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White Hot Video Review Board: MY DAD’S GARAGE

mydglogoCheck out “MY DAD’S GARAGE“! May I recommend pre-subscribing now to their youtube channel because the official launch takes place THIS WEEK at Atlanta International Woodworkers Fair!  MY DAD’s GARAGE will be streaming LIVE!  Join me in support of this Dadddy Blog brand!  XOXO 🙂 


Link up with MY DAD’S GARAGE on Youtube:




Lesson Plan: The Primary DEVIL Defined

photo 1-4
MotherStucker’s Spawn. Piggly Wiggly is headed to First Grade this year. So help me……….

News Flash:  Satan will NOT be teaching first grade this year.  Let me explain…

30 years ago, “MotherStucker To Be” (me) was fresh off a successful kindergarden experience & looking forward to 1st grade with delicious anticipation.  Honestly, I wan’t sure how life could get any better.  At 5, I was blissfully aware of the gorgeous elementary school principal Mr. Mann, (YES – that IS his name 😉 & he helped me pull my front tooth out at the water fountain.  It was just the 2 of us & it was perfect).  You can leave contact information for your pyschologist/pyschiatrist below in the comment section.  Much appreciated!

As the next school year approached, I don’t recall any “meet the teacher” type event & highly doubt such a thing existed circa 1984 in Northern Kentucky public school.  Yeah, not so much.  My 6 year old self also didn’t know what “hives” were either, but all that was about to change.

On the first day of first grade, Mrs. Cayton introduced herself to the class.  Picture that scene from the book “Miss Nelson is Missing” when the Witch shows up to teach.  Except replace the Witch with Satan.  Now we are getting somewhere…One highlight from the year that particularly stands out in my mind:

-April 1st, 1985:  Bright eyed & bushy tailed after a full weekend away from the classroom (a.k.a HELL) my classmates & I arrive to room 101 at 8 A.M. on Monday & take our assigned seats as not to piss Satan off.  The chalkboards (yes chalkboards, not whiteboards young-ins) that covered all 4 walls of our 1st grade hell hole, were covered top to bottom & side to side in some type of writing I couldn’t read.  My fellow students also could not read it because it was CURSIVE (stay with me young-ins) & we were first graders.  Mrs. Cayton the She-Devil calmly explained that each pupil was to copy what was written on each board 100 times into our daily writing notebooks.  Further, if we were unable to finish by lunch, recess, or dismissal time that we would stay at school until complete.  By this point in the school year my “hives” were a daily occurrence ;( .

Obviously, I survived to become the MotherStucker.  But just barely.  My life has moved forward & I’ve only casually run into Satan herself a few times in adulthood before moving out of state.  Apparently Satan does need groceries & dry cleaning on occasion.  This is the point where I like to imagine Mrs. Cayton wearing wool in July eating Red Savina Habanero peppers…

…Fast forward to the 2014 “Back to School” season.  My youngest child “survived” Kindergarden last year.  My MotherStucker hives made a re-appearance on behalf of  my child (but still on MY body).  That’s all I’m going to say on that topic.  In early August of this year, the 1st grade teacher assignments arrived for my mini-me.  My first grade phobia was in full force as we opened the information packet.  MotherStucker FULL FREAK OUT.  Pale.  Sweaty.  Rapid Heart Rate.  Eyes Dilating.  Chills.  Body hair standing on end!

photo 2-3

Yes.  I spilled wine on it.  Then I got paranoid & speed dialed my teacher friends.  Without slurring, I explained my predicament & was assured THIS primary teacher was the farthest thing from the AntiChrist, Beelzebub, Lucifer, OR the Princess of Darkness.  Deep breath IN.  Deep breath OUT.  Tonight was “Meet the Teacher” Night.  Teacher friends were right. She WAS delightful — even sweet — if I do say so myself.  Not Today Satan.  Not Today.

Summer 2014 Guide: DliciousDiet!

Did you know this interesting fact about metabolism & hormones? 

Fast rest metabolism & perfect hormonal balance are the key factors to reshaping your body in the way you desire, losing weight easily, toning your body fast & staying Fit n’ Fab! They’re the keys to getting rid of cellulite as well. And your age does NOT matter!  Once they function perfectly, it gets easy. Then you’ll start seeing results in 2-4 weeks.

All kinds of crash diets, constant stress and long monotonous workouts ruin your metabolism & hormonal balance & so does also constant “snacking”… BUT there’s yet another way to do things!  So how to rev your metabolism & balance the hormones…?

You can do it easily at home too while watching the kids! No long, boring workouts or starving required! No banning foods! It’s just about having a balanced lifestyle & diet, doing certain very effective & short exercises, having certain foods more than others, cutting down highly processed ready-made meals (like freezer dinners) & other highly processed foods (like refined white wheat) & relaxing more!  Yes, Yes, Yes!  Join ME & Sign up for the  Free Webinar at to find out more!  XOXO, MotherStucker 🙂

White Hot Video Review Board: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

YouniqueLogoHello friends! Ok, so here lately, I’ve been seeing this Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara popping up all over Facebook. I admit I was both a bit curious & a bit skeptical about the claims being made about this product. It’s pretty new to the market & I didn’t know anyone selling it yet. Until now & my friend Kris ( sent me some to try. She gave me a few simple tips & tricks on how to use it & I was off to the races.  In all the advertising, you will see photos of women with 3D on one eye & either their normal mascara, or no mascara on the other eye. And I gotta tell you, WOW!!! I’m shocked at how well this mascara works. Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is everything it’s cracked up to be, and a bit more. YES…this IS mascara, NOT false lashes. Not only is it hypoallergenic & free of chemicals, oil & parabens but it is gentle on sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers. The mascara is made from natural green tea fibers & comes right off at the end of the day with warm soapy water!

[youtube][/youtube]I’ve now used it many times & I have pretty much become an expert by this point in time! I’m pretty much wearing it every day. Depending on how much time I have determines how I apply this Younique Mascara. You can wear this by itself, or you can wear it over a coat of your normal mascara. I have found that if I am going out & getting dressed up, that is how I use it. It amps up your eyelashes something fierce!! For around the house, working out, running errands, I don’t necessarily use my old mascara. Maybe just one coat of the Younique product.

In order to really get the best results, if you apply a small amount of your normal mascara first & build off that, it really will impress your friends. Believe me, they WILL NOTICE!! It really does make my eyes pop & I love that! You can pretty much use whatever mascara you were using before as the base coat if you choose to use one, but you don’t have to.

mascaraThe way you apply this is a 3 step process. Each set of mascara comes with 2 tubes. 1 tube is the Fiber & 1 tube is the Gel. First you apply a coat or two of the gel. Then you immediately apply the fibers. Then one more coat of the gel to seal the fibers on.  NOTE: just work on one eye at a time. Finish the one eye then go to the next. If you do want to wear one coat of your regular mascara as a base, you would apply that first, THEN Gel, Fibers, Gel. It’s so easy!

While the first eye is drying, you can repeat the cycle on the second eye. After I got used to this, I can now apply this in multiple coats in no time! Just took some getting used to.

eyesIf you want to do multiple layers of the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes, you put another layer of gel on and then add more fibers. Once you are stunningly beautiful, you seal with a light coat of the gel so that the fibers don’t fall off. If you weren’t born with long lashes, you will find that you may want to do 2-3 layers to get the super long lashes you can find in many of the online photos. If you ever experience any clumping, it’s real easy to brush that out with an eyelash comb.


Ladies, I’m in love! This is now my go to Mascara & I really can’t imagine not using it. Whether I’m heading out & want a fancy look, or just heading out for normal daily routine, I really prefer these now.

The other neat part is that Kris was so helpful when I first got it. She really went above & beyond to make sure I was all taken care of, knew how to use it & that my questions got answered.

Here is a link to her website:  and on there, you will find that Younique is actually much more than just this 3D Fiber Mascara. They have an exciting line of other makeup products and they have 10 new products about to hit the shelves. In fact, Kris tells me they are going to be selling this into the UK starting October 1, 2014!

For you enterprising MOM’s in my audience, Kris is looking to help other motivated women create their own business as well. Younique is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies out there & you can take advantage of that! Find more details about that at her site – Easy access to everything through Younique ad to your right 😉 XO, MotherStucker

Mother to Mother: The Last Letter Project

[youtube][/youtube]MotherStucker is extremely moved by The Last Letter Project.  Like you, my daily motivation & driving force is to do the best I can for my family & those that need me.  Have you ever depended on someone who is now gone?  Can you imagine what it would physically be like to continue to have the opportunity to gain inspiration from that person who has passed away?  Perhaps, you would reach a place of peace & closure, answers to questions & simply comfort to hear their voice again.  While, this may not have been possible before – It is now.  I will certainly take part in The Last Letter Project for Mr. MotherStucker & my children.  Join me!  Learn more at www.TheLastLetter.CO.UKSad little girl

Summer 2014 Guide: High Five Naturals!

FDA_Satisfaction_Logo_Gloves__revised_PR-2[youtube][/youtube]Summer is full tilt at MotherStucker Headquarters!  From BBQ’s to STOCKED coolers — fun in the sun preparations are made easier — & safer because of my new Silicone Gloves. MotherStucker has several pairs as some are used for household chores while one pair stays in the kitchen & yet another in the garage for help with hubby’s handyman activities. All are waterproof & cleanup is easy with a cycle through the dishwasher!  HIGH FIVE!

White Hot Review Board: #1 Source for Babysitters


MotherStucker has direct access to 5-Star babysitters & nannies!  How?  The secret is out & it’s easy as 1, 2, 3!  Best of all the #1 source for babysitters is Fast, Easy & Free to Join. 

  1. Check out
  2. Enter Zip
  3. View Providers!


Need an after school sitter?  Planning a date night? How about some YOU time MOM?  Get peace of mind reviewing sitters’ experience & enjoy this MotherStucker promo code SCHOOL30 for 30% savings. XOXO, MotherStucker

MotherStucker’s Foolproof Back to School 2014: “School Guide” 10 Tips!

  • UvUS1ADBack to School Shopping – Complete!
  • Medical Requirements (Appointments & Forms) – Complete!
  • Transportation Arranged – Complete!

According to Victoria Bond of the School Guide Blog, “What children bring to the classroom matters every bit as much, & in some ways more, than what they are taught at school. We live in a world of high expectations…Giving your child the edge is more crucial than ever”.  MotherStucker agrees & I am compelled to learn more!  Join me & check out the School Guide’s “10 Proven Ways to Help Your Child Do Well at School“.  A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother to Mother: Giveaways 4 Mom

MOMS, Meet Victoria of Giveaways 4 Mom!  She is a MOM to 3 boys, blogger & e-book author now working hard & smart posting free goodies for you multiple times per day!  My favorite?  The “low entry giveaways” page at for giveaways with less than 500 entries.  Feeling lucky enter NOW!!  Victoria also WELCOMES working with other bloggers & will post your low entry giveaway to HER site!  Sign me up! <3, MotherStuckerGA4M_Banner

Positively Positive!

smiling-times21image“Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about!” – Marilyn Monroe

MotherStucker Approved:  Smiling Times, a positive news media outlet providing daily news & motivational information that engages millions worldwide to smile more often!   Don’t miss even one bit of good news from around the world at the Smiling Times site, Facebook Page & on Pinterest! XO 😉

White Hot Review Board: Mindful Eating Conscious Living

christyphillipsmitchellWant True Health? Stop the madness & break free of “diet prison”. Learn more at this FREE Online Summit.  Kathleen Milligan is a Solution-Focused Coach, Master NLP & EFT & Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in private practice since 2007. Clients call her the world’s greatest listener & she’s listening to more than just words. Gifted in non-verbal feedback, Kathleen uses a highly attuned language of influence to help clients prepare for childbirth, ease their way through major life changes, overcome negative body image, addictions & more. This FREE interview with Kathleen & Dr. Kellee Rutley Chiropractor & Mentor from North County, San Diego talks about what MOST of us need to hear.  Kathleen coaches women like us – clients all over the world to embrace beauty mindfully & consciously!  XOXO, MotherStucker 

Mother to Mother: “Amazon Mom” by Stacy A. McCafferty

81QP+wF0PIL._SL1500_MEET:  Stacy A. McCafferty author of Amazon Mom: One Woman’s Journey from Mom to Successful Online Entrepreneur.  Do you dream of a business that not only earns you decent $ but at the same time allows you the flexibility to be home with your children?  This well received kindle edition book is available on Amazon for only $3.99.  It’s no secret that finding the perfect work/home balance is a struggle for many MOMS. Read the story of one woman who did just that! Stacy takes you along on her journey — becoming a new Mom — to learning & running a successful Amazon business all from the comfort of her own home. This quick read, jam packed with inspiration & information, is destined to get you started on your own journey to a financial freedom. Don’t wait another day!

MotherStucker’s Foolproof Back to School 2014: thinking reading remembering

TRR_ELGear up for Back to School 2014! You have the opportunity to get a $20 DVD for free by just ordering this $10 book “thinking reading remembering” from Amazon.  It’s suitable for adults & students soon returning to school. The DVD “Enriched Learning” is a perfect companion to the book.  This offer expires on 8/15/14 & is open to Canadian & American residents.
If you live in the US, click here.  If you live in Canada click here!

MotherStucker MADE: Roomations Personal Style

Roomations-LogoWhich room in your house is eyesore?MotherStucker’s is the master bedroom & until NOW I had not even an ounce of vision for how to make it inviting or relaxing.  How would you like to experience expert & personalized interior design advice conveniently at a VERY affordable price?

Roomations connects you with interior designers who will prepare a complete design & shopping list for any room in your place before you start the dirty work.  After their help creating THE look for my bedroom (WOW!) I invite you to check out Roomations with a discount promotional code.  Use “ROOM30” and receive 30% off any design package at  Here’s how Roomations works:Roomations-How-It-Works

1. Take a style quiz to uncover your personal style profile. The style quiz is not only tons of fun (especially when you start to compare your own results with your friends or your spouse) – it also informs the interior designers who will suggest ideas for your room’s new look. Fortunately, you don’t need to know any design lingo to take the quiz – just pick the images you like best and, voila!, Roomations will describe your style. Go to our homepage and take the quiz in the pop-up window!

2.  Upload photos of your room and choose your designers.  If you have a digital camera or an iPhone, you don’t need to schedule an appointment for a designer to come to your house.  Just upload photos of your room to the site & answer a few questions about the project—like your budget, basic room measurements & whether you plan to do the work yourself or hire a contractor. You can select up to three different designers.

3.  Select your fave room design concept & go shopping! Each designer you select will provide Style Boards (mood boards that suggest a look & feel including major materials and colors.) You can then pick your favorite & give feedback for development into a vivid 3D picture of what your new room will look like.  At the end of the process, you’ll know exactly what your new room will look like after the remodel, what products you’ll need, where to buy them & how much it will cost.  See before & after images at the Roomations gallery:  Have fun & ENJOY!  XOXOX, MotherStucker 😉

White Hot Review Board: A Bit of Wine

abitofwinecom_small“I only drink wine on days that end with Y.” – Unknown

MotherStucker can’t get enough of! This online wine accessories boutique carries everything from wine glasses to wine racks, wine charms to wine cabinets & everything in between.  With Back to School right around the corner, celebrate “Mommy Merlot Moments”, “Shiraz Scholastic Success” & “After All Tomorrow is Another Chardonnay” with your MOM friends & THESE adorable wine accessories from  These wine tools & wine gifts are MotherStucker approved!

Noseblind Test

AE_MedRain_11US_100_HRMotherStucker Headquarters hosted “Neighborhood Movie Nite” with two objectives.  The first objective attendees were aware of, the second objective was SECRET….

Objective #1.  Have fun watching a flick with fantastic food & friends!

Objective #2.  Launch a Febreze “Noseblind Test”!

“Noseblindness” is a condition where a person can become accustomed to the smells in their home over time.  My guests were unaware but this MotherStucker accepted the Febreze nasal challenge & therefore was able to share the entire experience with friends via “Movie Nite”.

Here’s how IT went down:

Guests arrived and took an online survey about MotherStucker household smells.  Answers were not discussed or shared with others present.  Next, the popcorn popping began & with it, new smells wafted through MotherStucker headquarters.  Guests took a second online secret survey about the status of smelliness they perceived.  Next came the main movie feature followed by a third online survey guests were able to stick their nose in 😉  Answers remained private.  Finally, guests & host completed the “Noseblind” assessment & together discussed our thoughts,results, etc. – MotherStucker & OtherStuckers alike learned quite a bit in the process & have a *new* nose for household (good & not so good) aromas.


imageNow it is YOUR turn!   MotherStucker is NOW hosting a Febreze Giveaway July 27- Midnight August 4, 2014.  The winner will receive:

-1 Febreze Air Effects

-1 Febreze Fabric Refresher

-1 Febreze Noticeables with refill

-1 Febreze Candle

-1 $60 AMEX gift card!

To enter simply click the comment bubble at the top of this post & tell me about your LEAST favorite household smell!  MotherStucker’s winner will be chosen at random from the entries received & announced in the comment bubble thread on August 5th, 2014. Learn more about “Noseblindness” at the  Febreze Twitter PageFebreze Facebook Page &

Disclosure:  This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

White Hot Review Board: The Ark Toys

newarklogoMotherStucker is always on the hunt for the perfect toy – whether for a birthday gift, baby shower, or just to surprise my own kids!  I find exactly what I’m looking for EVERY time at The Ark Toys.  Specializing in high-quality, old fashioned wooden toys, toys made in the USA & Europe, unique kids toys, story books, premium baby toys & more! Search easily by categories, age, gender, interest, materials…even color! – 😉


gipsy-dharmaMotherStucker MUST HAVE:  Lace Up Boots!  Listed as one of the summer’s hottest fashion trends by The Fashion Tag, I’ve found lots of options (styles/colors/heights – above & below knee) at Gipsy Dharma!  I love that these boots will transition effortlessly from summer to fall 2014!  See size chart, FAQ’s & order information –!

Mother to Mother: “Eating Well for Under $5 a Day”

MotherStucker <3’s this concept MOM Christel (Seattle) has developed on HER blog “Eating Well for Under $5 a Day“!  MotherStucker accepts the challenge for August 2014 – eating for $5 per person per day!  The monthly goal is determined by multiplying the number of people at home at any given time, by the number of days in the month, by 5. The total monthly spending does includes any purchases of food at:

mother-stuckergrocery stores & convenience stores

-restaurants, coffee shops & fast food

-vending machines, etc.

It does NOT include toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet food, medicines, supplements & first aid, foil, plastic wrap, napkins,toilet paper/paper towels, etc.

In addition to the “rules” Christel has recipes (including nutritional information), MotherStucker’s fav is Soba Noodles with Chicken, Veggies & Sweet Spicy Glaze!

White Hot Review Board: Build-A-Head

[youtube][/youtube]Love these big face cutouts I got from Build-A-Head.  Totally perfect for birthday & going away parties, my kids’ sports games & even at my friend’s wedding! They’ve also got face ornaments, key chains & t-shirts. They were great to work with & shipped fast!  XOXO 🙂

MotherStucker MADE: HOMEMADE BOOM POW Red, White & Blue Salad

In typical MotherStucker style this is easy, quick, healthy & delish! If you are new to this (Welcome OtherStuckers!), I only publish MADE recipes that every member of my family raves about. This one is perfect for your July 4th celebration!

Difficulty Rating: 1
Difficulty Scale:
1. Blonde
2. Easy
3. Moderate
4. Hard
5. Chuck Norris



  • 1/2 medium to large size seedless watermelon
  • 1 package (4oz). crumbled feta cheese
  • 1 pint rinsed blueberries
  • 5 leaves of diced fresh mint
  • 1 tablespoon of EVOO or olive oil of your pleasure
  • 1 lime (fresh squeezed)


  1. Discard watermelon rind & slice watermelon into cubes.  Add to a large bowl.
  2. Add blueberries & mint to the large bowl.
  3. In a small bowl mix olive oil & lime juice.  Pour over watermelon, blueberries & mint.
  4. Top with feta cheese.
  5. Serve and stand back to avoid the stampede!  XOXO, MotherStucker



GiveForward is the world’s #1 medical fundraising site, helping friends & family come together to support a loved one in need. Since 2008, GiveForward has helped families raise over 100 million to help cover their expenses during hard times.  Their team of fundraising coaches make sure that no family on their site has to feel alone in the process, & they are completely transparent about their fees.  Donors cover the fee allowing 99.5% of all money raised on GiveForward to go directly to the individual in need.

Now GiveForward is launching their Ambassador Program & looking for people that exemplify GiveForward‘s core values & see each day as an opportunity to Create Unexpected Joy!

Why Become an Ambassador?  What Does Being an Ambassador Mean?  GiveForward Ambassadors become part of the program team — allowing YOU to share YOUR story and spread a message YOU care about — a message that is changing the world, one person at a time.

GiveForward will give the first donation to any fundraiser started for a loved one or by a loved one of our ambassadors. It is our thank you for joining our family.  Ambassadors will get first access to everything GiveForward – jobs, product updates, events, etc.

OtherStuckers, Join me & apply to be a GiveForward Ambassador! XOXO, MotherStucker

White Hot Review Board: Kids Academy

mzl.vszgsqkg.175x175-75Attention OtherStuckers!  Do you know Kids Academy? At MotherStucker Headquarters Kids Academy is a big hit!  This free app offers learning options for your pre-schooler! MOM & DAD check out the progress chart & track you child’s development learning phonics, early addition, subtraction, number/letter tracing…MotherStucker especially appreciates that Kids Academy allows for children to progress at their own pace!   

MotherStucker MADE: BloodBanker Donation

BBankerYOU can help the nonprofit organization — BLOODbanker –doing incredible work saving lives from blood shortages.  At BLOODbanker YOU can find a blood donation center, simply search by state!  A plasma donation directory is also available at BLOODbanker Banks, where you can find both paid & free donation centers!

Blood Banker Logo 1-0Facebook:



Check out BloodBanker’s newest project networking local & compatible donors XO,MotherStucker