Benefits of Handcrafted Soaps!

What do you love most about your favorite commercial bar of soap? Is it the bubbly synthetic lathering agents? The “squeaky clean” feel of detergents? Or maybe you thrill to the skin drying hardener that makes for a long lasting bar.

If you are thinking that doesn’t sound like what I look for in a soap, then be sure that you ARE using soap. Take a look at the label. Don’t see the word soap? Then you are most likely using a detergent & that can mean an extremely drying, synthetic, chemical clean. Handcrafted soaps are a better, natural, gentle way to clean your delicate skin. 

You can feel the amazing difference between commercial bars & glycerin rich handcrafted soaps. Pectolite, LLC is the home of Simply Natural Bath & Body Products, which includes a line of handcrafted artisan soaps. Their unique formulations ensure that the skin loving oils that go into making their soaps is exactly what your skin gets out of each creamy, lathery, ever so emollient bar. Want softer, happier, more nourished skin naturally? Then give real soap a try. From the super sensitive to the seriously sensuous, Pectolite has handcrafted soap bars for all skin types, including those allergic to coconut, palm & olive oil.

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