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No More Zap…

MOMS, Protect yourself & your family from your cell phone’s harmful EMF radiation with Zorb’s™ patented technology. Say what? Hang with Motherstucker for a second here…. We all loved taking in episodes of “Breaking Bad” after the kids went to sleep and then moved on to “Better Call Saul” 😉 Remember Jimmy’s older brother, Chuck McGill? He was partner at one of Albuquerque’s most prestigious law firms (Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill) &  a brilliant man who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity? Yes! Poor Chuck! Don’t be Chuck! Don’t let anyone in your family be like Chuck! Get Zorb™!

How does Zorb™ work?

20 oxide minerals are heated to extreme temperatures then liquid nitrogen cooled into an advanced ceramic form to achieve maximum cellular radiation absorption and functionality. Zorb™Â ceramics are able to render the radiation waves harmless by converting them into shorter far infra-red rays which are then useful to bionic energy. Zorb’s molecular structure undergoes dynamic changes to continuously convert and reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves and their adverse effects on the human body. Learn more & get YOURS with this Motherstucker reader exclusive coupon code “VIP 25” that will save you 25% off on your Zorb™ order:

Something Extra For You!

Hey, Family and Friends! This is it, guys – the KnivesMasters campaign is almost here! We’re so grateful to everyone who’s chosen to hop on board and help us get the ball rolling once we go live, and wanted to use the final days leading up to the campaign to give out even more rewards, completely independent of our January 29nd Indiegogo launch. To help spread the word and get bonus items:
Head on over to and enter your email address.
Send your custom generated link to friends and family
Depending on how many persons sign up using your link, you can earn free items.
Your items can also be shipped to you for free if you allow us to send them with your campaign rewards.
That’s all for now. We can’t thank you enough for your help, and for being a part of this journey. This wouldn’t be possible without you.
See you soon,Sign up on to qualify for nice rewards like free knives
2. Sign up on for early bird notification 50% discount PLUS free additional knife
3. Get more information on All 6 product lines, the story, background and such
4. Follow Knivesmasters on Facebook as 140k already do:

Unique Pass up System Creates Wealth with Just $10 per Month

I just came across a program & at first I saw no special “things”, just like the normal things have been seeing around. However, I decided to take a free tour, checking the products …& Wow…so many web tools & so good for $10 monthly only… Seeking more into the system I discovered something really different at the Payplan… which was the BIG WOW… the real challenge. You can take the free tour & read it for your sake to see what am talking about.

They are not sharks, they don`t tell lies… is really unmatched, unique pay plan… I saw others paying 100% & breaking even with the first referral but…. paying $10 for each referral & ALL the even referrals are passed to YOU by ALL your downline… that is something special… Not 2 up, not 4 up but ALL the even referrals are passed to you as upline. THIS is Unique; THIS is the challenge of Unlimited Residual Income. This is the way to start making extra money online now.

Powerful, Positive and Smart Read

Transform with Confidence” is a powerful, positive & smart read. Mr. Otis is a skilled writer who provides tips and strategies for building an intentional life path. With inspirational style, he encourages his reader to honestly contemplate his/her ideal future and take practical steps toward it. This book is incredibly relevant for a variety of age groups from the graduating H.S. Senior to the 50-something individual looking to reinvent him/herself. I highly recommend it and will utilize this book in my Counseling practice.

-Naomi, Portland, OR.The book is designed to support ProjectOTY which is focused on developing individual accountability by inspiring next generation leaders with the skills and a process for managing the most transformative time in the history of humankind. Learn more about ProjectOTY & Creating Your World at

Motherstucker’s January 2018 MUST READ: Janice Hylton’s “The Naked Wife”

 Join Motherstucker & cozy up this winter with my read of choice, “The Naked Wife” which gives you a  glimpse into the terrible circumstances that many married women find themselves in, & the unsettling future that awaits our daughters if we fail to set things right. This book is an eye-opener, a stay-up-all-night read & inspiring Christian book. Currently ON SALE via Amazon for $12.99 (regularly $19.99). Learn more (free teaser!) about “The Naked Wife” at the Janice Hylton Blog & on Facebook. 


Earn & Save for Life’s Big Events: Pay Leaf!

Get started on Pay Leaf by selecting YOUR goal! Baby? Wedding? Vacation? Auto? House? Other? Then create your profile (sign up is easy & FREE). Select a savings goal & begin planning for what matters most to you. Next, earn money doing easy activities! Explore earn opportunities & do things online you would do anyway to reach your goals faster. Get help from family & friends & earn bonus cash rewards when you reach your goal. Save for life’s most important events – Make automatic deposits & receive cash gifts into your savings account to reach your goals. Monitor your accounts & set up transfers/withdrawals at your own convenience. The Pay Leaf Blog also has extremely helpful info & ideas to GROW your funds! is partnered with the Business Bank of St. Louis (an fdic-insured Bank) & use plaid software for linking thebank account so it’s completely secure & safe. Sign up NOW & Pay Leaf will help YOU start YOUR savings goal by depositing $200 in YOUR existing saving account!!

Anonymously Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Blind is an anonymous workplace community app for tech workers. With the app, users can read and participate in trending discussions from hundreds of thousands of other workers in the tech industry.

One specific way women in tech are using the app, is to anonymously report sexual harassment in the workplace. This is very timely and will help stop workplace harassment. Download the app today at 

Help Kids Understand Economics with Vivid Stories: Welcome to the World of Leo Snowpard!

Moms & Dads! Grandparents too! Prepare your children  for the future & have FUN – MEET Leo Snowpard 😉 Help the children in your    life gain economic understanding in early childhood. Younger children, in particular, have very little idea about where their parents’ money comes from. Although most children at the beginning of elementary school know that their parents’ work is connected to pay, they often believe the money comes from the bank. With the observation of direct payment procedures, it is difficult for some children to understand the “exchange process with money” and the associated challenges.  That’s why you’ll love the Leo Snowpard book series (available on Amazon!). Learn more at <3

Enjoy This Beautifully Illustrated, Anti Bullying Book Called, Ella and the Mighties!

Ella and The Mighties is an anti-bullying book that shows children the seriousness of bullying, & how their words can affect someone. This book also shows children about self love, & respect. Ella and The Mighties features a tiny dachshund puppy named Ella. Ella is getting bullied in school because of how small she is. She doesn’t know who to go too, or how to handle the situation — Ella is very confused — Until, she meets three friends, that show her how serious bullying can be. Her new friends also teach Ella & Ella’s classmates that judging people by how they look, talk, etc, is not okay. You’ll have to find out for yourself what happens next! This book will help a child who is suffering from bullying, (be able to better understand it & realize that there is a way to end this bullying)  feel safe again. It’s an amazing short story  that your child is sure to love! Ella and The Mighties can be purchases on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for paperback & kindle edition. Be sure to follow on Instagram too! XOXO, Motherstucker

Sun Protection – Skin Cancer Awareness

2 in 1 | Neck Flap | Face Mask Shield | Removable Universal Fit Headband | Multifunctional Headwear | Sun Protection Shade for Caps | Hats | Hard Hat + Bike + Baseball Helmets | UPF 50+ | 2018 Version

A market innovation designed for people to enjoy outdoor activities, worry free from the sun’s heat & damaging ultraviolet radiation. Compatible with all your favorite baseball caps.

Unisex Head Design. Perfect for Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Biking, Hiking, Landscaping, Running & any Outdoor Sport or Activity requiring All Day Sun Protection. CoolNESÂź is Proud to Support the Fight Against Skin Cancer.  #coolnes_com Save an additional 15% – Discount applies at checkout. Valid through Dec 31, 2017 HERE: 


Nutrition Fit for a President!

MOMS, Meet Hart Cunningham, Presidential Candidate (2020)! Human Rights, Green Energy, Logic in the Presidency, Respectful diplomatic affairs, Global Focus on Renewables, Gun control with NRA expansion, Educating for purpose to think and not regurgitate – Sound GOOD? 😉 Yes PLEASE! #Hart2020

Speaking of GOOD, in the video (above) Hart Cunningham walks viewers through every ingredient he consumes in his morning shake. In his words, “Obesity & poverty are the two largest obstacles for a stronger America. We must educate millions on ways to bring nutrition in our lives in a cost-effective, convenient fashion.”

Motherstucker is all IN for Nutrition Fit for a President! Join Me!

Why Should Mum’s BOOM ?

What is Boom Connections & why do you need another social media app? In this hyper-connected digital world, what does Boom offer that all the others don’t?

After all, your phone is already always with you. Through it you are connected to the world, to your family & friends. With apps like Facebook you can keep up with what friends from school & what they are up to long after graduation day… & of course you can let them all know what you are up to, keeping friendships intact years beyond what once was possible. Yet, there is something, or rather, someone missing.

That missing part of the social media experience is sometimes your family, particularly those who are intimidated by the crazy & confusing world of the interwebs. Usually, they’re the older ones. You know, the mom, uncle, grandad or grandma that you just managed to talk into getting a new phone. They’re probably just confused by the whole process & the constant changes that Facebook is infamous for. Or they wouldn’t post anything anyway.

Others are more concerned about security. They don’t want their personal stuff stored in a server somewhere that’s going to get hacked & sent who knows where. Then there are the countless “friend” requests from people they’ve never met, curated posts they don’t care about, & constantly changing privacy rules they have to actively opt out of.

Let’s be fair, it isn’t hard to understand why they don’t bother.

Of course, then those same people complain at every family gathering that you don’t call or keep in touch. We dont get enough pics of the kids or see what they are doing.

As a result, those connections can weaken over time. What is a millennial mum to do?

Boom Connections can help.

Boom Connections is a new social media app that is designed specifically with all of these things in mind. Boom accomplishes this through its unique Author & Follower system.

Boom Connections allows you to share your posts from your social media accounts to a family member who doesnt have a social media account.

When downloading the Boom app you can choose to be an Author or a Follower.

The Author option lets you sync your Facebook & Instagram accounts with Boom. You can then share posts with your Followers by swiping right, or just dismiss the post by swiping left.

That way, you only share the posts you want to share, perfect if you don’t think grandma should see that pic of you last Friday with the girls or school mums having a few chardonays to clear your head after a busy week with the kids. But of course, they do want to see every snap shot you take of the kids growing up.

Followers are added just by sending an email request. You may need to walk your tech-adverse friends & family through the install process & setting up a profile but once that it is done, all they really need to do is open up the app to see your latest posts. They don’t get requests from strangers, they don’t have to give up tons of personal information, & they don’t get spammed with a ton of posts they aren’t going to be interested in. There is even a private chat feature so you can connect through more than just a couple of posts.

In short, Boom Connections is the perfect solution to bringing your reluctant family & friends into the digital world so you can keep in touch & share pcis & memories, even when you are miles apart. Boom is a private& filtered envirmoment for them so they wont need a social media account or a public profile. You can find Boom in the iTunes Apps Store or the Google Play Store. Download and get reconnected today.

MOTHERLOAD HOLIDAY 2017 GUIDE: Knolee Women’s NEW Fashion Touch Screen Warm Winter Thick Gloves With Button

  • MATERIAL: Cotton 5%, Blend 25%, Acrylic 70% 
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: This comfortable full fur lining and stylish design gloves will keeps your hands warm in the cold weather.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Allows you to interact with any touch screen device with ease-smart phone, tablet etc.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Gloves is the ideal gift for all your friends, which is suitable for most occasions and will quickly become their favorite everyday item!


Online Platform That Allows Businesses to Broadcast Their Own Promotions to Passing Cell Phones!

Attention MOM Business Owners! THIS product called NETcinity by Trinity Proximity Inc. is THE Bluetooth Beacon Platform Placing Promos on Phones. Place promotions on the LOCK screens of mobile devices driving by the business!!! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Indiegogo Campaign to get NETcinity for your business January 2018! Learn more at! 🙂


Join Motherstucker & BACK This Kickstarter to Get “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” April 2018! 


The fact is that us parents, we’re tasked with preparing our kids for their future, giving them the lessons & support they need to eventually stand on their own when we can no watch over them. When your child is ready to begin their adult life in the next twelve to fifteen years, will you be able to confidently say that you’ve done all you can to help them face the challenge?

Crafted with two specific age groups in mind (5+ & 7+), the INSYL series is divided into three units, each dealing with a specific focus. To ensure our children learn the necessary skills to have a successful future in their workplace, personal lives, & anything else they set their mind to, INSYL explains vital concepts in ways young minds can understand & absorb! “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” concepts include:

  • Focus: Dedicating enough mental resources to a task, & giving it the necessary attention.
  • Motivation: Harnessing the energy & drive needed to see things through to the end.
  • Confidence: Recognizing their worth & ability, & using that to put forth a poised image.
  • Goal Setting: Assessing realistic & desirable objectives to work towards.
  • Time Management: Using a limited amount of time wisely & with maximum results.

Cards of Creation

The Cards of Creation is a card game that revolves around the idea of telling a story. Children & adults do not get to use their imagination anymore. They are glued to a screen & technology.

Until NOW! This game is super educational as well as fun!

The cards of creation builds:
– Math skills (addition & multiplication)
– Critical thinking
– Confidence!

Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter with the Earlybird option to get YOUR Cards of Creation April 2018!

A Fountain of Art & Science!

Aquarius is a fountain lamp that can manipulate water in ways that are seemingly impossible. Users can become mesmerized by watching a stream of water bend, change colors, freeze in place, rise upwards, split off into multiple streams, & even display effects such as volcanic lightning or the Northern Lights! Due to its slim profile, Aquarius can fit within a variety of settings & capture audiences with its visually impossible displays of water manipulation. 

Aquarius can also be placed into a water-less standby mode which activates its ambient mood/accent/night light. Created for all those who appreciate the beauty of the union of art & science, Aquarius seeks to create a new visual sensory experience & scientific curiosity for all users. Join Motherstucker & BACK this FUNDED Kickstarter to get YOURS April 2018!

Pauls CurlieMaker, the World’s Only Electrical Kitchen Appliance That Processes Raw Potatoes into Chips & French Fries!

Bring healthy snacks fresh to the table! CurlieMaker is able to cut potatoes, red beetroot, courgettes, apples, carrots, parmesan cheese & more into curlies, shoe strings ?/or grates! 

Pauls CurlieMaker is a multi-use device turning vegetables into snacks for frying or oven-roasting. The device is a beautiful design intended to be displayed in the kitchen as a talking piece even while it entertains its admirers with fresh snacks, salads, & more. It comes with XX blade magazine adapters for producing Curling, Shredding, French Fry cuts, & more. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS May 2018! 


Pockey, a premium, eco-friendly, and handcrafted women’s clutch line that prides itself on being the world’s first smart clutch product made from vegetable-tanned leather with RFID blocker, this week, in addition to its Kickstarter campaign, has launched an Indiegogo specific campaign for the Avant Garde clutch line. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost 145% of the brand’s target, Pockey became one of the top 25% Kickstarter campaigns to achieve more than their intended goal.

Passionate about developing the perfect smart clutch product that satisfies every woman’s daily demands, Pockey set out to create specially handcrafted clutches, made from eco-friendly premium leather, that is five times more durable than conventional clutches available today, for longevity and personal item protection.

“Traditional brands feel outdated today. They’re overpriced, out-of-reach, and poorly made, resulting in product degradation after only a few months of ownership,” said Karthik, Co-Founder of Pockey. “As for the inexpensive clutch brands, they are either low quality or poorly designed, putting personal items and cards at constant risk. None of these brands take care of the credit card information therein, which is where we come into play.” 

Contactless card reader technology is more prevalent today than ever before. People are able to scan and read credit card information directly through purses, clutches, and wallets. Credit card information is at an especially high risk of being stolen from cards in the clutches available to consumers today.

“Many people don’t realize that people passing them by or sitting next to them on a bus or subway can use technology to scan and read credit card information,” said Ishaan. “It’s an unsettling new reality we have to live with today in 2017. With our RFID blocker technology, we’re able to keep all cards within Pockey protected from unwanted viewers.”

Pockey clutches are made from vegetable tanned full-grain leather, sourced directly from Tuscany, Italy. To produce this special leather, it requires 40-days of skilled craftsmanship, compared to just one day for machine-made and chrome-tanned leather. Pockey comes in four colors: Cardinal, Navie, Misty, and Opaque. Most importantly, each Pockey comes with a built-in Smart RFID Blocker that keeps the clutch resistant to card scanners and invasive technology. 

Other Pockey features include ethically sourced eco-friendly tanned leather, easy to repair leather that won’t wear out under normal usage, world-class craftsmanship, and comfort with every design. Each Pockey can hold 8-cards, a coin pouch, an iPhone 7 Plus, a slim power bank, and 2 bills compartment. Additionally, Pockey is less than 150 gms, which feels like a feather in hand.

For anyone who backs the campaign, they are promised a Pockey before the holiday season, ensuring their vitality as gifts for any interested consumer.

“We never want to compromise quality, which is why we’re seeking crowdfunding support to make our hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and sustainable, safe clutches accessible at a price that people can afford,” said Ivy. For more information, or to learn more about Pockey’s journey thus far, visit: