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Bohemian Lifestyle Boutique + BohoBabe Subscription Box? Yes Please!

MOMS, Get to KNOW: BohoBabe 😉 THIS online bohemian boutique has what YOU are looking for — tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, swim wear, shoes, accessories, handbags, home decor, yoga, BohoBabe brand clothing,  — as well as a monthly subscription box <3 Buy a Box – Give Back!

Whether you’re an aspiring BohoBabe or already live by your “own set of rules,” the BohoBabe Box is the perfect compliment to your daily bohemian lifestyle. It is Monthly Bohemian Joy designed to stimulate your senses, promote positivity, health, & happiness, & of course, our free-spirited mindset! And it’s all delivered straight to your doorstep! TO SUBSCRIBE, PLEASE VISIT: CRATEJOY 

In each box, you’ll find:

  • BohoBabe Box – 4-6 Items in EACH BOX at a value of $75+; BohoBabe MINI Box – 2-3 Items in EACH BOX at a value of $40+
  • Boxes may include anything from Jewelry, Accessories, Scarves, Home Decor, Clothing, Kimonos, Tea/Snacks, Perfume/Aromatheraphy Mists, Candles, Incense & More!
  • Items are: VEGAN, Cruelty-FREE, Organic, Sustainable Sourced, and Quality Made.
  • Each month has a different theme and with that, there will always be a NEW Positive and Uplifting message included on the inside of the lid.
  • Philanthropy. BohoBabe’s goal is to spread positivity and GIVE BACK to the world through donating 1% to the charity of your choice!

iHaulit: Put a Pickup Truck in Your Pocket.

A PICKUP TRUCK FOR EVERYONE! Download this Free APP & your LARGE items will be delivered OnDemand! Join Motherstucker & help this Veteran Owned business take iHaulit to the next level! Sometimes you just need a friend with a truck. The iHaulit app instantly connects you to local drivers with trucks, trailers, vans, SUVs & box trucks with the touch of a button. This free tech platform allows users to request OnDemand now (yes, NOW!) delivery of items you just can’t fit in your car. It’s ridesharing, for stuff! All iHaulit drivers are background checked & screened for security. The future of delivery is iHaulit! Back this Indiegogo to get YOUR perks July 2018!

MOMS, Get to KNOW Kwik BagIt!

The amazing utility device with dozens of uses! How will YOU use it? This eco-friendly & portable utility device is successfully “MAKING THE TASK EASIER” for collecting compostable organic waste /debris (& the storage of recyclable items). Together we can improve on the collection of our recyclables to strive for a GREENER PLANET & to help our fragile environment! No Tools Needed! Can Be Set Up On Any Terrain & Stays In Place! Special Clips Secure Any Size Bag! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOUR Kwik BagIt August 2018! 

Start Your “Iooi” Journey Today…

INSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE IN is an Australian skincare company dedicated to the use of all natural products. Through the combination of apricots, coconut, almonds, & vitamin E  — “inside outside outside in” has come up with a luxurious all natural face moisturizer that is full of pure goodness, proudly tested on humans!  Beauty is obviously more than just the outer layer of us all, so what we place on our skin will end up beyond the surface of our skin. “iooi” created a no nonsense quality, fragrance, additive and chemical free night time (any time!) face moisturizer suitable for all skin types. “iooi” hydrates & softens the skin while you sleep so you wake up with younger looking, more supple skin! Visit iooi & take advantage of  free shipping anywhere in the world. <3


MOMS, Check out these GREAT promotions on KIDSBESTIES BABY HOODED TOWEL!

Savings Option #1:

Want the 80% off discount code? Just send an email to then your email will be answered with the  80% off discount code! This offer is valid while stock lasts. 😉

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Follow kidsbesties on Facebook & send FB message to us and we will send a 50% off discount code, available for a limited time only! 😉

Savings Option #3:

Head over to the kidsbesties website for special offers! Up to 70% off of the bamboo hooded towel for a limited time only. 😉


3-19 Coffee – Combining Coffee, Art, & Community

Hey Moms! We know you need your morning cup o’ joe. What if you could drink a delicious cup of coffee, acquire a piece of artwork for kitchen decor, & support a spirited female artist at the same time? We’re 3-19 Coffee – passionate about bringing together good coffee & beautiful artwork to connect our communities. Our coffee tins topped with bamboo lids are adorned with artwork from members of our communities – your communities.

Meet Deb. Now residing in San Francisco, Deb is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. Her art is a mixture of fantasy & fiction, blending a fairytale world & reality. She’s passionate about encouraging women from all walks of life to embrace their full potential & never sell themselves short. Watch her video above & check out our reusable coffee tins featuring her colorful woman-empowering artwork. A kitchen product you won’t need to hide in the pantry! We’re even offering 10% off for MotherStucker readers only! Use code REPDEB when ordering. Browse Deb’s artwork, along with other artists, & purchase coffee:

Samurai King Launches Zenith Knife Series with a Sleek & Intricate Ultrasharp Blade on Kickstarter

Zenith Knives are made from specialized high grade steel to retain their ultrasharp blade, longer.. 

Zenith Knives, a series of professional kitchen knives, including a paring knife, chef’s knife, and Santoku knife, is the first crowdfunding campaign to come from Entrepreneur Vicky Simson. The Kickstarter campaign for Zenith Knives just launched late last week and in just 3 days has already surpassed its funding goal of $3,675.

Zenith Knives’ main focus is performance, so it can become the most trusted utensil the kitchen. The knives are lightweight, well balanced and ultrasharp. The handle of the Zenith Knife is made from pakka wood for the ultimate grip that works along with the ergonomically shaped handle. The series of knives are the perfect multi-purpose knives that people can use throughout their meal prepping process.

The Zenith Knife series includes four different knives. The Zenith Paring Knife is mainly used for chopping and peeling fruits and vegetables. The Zenith Chef’s Knife is a general-utility knife with the main purpose of slicing and cutting meat. Zenith has two different Santoku knives where Santoku translates into “three uses,” which refers to the three types of cutting operations the knife is best used for: slicing, dicing, and mincing. There is also a Santoku knife that comes with hollow edges to prevent food from sticking to the knife while cutting.

“Knives are probably one of the most used kitchen utensils, and having a really nice, quality chef knife or paring knife has almost become a luxury because of the high price tags on them,” said Vicky Simson, Founder of Samurai King. “We wanted to make a beautiful knife that was designed to last but wouldn’t hurt your pocket. We came up with Samurai King to create an affordable knife with the same quality that chefs around the world are using so that everyone could become a pro in the kitchen.”

A dull knife can be more dangerous than a sharp knife, which is why Zenith Knives are made with only the highest-grade steel to retain sharpness longer. Other knives require constant sharpening, which can cause the blade to become thin and weak. Zenith Knives use Japanese AUS-08 steel with a Rockwell hardness of 59-60 HRC to ensure consistent performance each time without becoming brittle. The knife core is sandwiched between 66 layers of Damascus stainless steel, giving it strength, corrosion resistance and a remarkable design.

 Zenith Knives are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Early adopters can get a Zenith Paring Knife for $30, a Chef’s Knife, the Santoku Knife, or the Santoku Knife with hollow edges for $61. To learn more, visit

 About Samurai King

Vicky Simson is an entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom. Samurai King is his newest venture into the world of high quality kitchen accessories. Zenith is his first crowdfunding project, and with some help from well-known manufacturing partners in Germany, he intends to deliver a high quality and long lasting product.

An Exciting Mobile App Initiative That Facilitates ‘Re-Use’ & Charitable Giving at the Same Time!

Reuseit is a pending 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 2017 with the aim of creating a culture of giving and protecting the environment by enabling and facilitating peer-to- peer donations of gently used goods. Inorder to easily facilitate the donations, the organization is developing, Ecoverse, a mobile application platform where people can make a difference by donating items that they have not used much or no longer use. Ecoverse will offer an easy and secure way for people to connect and share goods with each other. Now LIVE on Indiegogo!

ceilingSPORT LIVE on Kickstarter!

Join MotherStucker and help this father launch this new kids game! What a cool idea for a toy! It’s perfect to help kids with hand eye coordination but even better for us parents to allow for some quiet time in their room without using their tablet. 😉

Yes! ceilingSPORT LLC, has launched a unique, new indoor basketball game that hangs from your ceiling! Taking the concept from a childhood game, where he would simply throw a ball to the ceiling to see how close he could get, ceilingSPORT creator, Mike Bowers, decided it was time to bring his idea into homes of kids (and adults) everywhere. 

“I was laying on the floor, playing with my infant son, and began throwing a soft ball directly up toward the ceiling, as I had done hundreds of times before. It was something I did a lot as a kid and I began thinking about how I could turn it into an actual, scoring game”, remembers Bowers. Fast forward three years, and ceilingSPORT “Original SWISH”, the company’s flagship basketball version, is now ready for the masses to enjoy.

The game has a super-lightweight design that perfectly balances safety and effectiveness. Constructed of molded foam, a basketball net and soft rim, ceilingSPORT uses two adhesive strips to stick to virtually any ceiling type. “Original SWISH” provides fun, a little exercise, and plenty of basketball shots anytime you need it.

“I originally created this game for the kid, like I was, who can’t get enough basketball”, explains Bowers. “You can play in leagues, at school, outside – or inside – and at home. So why not be able to play while you’re sitting, lounging or in bed? As we progressed in manufacturing and began getting the game out to all our family and friends, we realized the user base was much broader.

It’s not just for athletes or recreation purposes. There are therapeutic, relaxation, focus and hand eye coordination benefits that can help anyone… it’s all here with ceilingSPORT!”

“Original SWISH” is slated to retail around $25 bucks and can be preordered on Kickstarter & at <3

Have Baby Will Travel!

MOMS, This baby car seat cover is also a nursing/breastfeeding cover & works on car seats, strollers & shopping carts!  This soft & breathable 100% cotton fabric  features a unisex pattern & includes a bonus carrying bag & baby bib! Speaking of bonuses, use this Motherstucker Exclusive Discount Code “17FORALL”  on amazon to SAVE on YOUR order!

Focus Clothing NYC

THESE were so HOT on The Mother Stucker Facebook Page, I’ve brought them HOME here to the blog! HOW. MUCH. FUN. Are these leggings from Focus Clothing NYC? Which is YOUR FAV? #1, #2, #3? Check out for MORE Designer leggings, tees, sports bras with original bold designs aimed at the yoga and pilates crowd, discount items, workout gear, selfie accessories, & MORE!  USE Promo code “launch15” for 15% off entire purchase! XOXO, Motherstucker


“Q & A with Q & A: Exploring Human Rights and Social Issues” is the first in a series of hard cover picture books and ebooks designed to introduce young children to complex subjects (gender equality, race, etc.) through beautiful illustrations & text with issues pared down to a level that young children can understand.  Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS November 2018!  

No More Zap…

MOMS, Protect yourself & your family from your cell phone’s harmful EMF radiation with Zorb’s™ patented technology. Say what? Hang with Motherstucker for a second here…. We all loved taking in episodes of “Breaking Bad” after the kids went to sleep and then moved on to “Better Call Saul” 😉 Remember Jimmy’s older brother, Chuck McGill? He was partner at one of Albuquerque’s most prestigious law firms (Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill) &  a brilliant man who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity? Yes! Poor Chuck! Don’t be Chuck! Don’t let anyone in your family be like Chuck! Get Zorb™!

How does Zorb™ work?

20 oxide minerals are heated to extreme temperatures then liquid nitrogen cooled into an advanced ceramic form to achieve maximum cellular radiation absorption and functionality. Zorb™ ceramics are able to render the radiation waves harmless by converting them into shorter far infra-red rays which are then useful to bionic energy. Zorb’s molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes to continuously convert and reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves and their adverse effects on the human body. Learn more & get YOURS with this Motherstucker reader exclusive coupon code “VIP 25” that will save you 25% off on your Zorb™ order:

Something Extra For You!

Hey, Family and Friends! This is it, guys – the KnivesMasters campaign is almost here! We’re so grateful to everyone who’s chosen to hop on board and help us get the ball rolling once we go live, and wanted to use the final days leading up to the campaign to give out even more rewards, completely independent of our January 29nd Indiegogo launch. To help spread the word and get bonus items:
Head on over to and enter your email address.
Send your custom generated link to friends and family
Depending on how many persons sign up using your link, you can earn free items.
Your items can also be shipped to you for free if you allow us to send them with your campaign rewards.
That’s all for now. We can’t thank you enough for your help, and for being a part of this journey. This wouldn’t be possible without you.
See you soon,Sign up on to qualify for nice rewards like free knives
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Unique Pass up System Creates Wealth with Just $10 per Month

I just came across a program & at first I saw no special “things”, just like the normal things have been seeing around. However, I decided to take a free tour, checking the products …& Wow…so many web tools & so good for $10 monthly only… Seeking more into the system I discovered something really different at the Payplan… which was the BIG WOW… the real challenge. You can take the free tour & read it for your sake to see what am talking about.

They are not sharks, they don`t tell lies… is really unmatched, unique pay plan… I saw others paying 100% & breaking even with the first referral but…. paying $10 for each referral & ALL the even referrals are passed to YOU by ALL your downline… that is something special… Not 2 up, not 4 up but ALL the even referrals are passed to you as upline. THIS is Unique; THIS is the challenge of Unlimited Residual Income. This is the way to start making extra money online now.

Powerful, Positive and Smart Read

Transform with Confidence” is a powerful, positive & smart read. Mr. Otis is a skilled writer who provides tips and strategies for building an intentional life path. With inspirational style, he encourages his reader to honestly contemplate his/her ideal future and take practical steps toward it. This book is incredibly relevant for a variety of age groups from the graduating H.S. Senior to the 50-something individual looking to reinvent him/herself. I highly recommend it and will utilize this book in my Counseling practice.

-Naomi, Portland, OR.The book is designed to support ProjectOTY which is focused on developing individual accountability by inspiring next generation leaders with the skills and a process for managing the most transformative time in the history of humankind. Learn more about ProjectOTY & Creating Your World at

Motherstucker’s January 2018 MUST READ: Janice Hylton’s “The Naked Wife”

 Join Motherstucker & cozy up this winter with my read of choice, “The Naked Wife” which gives you a  glimpse into the terrible circumstances that many married women find themselves in, & the unsettling future that awaits our daughters if we fail to set things right. This book is an eye-opener, a stay-up-all-night read & inspiring Christian book. Currently ON SALE via Amazon for $12.99 (regularly $19.99). Learn more (free teaser!) about “The Naked Wife” at the Janice Hylton Blog & on Facebook


Earn & Save for Life’s Big Events: Pay Leaf!

Get started on Pay Leaf by selecting YOUR goal! Baby? Wedding? Vacation? Auto? House? Other? Then create your profile (sign up is easy & FREE). Select a savings goal & begin planning for what matters most to you. Next, earn money doing easy activities! Explore earn opportunities & do things online you would do anyway to reach your goals faster. Get help from family & friends & earn bonus cash rewards when you reach your goal. Save for life’s most important events – Make automatic deposits & receive cash gifts into your savings account to reach your goals. Monitor your accounts & set up transfers/withdrawals at your own convenience. The Pay Leaf Blog also has extremely helpful info & ideas to GROW your funds! is partnered with the Business Bank of St. Louis (an fdic-insured Bank) & use plaid software for linking thebank account so it’s completely secure & safe. Sign up NOW & Pay Leaf will help YOU start YOUR savings goal by depositing $200 in YOUR existing saving account!!