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Warming Up to Winter!

Christy Stucker for Fazoli’s Mom Blog: Warming Up to Winter image
Wintertime will be here soon, and there’s so much to do before the season arrives! Looking for foolproof methods to declutter and streamline daily family operations/activities? Start by setting a two-step family focus before the cold sets in: COZY home and wintry FUN for all!

Project COZY Home: Make a list. There are lots of changes ahead, so get organized. Pack all of your summer/fall gear in containers and get out your winter supplies. Every family member can help prepare for the season ahead with age- appropriate tasks.

Warm your home from the inside out. Apply weather stripping (found at your local hardware store) to windows and doors to keep drafty, cold air out if needed. Increase home insulation to keep heat retention up and check your heating system to ensure it’s operating properly. Invest in a space heater for a little supplemental warmth and always be sure to unplug it when not in use. Gather the necessary supplies for your chimney (or outdoor chiminea) for when the temperatures really get chilly.

imageRefresh throw blankets, bedding and comforters with a fresh wash and dry. If you have flannel sheets in the linen closet, now is the time to make the switch. Likewise, make sure all family members have enough cozy clothing to bundle up. Slippers, warm pajamas and fuzzy socks are great ways to feel warmer. Store summer clothing and accessories away to make room for coats, hats, mittens and boots needed for the upcoming months. Donate any outgrown items to shelters. However, hang on to one festive holiday sweater per family member and perhaps a household oddity. To be discussed a bit later…

Project Wintry FUN: Now that your home preparation list has begun (maybe even completed?), get ready to have fun! Prepare all your outdoor cold weather gear for action. Now is the time to make sure sleds, skis, shovels and snowboards are in good operating condition. Perfect weather for optimal use will soon be on the way!

imageSometimes, going outside isn’t an option, so make sure you have indoor activities available. Board games, card games, trivia, puzzles, flash cards and video games should be placed in bookshelves so they’re easy to reach. Have each family member make a wish list of books they would like to read over winter. Stock up on family favorites and any new titles you want to read, but haven’t found the time to do so. Also list any DVDs you’ve been planning to watch but haven’t. The winter season is a good time to catch up on old and new favorites!

As a family, decide on a theme for your holiday decorations this year. Make the house festive together! Doing so will minimize clutter and create a festive space every member of your family can be proud of. Invite friends and family over to enjoy time together in your freshly decorated and organized space. Remember the festive holiday sweaters you saved earlier? Why not host a (tacky?) holiday sweater gathering and have guests bring a “white elephant” item to exchange? All in for cozy, fun times!

MotherStucker’s Video Kudos: The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance Double Trouble

photo-6 So excited to give my kiddos this Kindle Edition Book by Sharon Archibald this Holiday Season! Entertaining, Wholesome and Affordable! Check out the great illustrations and get your own at the link below! XOXO, MotherStucker MotherStucker’s Video Kudos:
The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance Double Trouble


MotherStucker’s Video Kudos: Vibrant Pets

IMG_3333Don’t forget your Pets this Holiday Season! The entire Vibrant Pets product line provides the support your pet needs to maintain a healthy life. Developed by Small Animal & Equine Veterinarians, Animal & Human Nutrionists, as well as Animal Feed Experts — Vibrant Pets has 8+ years of research & development — MotherStucker knows a healthy pet is a happy pet & a healthy pet has a happy owner. To order & for more information: MotherStucker’s Video Kudos: Vibrant Pets

1st Day of MotherStucker Xmas

window_candle_with_solar_recharging_unitI certainly don’t need a “Partridge in a Pear Tree” but I DO need THESE solar window candles for my MotherStucker Holiday Decor! These solar window candles have a detachable solar panel so that several window candles can be charged from one unit. OtherStuckers, you can even use the Solar Window Candle to charge your cellphone or smartphone! Charges even on cloudy days. XOXO, MotherStucker First Day of Christmas: Solar Window Candle

2nd Day of MotherStucker Xmas

motherstuckerxmaslogo12 Turtle Doves? MotherStucker will go you one better — Why not edit your child’s photo to be right IN the Turtle Dove habitat — Or frankly wherever else you want! Use this special effects photo editing software for your children to magically display them in front of different locations like Antractica or Jungles. All you need to do is to picture them in front of a green background and use the digital photo software to create funny and magical effects. Starts at $49.95 and comes with some default background photos. You can always add your own. The trial is free! Works on Mac and Windows. Get started here: Second Day of Christmas: ChromaShop XOXO, MotherStuckerimage

3rd Day of MotherStucker Xmas

ykv_logo_You_capture_BIGNo Thank You to 3 French Hens 🙁 – What a fowl gift 😉 OtherStuckers, Give gifts that last a lifetime. Here’s a great new idea! Why not have your cell phone videos edited into a great mini-movie? Grandparents, Dad, Out of Town Family, etc. are sure to appreciate YOUR KID VID – Even make a fun forever keepsake for yourself!

YOUR KID VID takes all those videos of your kids that are taking up space on your phone (or any other device) & has the professional Los Angeles based video editor team transform them into a mini-movie you can download, share on Facebook, email & save forever. They do all of this starting at $29! YOUR KID VID also offers adorable gift cards for holiday giving. This week, they’re giving MotherStucker readers 20% off your first order or gift card when you use coupon code YKV-ZSW243. See link below! XOXO, MotherStucker
Third Day of Christmas: Your Kid Vid

4th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

Screen_Shot_20131113_at_81704_PM-1 OtherStuckers, “On the 4 Day of Christmas my true love game to me, 4 Colly Birds…..”??? What are Colly Birds & who needs 4? Attention True Loves: What we need is this!
Screen_Shot_20131113_at_82127_PMProduct Info : 6ft Apple USB Data & Charge Cable for iPhone 5c, 5s, iPad Mini, iPods & latest generation iPads.
Company: JOOSEMOBILE – Dedicated to crafting the worlds most trendy iPhone Accessories.
Material : Knitted Fabric / Bungee cord.
Sale Price : $5 (was $27)/ Cable or $12.99 /Cable 3 Pack.
Fourth Day of Christmas: 6ft Apple USB Data & Charge Cable XOXO, MotherStucker

5th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

game_book_cover_final_edit_mc3_front_only_3D-1Forget Five Gold Rings – MotherStucker gives FIVE GOLD STARS to “Invasion of the Overworld”, the first Novel about Minecraft to have made it into Amazon’s top 100 list! Its an adventure novel that is being enjoyed by people of all ages and being read by people all across the world. Kids are actually stepping away from the computer and reading this book. If you have kids that play Minecraft, then this book is a must have!!! Click the link below to secure “Invasion of the Overworld” by Mark Allen Cheverton for your OtherStuckers! XOXO, MotherStucker
Fifth Day of Christmas: “Invasion of the Overworld”

6th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

image6 Geese-A-Laying? Don’t lay a big goose egg with your gift giving this year! Instead, get Dockered Up!
Sixth Day of Christmas: Drink Docker®
is the ultimate cup holder. It allows you to put drinks in your car (boat, office, golf cart, game table, etc.) that would never stay in a normal holder; juice boxes and pouches are just the beginning.

imageNot only does the Drink Docker® firmly secure your beverage, it also absorbs condensation, preventing rings and other sticky substances from forming in your cup holders. From large to small, the Drink Docker® fits them all! Check out the Drink Docker® Facebook page too:
Sixth Day of Christmas: Drink Docker® on Facebook


imageWant that new gift feeling to last all year? Give the gift of
Le Tote to a loved one or yourself! How would you feel about expanding your high fashion options without busting your budget? How do you feel about FREE 2 day shipping BOTH ways? How do you feel about NOT having to do your own laundry? I know how you feel about contracts/commitments & there aren’t any with Le Tote! Here’s how it works:

First, chose which level you will be Le Tote-ing.
imageOption #1: Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box – $19 a month
-Statement Pieces, simple prices
-3 Pieces of amazing accessories at a time
-Your 1 stop jewelry stop
-MotherStucker’s box included a pair of beautiful high quality earrings & a sparkling statement necklace. Both jewelry pieces were exactly as pictured on the Le Tote site.

imageOption #2: Boutique Box
Boutique Box – $49 a month
-$200+ value in every shipment. 3 Garments & 2 accessories in each tote
-MotherStucker’s box of 3 garments exceed my (high!) expectations. The fit of each item was spot on as described by Le Tote on the site. I received compliments by loved ones & strangers on EACH style.

imageNext, select the Le Tote styles you love. New items are being added constantly to help you stay on trend. Try before you buy. If you love any item(s) –and you will — hold on to what you love and return the rest. This enables you to purchase boutique pieces at consignment prices.

Last but not least – Wear everything as long as you like. Switch it up by exchanging your totes as many times as you want each month. Get your first box this week. Try it NOW by clicking this link: image

White Hot Review Board: Whypee

imageWhat a GREAT product & NEEDED common sense idea! How many times Ladies & Gentlemen have you needed to go to the restroom unexpectedly? I’m talking about those long drives, concerts, at a bar or club, strangers house, or in a port-a-potty (heaven forbid!) with no option but to use the facilities. You open the door to find the toilet seat totally disgusting! Time is of the essence here OtherStuckers! Who wants to hover, lay down toliet paper on the mess, etc.?

imageYou will never encounter that situation again with Whypee. In a matter of seconds 1 Whypee will eliminate the hassle and time of a potentially negative bathroom experience. Whypee ensures a clean, neat, safe, easy and convenient time in the restroom. Leave a lifetime of horrible bathrooms behind you when you have Whypee! White Hot Review Board: Whypee XOXO, MotherStucker

7th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

imageForget Swans-A-Swimming! Get the PURR-fect holiday gift for your kitty! Cat Dazzler is a top quality, completely hand made, fly rod and fly cat toy designed to last a lifetime for indoor and outdoor use. This uniquely designed toy not only assures your cat will get a feline workout, it will also provide hours of entertainment for both of you as your cat jumps, runs, leaps and dives to catch the Dazzler. Made by American Craftsmen – Built to last! Seventh Day of Christmas:
Cat Dazzler
XOXO, MotherStucker

8th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

VIP_Front_Cover2Are YOU camera ready? Forget 8 Maids a Milking this Holiday. Gorgeous OtherStuckers, it is time to get your GLOW on with VIP Photo Shoot Premium Blends Self Tanner. This is a #1 selling retail “Self Tanner” for hundreds of salons and spas nationwide. VIP Photo Shoot is a professional quality spray tan at home with an easy 360 degree spray can. A light mist all over your body is all you need. Tan will last a minimum of 5 days. Works on all skin tones and has cosmetic bronzers for instant results! Don’t forget when you order to tell them MotherStucker sent you for 10% off your first order! Eighth Day of Christmas:
VIP Photo Shoot Premium Blends Self Tanner

XOXO, MotherStucker

9th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

ef2ebc58182e64a30a95b7d4d4295da0-1 9th Day of Christmas will have 9 Ladies Dancing for sure because of InstaLast! By combining three powerful skin care systems, InstaLast helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles & helps you achieve younger-looking, healthier-looking skin! Light-diffusing powder starts the process by reducing the appearance of wrinkles instantly, as soon as you put it on! This is blended with a powerful skin lotion that supports skin structure & helps reduce the appearance of actual wrinkles over time!
Ninth Day of Christmas: InstaLast

10th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

oimg_GC04925923_CA07520498Forget Lords A Leaping – MOMS, Give your self and your family the gift of home security. REMOCK LOCKEY locks are 100% burglar proof. Bottom line = These locks are on the inside of the door and visible to the exterior giving you the advantage. There are no keys thus no key holes. Works with remote control! If you are coming home alone and/or with children push the remote and get inside – No fumbling around for keys! REMOCK LOCKEY can be installed on top of the door so toddlers can not escape. These same locks can be installed on all types of doors and windows, not to mention but those pesky sliding glass doors. Got kids in college? Perfect dorm lock! Easy to install easy to operate. Tenth Day of Christmas: REMOCK LOCKEY XOXO, MotherStucker

Mrs. Claus Pet Project-Dancer

DANCER’S TIP: Deep Wave BeautyimageJill Mattson’s “Deep Wave Beauty” revitalizes & energizes your beauty with Vibrational Energy. The frequencies associated with nourishing compounds & vitamins vibrationally tone skin & muscles of the face & neck with enhancing New Age Classical Music.
Mrs. Claus Pet Project: DANCER – DeepWave Beauty

11th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

imageForget Pipers Piping, VOTE to make the “I Spy” Personal Attack Wristband a review opportunity on the Quirky site. Click the link here Eleventh Day of Christmas: I Spy & then press the green button to VOTE! “I Spy” is a wearable tech personal attack alarm and GPS tracking device to protect children and others from abduction. In America, more than 797,500 children are reported missing every year. Fortunately only 2% are abducted by non-family members. However, when a child is kidnapped there is typically over a 2 hour delay in the report of a missing child. Sadly, 74% of those that are murdered are killed within the first 3 hours of the abduction. These children are generally low risk victims –74% are girls — 80% were abducted within ¼ mile from their home. Over half were taken by a complete stranger. These statistics show the need for additional systems to come in place and help with the location of missing children in the crucial early stages.

The Solution: “I Spy” is a silent personal attack alarm and GPS tracking device concealed within a discreet flexible silicone rubber wristband. It is intended for use by children old enough to be out on their own and vulnerable adults. In a threat situation the device is activated by pulling out and discarding a small fabric tab. Once activated the device transmits a signal to the smart phone or tablet computer that it is registered to, instantly alerting a parent or carer to the alarm without alerting the abductor. The location of the wearer can then be tracked using a smart phone app until they are re-united with their parent or carer. Help make “I Spy” a reality OtherStuckers and VOTE!
Eleventh Day of Christmas: I Spy XOXO, MotherStucker

12th Day of MotherStucker Xmas

topGiftBannerForget Drummers Drumming! On the twelfth day of Christmas MotherStucker gave me the gift idea of – Letters from Santa! Letters From Santa is a very exciting and affordable holiday tradition that you’ll be thrilled to share every Christmas. Just imagine the look of surprise and delight on your children’s faces when they receive their own highly personalized Letter From Santa Claus in the mail! Each Santa Claus letter is customized personally for your child with details only Santa Claus could know. Ho Ho Ho OtherStuckers! Twelfth Day of Christmas: Letters from Santa XOXO, MotherStuckersantas_letter


imageSlip into something more comfortable OtherStuckers! Exotic Amber combines with warm Vanilla to make an amazingly scented whipped body butter (4oz., $14.50). You won’t find a better body butter out there – nourish your skin with only the finest ingredients! Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Amber and Vanilla Essential Oils. What is that smell? Oh my it’s YOU smelling amazing! Great gift for you and the other radiant gals on your holiday shopping list!