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local style standout: Christy Stucker & Wildcat Water Giveaway

Bluegrass THREADS is thrilled to be featuring Christy Stucker as a local style standout.  Nominated by Sarah Hall, she described Christy as a “fabulous and fashion forward lady.”  We agree!  Here’s what she had to stay about living stylishly in the bluegrass.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Just call me Mother Stucker!  I’m Cady and Cece’s Mom and Cory’s Mrs..  Hopeless optimist, volunteer extraordinaire and active pageant coach through experience as Mrs. Kentucky America (2009) and Mrs. U.S. of A. Globe (2005).  The Big Brother (CBS) 2012 finalist is thrilled to write “Chatting with Christy” for the Hamburg Journal, as well as The Mother Stucker blog.  Look no further for travel and product reviews, family friendly food ideas and Mother Stucker savvy style.

Describe your personal style…

Confident, classic and feminine in a constant state of reinvention and refinement.  I am a work in progress.

Who are your style icons?

Princess Diana+Marilyn Monroe+Lauren Bacall+Audrey Hepburn+Sarah Jessica Parker+Duchess Kate Middleton

What does “bluegrass style” mean to you?

As a lifelong Kentuckian with a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles from the University of Kentucky, I truly believe that anything goes!  I find that my understanding of “bluegrass style” grows when I travel.  Outside of our Commonwealth, I long for royal blue everything, perfectly scuffed boots, monogrammed oxford shirts, fashion forward fascinators and equestrian motifs from home.

Any favorite local spots to shop?

The J. Peterman Company is based right here in the bluegrass.  Currently coveting: Plaid Shift, Rhinestone Black, Florence and Johnnie Dresses…

Any other bluegrass hotspots we should check out?

My favorite fashion scouting spots are Keeneland & Churchill Downs.  What’s not to love?

What are some style challenges that you face and how do you deal with them?

My “inverted triangle” body shape (broad shoulders, narrower hips) is always a forethought when shopping and getting dressed.  I look to styles worn well by Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow (both inverted triangles) for inspiration.

How important is hair and make-up to your personal style?

Janie Olmstead of Images Model and Talent Agency (Lexington) tells me that my hair is my signature.  Jo Ann Peterson & J.R.’s Salon (Louisville) rock the ‘dp and make me feel like a million bucks!  I live the “less is more” make-up approach for the day to day look.

Which are the accessories that you never go without?

The Mother Stucker needs a Birkin Bag (writing notebooks, magazines, snack assortment for baby girls, emergency flat shoes, etc.), but for  now I manage with a fashion forward carryall.  I always have a small clutch inside the tote with absolute necessities so that I can grab and go when out and about.

What is your must have for the season?

I <3 peplum.  Thank heavens peplum is in for 2012!  Any day now I’m expecting people to start calling me “Jackee” from the show “Sister, Sister” in the 80′s.  I do not care.  I <3 peplum.

Animal print (especially reptile) is big this season—do or don’t?

I find myself wondering, what would the reptile do…?



Thanks, Christy!  To read more from Christy, be sure to check out her blog.  Plus, in honor of Christy’s bluegrass roots and for all of our Wildcat fans, we have partnered with another Kentucky standout, Wildcat Water, to bring our readers the chance to win a case of their water!  Enter at the “Christy Stucker” feature on

“Our water has been called ‘the best tasting water in the world’…taking home the gold medal award at the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting. BSIW is considered the standard of excellence by water connoisseurs (yes, there are water connoisseurs out there) in the bottled water industry and is the longest and largest water tasting competition in the world.”

If you are not familiar with Wildcat Water, they have an amazing mission, which you should checkout here.  We at Bluegrass THREADS love to see a wonderful local company that gives back to their community!



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