisk, Simon Fowler, Samantha Muljat, Trine + Kim Design Studio, Dehn Sora, Fredrik Melby, London Desertfest & more to be announced. ¬†<3

Match to Your Perfect Financial Advisor

MOMS, YOUR feedback WANTED!¬†Everyone can benefit from getting quality financial advice-regardless of level of income, assets or age. However less than half of Americans know this! is a site that matches a person to their perfect financial advisor. Don’t know where to turn or who to trust? Tell about the NEW features you feel should be added! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Indiegogo TODAY! ūüėČ Go! <3

Permanent Positive Messages (to YOUR City)!

Bring a “You Are Beautiful” installation to every state in the US! Featured¬†on Oprah, ¬†Good Morning America, as well as in many books, magazines, & online features —¬†each state will have a host that will be responsible for securing a location, & installing the piece — hosts can apply as individuals, or groups.¬†Join Motherstucker & support this BEAUTIFUL Kickstarter with a pledge! If you are interested in hosting a “You Are Beautiful” installation in your state, please visit the “Help Wanted” section for more information at the Kickstarter page for more info!

SMART! Make Light Work out of Updating Your Home!

iotty Light Switch will take your home to the next frontier with next-generation features! Quickly replace a light switch to get total control of lighting — Monitor power consumption, manage multiple lights at once, & share access with multiple users — Set daily schedules, automatically adjust lighting to sunset/sunrise, & set ‚Äúaway mode‚ÄĚ when on vacation. Full remote monitoring of your home directly from any Android or iOS device, just by installing it & connecting it to the cloud!¬†Redesign your home & automate your lighting directly from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.¬†Join Motherstucker & BACK this Indiegogo to get YOUR¬†iotty Light Switches THIS Fall 2017!

No Tools, No Nails, No Drilling!

This New Adhesive Suction Cup Shelf is a good way to make extra room & shelf space in your kitchen, bathroom & ¬†all rooms! It’s easy to attach the Adhesive Suction Cup Shelf to glass ,tiles, & other smooth non-porous wall surfaces & it stays on well. The Adhesive Suction Cup Shelf can hold 22 lbs of weight – GREAT for daily use!¬†

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The HIVE: Sign Motherstucker UP!

The Hive Austin = Coffee + Childcare + CoWorking + Beer & Wine. Calling all work-at-home parents! Introducing the Hive, the only café and coworking space that gives you both the office and coffee shop vibe while also giving you last-minute care for your kids. We are so excited to be able to provide a hub for parents to work, visit, create, or just chill! Join Motherstucker & BACK this GENIUS Indiegogo OPENING FALL 2017! 

Fight Back with Funny

22 Veterans commit suicide daily; that’s one every 65 minutes. Discharged was created to “Fight Back with Funny” & share stories using animation & comedy. Countless numbers of veterans struggle with their transition from the military, mental health & other service connected illnesses &/or injuries. Join Motherstucker & BACK this indiegogo campaign prescribing laughter to help deal with the dark times.¬†

Let’s Be Clear – There Is Only One

MOMS, This NEW All-In-1 acne fighting system (with all natural Nano-Silver technology) hydrates & heals skin while preventing future breakouts. See skin improvement almost immediately!

As a MOM to a teen & a preteen, Motherstucker knows being a teen & pre-teen is hard enough, let alone feeling embarrassed about acne. Make the right choice for your teens & pre-teens.

The New Generation Mosquito Trap

Celebrate National Blueberry Month Poolside!

Did you know July is National Blueberry Month? This small¬†but mighty berry has Motherstucker inspired to share some delicious blueberry snacks perfect for the whole family to enjoy! Pack them all in the pool bag & enjoy a sweet day ūüėČ

  • Munk Pack’s Blueberry Acai Flax flavored Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is a great on-the-go snack packed with whole grains & the delicious taste of blueberries in every bite. Even better, the Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher¬†&¬†certified vegan.
  • Viki’s Granola is made with 100% all natural ingredients, gluten-free & baked with love. Viki’s Granola is great to enjoy on its own or with yogurt for a nutritious snack, & are even available in snack packs, perfect for on-the-go! Blueberry Almond is part of Viki’s line of delicious signature soft-baked granola – bursting with a flavorful blend of antioxidant-rich blueberries & protein-packed almonds.
  • Welch’s Blueberry Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks are uniquely delicious, made with real fruit & surrounded by creamy yogurt for a “melt in your mouth” taste. Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks are an excellent source of vitamin A, C & D, a good source of calcium & are low fat!
  • AquaBall in Berry Frost ‚Äď The only zero-calorie, sugar-free & preservative-free children’s beverage on the market features a berry twist! The naturally flavored water is great source of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, & C ¬†— Best of all, the Berry Frost flavor features Disney’s Frozen characters on the packaging — Making AquaBall a beverage that that both kids & parents will love!¬†


SecureTribe: Modern Social Network for MOMS

New app! MOM Must have! SecureTribe is a new iOS secure photo sharing application that allows you to  share select pieces of your life with carefully controlled groups of friends. Safely share photos of your children with close friends & family without the worry about online predators having access to those photos.

Wholesale Bath Bombs Direct from the Artisan Manufacturer

All items made by hand in the USA! Many styles & fragrances to choose from with inventory ready to ship! Get todays hottest bath & body product + surprise your family & friends with these wonderful bath treats. ūüôā They make great shower items & your guests will rave about your amazing find!¬†¬†

Motherstucker’s FAV NEW App: Geoflow


Go with the flow on vacation this summer with the fam – & learn something too! Geoflow uses your phone’s location to find nearby Wikipedia articles.¬†¬†Pull it out in a new city (or if you already live in a city) & see tons of results showing ¬†information about the history that’s right around you! Download now for iOS¬†&¬†Android.

How (Staying-Home & Working From Home) Moms Can Make More Money?

LocoBiz is a local directory for home-based small jobs. If you bake home-made cake, teach music lessons, do babysitting or tutoring, or even dog walking, open your free profile on LocoBiz & start promoting your skills in your local community for free. LocoBiz, Local Skills Everywhere.

100% FREE Month Supply of PatchMD: Coupon Code FREEPATCH

(Yes, FREE… No¬†strings attached. Let’s help make America healthy!)Since there are so many¬†who can’t always afford good health,
Consider this our small way of “Patching Up America” –¬†For 100% Discount (Yes, FREE)¬†Use/Share This Coupon Code:¬†FREEPATCH¬†Visit ¬†¬†& type the code in at checkout. That’s it.¬†Please Share This with Your Friends & Family –¬†We’d love¬†to see everyone get a free month supply!¬†<3¬†

Motherstucker’s Must-Have Recipes for July 4th!

Need fresh, seasonal, & easy-to-make recipes for your Independence Day bash?  From the first course to the last, these recipes won’t disappoint!


Gaea’s Cucumber Salad with Fresh Herbs, Orange Segments & Citrus Dressing




Ingredients for dressing:

o    1/2 cup Gaea’s Sitia, Crete D.O.P Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

o    Juice of 1 lemon

o    Salt

o    Fresh ground black pepper

o    Fresh ground pink pepper

Ingredients for salad:

  • 6 small cucumbers
  • Sea Salt
  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh rosemary
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh oregano
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh thyme
  • 1 Tbsp. fresh mint


Wash cucumber & oranges well. Peel oranges, remove white membrane & cut fresh in thin slices. Thinly slice cucumber with a mandolin. Combine salt and two kinds of pepper in glass or stainless steel bowl & add lemon juice. Slowly add olive oil while stirring constantly with wire whisk. Combine dressing with orange slices & fresh herbs. To serve: Arrange cucumbers in dishes & pour over prepared dressing. Sprinkle with a little coarse salt.


Carrington Farms’ Flax Burger

Prep time: ~15 mins. Makes 4 -3/4 inch thick patties or 6 -1/2 inch thick patties.
4-6 hamburger buns


  • 1 pound thawed ground beef, lean ground turkey or bison, veal or your favorite meat.
  • 2 Tbs finely chopped onion
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 2 Tbs¬†Carrington Farms Organic Milled flaxseed
  • 2 Tbs water
  • 3/4 cup soft bread crumbs (1 slice of bread)
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 1 Tbs mustard
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper


  1. Mix together meat, onion, garlic, flax & bread crumbs.
  2. Lightly beat water & egg together and add to mixture. Add mustard, salt & pepper.
  3. Cook on a grill or stove top until no pink remains (~12 mins)
  4. Optional cheeseburgers: top with slice of your choice of cheese at end of cooking & grill or broil for about 1 min.

Carrington Farms Grilled Salmon






  • Oil grill with 1 tbls¬†coconut oil
  • Heat grill
  • Coat each fillet with¬†coconut oil¬†& garlic powder & pepper to taste
  • Grill Salmon approx 5 ‚Äď 7 minutes per side to taste.


Viki’s Granola Berry Parfait






‚ÄĘ ¬†6 ounces Yogurt (yogurt of choice)

‚ÄĘ ¬†¬ľ cup raspberries

‚ÄĘ ¬† ¬Ĺ cup Viki’s Granola Original


‚ÄĘ ¬†Place 2 ounces of yogurt into a tall glass or mason jar.

‚ÄĘ ¬†Pour a 1/3 of granola evenly on top of the yogurt.

‚ÄĘ ¬†Place 2 ounces of yogurt on top of the granola.¬†Add raspberries.

‚ÄĘ ¬†Add remaining 2 ounces yogurt & granola on top.

Help Kids Help Each Other!

MOMS, Meet Storybooth¬†— an award-winning animated storytelling platform that collects real stories from kids in their own words & voices — animates the best of them & publishes to YouTube, the Storybooth website, & mobile app. These stories help kids realize they are not alone in their life experiences, many times hard ones.¬†

As seen in ADWEEK FRIDAY & now with over 38,000 submitted audio stories by kids, join Motherstucker & BACK the storybooth kickstarter so that we can help kids help each other! 


Zamyy Versatile Bean Bag is THE useful storage solution & available on Amazon! What do you have lying around the house that needs a HOME? Linens? Beach towels? Stuffed animals? Turn them all into¬†comfortable colorful seats! ¬†Zammy features very sturdy canvas fabric, large storage capacity, complete with a convenient handle for portability! XOXO, Motherstucker ūüėČ

Run the Show: Exert

This weekend my duathlon partner & I MEDALED for the first time as Team Motherstucker! The relay consisted of a 3 mile Stand Up Paddleboard race, followed by a 5K run. This weekend was also the first time I tried Exert. ūüôā

Exert smart body coolant is NEW & available at For almost a week now, I just spray it in the morning & forget about it. Exert works on its own whenever I get hot. Our¬†duathlon this past weekend took place in South Carolina (hello hotness!) – thank heavens for Exert cooling my skin! ¬†While it isn’t a supplement, or hormone cream – it does work for exercise, hot flashes, night sweats, excessive sweating, & flushes caused by drug or chemo treatments. 1 can lasts for 4-6 weeks of daily use, so at $19.99 it is just over 60 cents per day. Who would not want all day protection from hot flashes/sweats for 60 cents/day? Learn more about Exert on¬†Facebook –¬†Make a run for it!¬†