Back to School Business Ideas for SAHM’s

Experienced MOMS know the Back to School Season starts NOW. While you are out & about locking down the best deals on 2018/19 school supplies, don’t forget to lock down a plan for yourself! Make this the year you start your own business (right from home if you like).  Sure, it’s a learning experience – but Motherstucker wants to help make Back to School Business Ideas as easy as A, B, C! 

♦A is for assistant, as in Virtual Assistant. Choose your business structure & decide which services you’ll offer your clients. Start pitching & networking to build relationships.

♦Buy a franchise. Browse home based franchises by category:

Consulting could be your career! From wedding consultant to blogging consultant, become a highly paid consultant!

♦Dog sit &/or dog walk. Make a post on your neighborhood online directory & print up flyers for community boards advertising your pet services.

♦Etsy/Shopify online sales. Millions of shoppers can’t wait to see what you have in store…

♦Freelance  – Get paid to write! A search engine query for “Freelance writing jobs” will likely bring you to the homepage of Upwork. As one of the biggest communities for freelancers, Upwork is the #1 website for those seeking and providing freelance writing services. If you are just beginning your career in freelance writing, Upwork is a good place to start building your portfolio.

♦Grocery shop – Check the careers section of your neighborhood grocery webpage. You are likely to find part time personal shopping employment opportunities. Also, companies like are hiring for grocery delivery in most markets (think Uber/Lyft… but for groceries).

♦Houseclean – Who couldn’t use some help around the house? Make a post on your neighborhood online directory & print up flyers for community boards advertising your superior cleaning services.

♦Influencer – Join the amazon influencer program with a qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account! Get your own page on amazon & earn money.

♦Jewelry Maker – Take your love of creating jewelry & become online jewelry entrepreneur. Approach brick & mortar stores about your jewelry, sell them through your own in-home parties, & see the Etsy info above 😉

♦Kitchen Helper/Menu Planner – WOW clients with your culinary skills! Personal chefs are hired to prepare meals for people who don’t want to cook, but are tired of eating out or taking out fast food. Personal chefs often work out of their own kitchens & deliver the meals to their client’s homes. According to the American Personal Chef Institute & Assn., there are about 9,000 personal chefs in the U.S. serving 72,000 clients.

♦Liscensed Day Care Operator – This is an actual post from my neighborhood Facebook page made by a neighbor this week. Feel free to make it your own!

“Looking to watch 1-2 kids after-school in my home this coming school year. I have a 4yr old and 6yr old. I was an elementary school teacher before I started to stay home with my girls. Would help with homework, have snack, and time to play inside and out. Please contact me if you’re interested by direct message & we can discuss what you are looking for!”

There is no time to waste! Invest in yourself & get started today 😉

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