Avoid 4 of Blogging’s Biggest False Steps!

5 years ago THIS month Motherstucker started blogging! It has been a wonderful crazy adventure that I highly recommend 😉 To celebrate, I’m sharing advice for overcoming some of blogging’s biggest false steps.

-Don’t Set Yourself an Unrealistic Publishing Schedule

Wait, what? A schedule? YES, do yourself a favor & invest in a daily planner. Schedule your posts to hit at even intervals (1 per day or 3 per week vs. 3 per day on Tuesday with 0 posts on Wednesday & Thursday). Scheduling doesn’t just apply to blog posts either! Be sure to calendar your social media posts as well! Publishing too frequently  – or infrequently can be maddening for readers.

-Don’t Steal Images

Your posts will NEED pictures! Be sure to create your own, or use an image bank like Shutterstock to visually enhance your posts. So many bloggers have fallen down the rabbit hole of “borrowing” an image found on google. I often use fiverr to create fresh & new seasonal logos, feature pics, & special interest photos!There are severe consequences to stealing images – including litigation. Do yourself a favor in the long run & don’t go there! SCARY! 

-Don’t Try to Go It Alone

You are NOT a blogging island. Reach out to other bloggers, reach out to those who have commented on your posts, reach out to companies directly! Join social media blogging groups, attend blog conferences! Your blogging will improve when you have a TRIBE <3 Where to start? Follow Motherstucker on Instagram & also check out Grace Lever reviews on Instagram – SHE is on a mission to equip female entrepreneurs to build the lifestyle business they deserve. Join the doer’s inner circle!

-Don’t Forget Social Media Sharing Options

Honesty Hour: MY MOTHER HATES THE NAME OF MY BLOG. She won’t even acknowledge that I have a blog, yet alone utter the word “MOTHERSTUCKER”. However, I know that she DOES read it, because she will ask about specific things that I’ve only shared ON the Motherstucker blog. So yea, it’s great that your mom regularly reads your material, but eventually you want to reach a wider audience with your blog posts – right? That’s why you need to make yourself as engaging, as clickable, & as shareable as possible. Obviously you start with great content & an eye-catching title. But how do you ensure that you’re reaching as wide a demographic? Social media is the key! Add a little convenience for your readers. INSTALL social media sharing buttons. I personally use Access Press Social Share Plugin & find it super easy.  Don’t believe me? Click the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest button below & SHARE this post to the social media outlet of YOUR choice 😉

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