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Motherstucker’s MUST READ: Deadly Vows by Robert Marsh

In life or death, sometimes the actions toward another person are not forgotten. The invasions of another persons mind set can cause the viewer to take a step back, sit up and imagine that the enemy does not see what is coming. They are in the inner part of the enemy head to feel the pain and not mix it up. In a new line up of horror stories, Mr. Marsh takes us to the existence that there is more to life and death that we already know. Marsh focuses hard on showing us the different views of how pain and a doormat person can live inside us all and not realizing it until it is to late. Marsh mind set is so strong on the death of him, that he sheds a dark light just to allow us to read a little concerning the demons inside us all. The style he shows is very conversational and straight forward in his own dark ways. A book inside a book, “The Deadly Vows” is the mindset of Mr. Marsh. “The Deadly Vows” is powerful and offers us to see the evil we care not to see. The question after reading this book is, “Is it safe to go out again, knowing that there are people that are out there with his mindset. The “The Deadly Vows” is a dark and painful raw emotions book to read and it bares a spectrum of themes to comprehend. Available NOW on Amazon!

Does Your Baby Sleep through the Night? 

If not, Christina’s book can help! Christina’s sleep method encourages you to imagine what you want your child’s schedule to be as a toddler, & teaches you exactly how to achieve that goal right from day 1! Customize the schedules to your preferred time of day!

This book is also full of tips & tricks, & also explains possible reasons for sleep regression. Getting enough sleep is priceless, & this book will get you there for only $9.99! Order now on Amazon so you can get some rest & enjoy every moment with your baby!



Statistics on bullying in school, sexual assault, & child abuse have Motherstucker supporting the Bow2Tie Kickstarter! The first SAFE FOR KIDS personal alarm, Bow2Tie is  a patent-pending unisex wearable personal alarm that comes in the shape of a bow tie. Bow2Tie is customizable & available to ship March 2018 with your Kickstarter pledge!

Heavy Music Artwork Launches World’s First & Only Metal & Rock Art Magazine

Join Motherstucker & BACK the Heavy Music Artwork: Music & art print magazine Indiegogo Campaign NOW! The world’s first & only heavy metal & rock art magazine. Featuring: Ulver, Sunn O))), Skinny Puppy, Wolves In The Throne Room, Tombs, Ghost Bath, Candlemass, Pallbearer, Ihsahn, King Dude, John Garcia, Paul Gregory, Mattias Frisk, Simon Fowler, Samantha Muljat, Trine + Kim Design Studio, Dehn Sora, Fredrik Melby, London Desertfest & more to be announced.  <3

Permanent Positive Messages (to YOUR City)!

Bring a “You Are Beautiful” installation to every state in the US! Featured on Oprah,  Good Morning America, as well as in many books, magazines, & online features — each state will have a host that will be responsible for securing a location, & installing the piece — hosts can apply as individuals, or groups. Join Motherstucker & support this BEAUTIFUL Kickstarter with a pledge! If you are interested in hosting a “You Are Beautiful” installation in your state, please visit the “Help Wanted” section for more information at the Kickstarter page for more info!

Fight Back with Funny

22 Veterans commit suicide daily; that’s one every 65 minutes. Discharged was created to “Fight Back with Funny” & share stories using animation & comedy. Countless numbers of veterans struggle with their transition from the military, mental health & other service connected illnesses &/or injuries. Join Motherstucker & BACK this indiegogo campaign prescribing laughter to help deal with the dark times.

In the Cards: Ethereal Visions Dreamscape Oracle Deck

Join MotherStucker & BACK the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck KICKSTARTER!  Supporting this project funds the publication of a unique, gold leaf illuminated Oracle deck illustrated by Matt Hughes consisting of 36 original concept  cards. Each card will be illuminated with gold foil stamping. The cards will be high quality 3″ x 5 ” cards on 350GSM stock with rounded corners. This is the 1st printing of this deck. The deck will be a limited, numbered edition. Pledge & get (or GIFT) yours this year!

Changing Lives Community

MOMS, Meet Sonia Avila, Chief Executive Officer for Changing Lives Community! In her own words:

I am writing to introduce you to a very special organization that has the potential to completely transform the meaning of the word ‘community’ as we know it today. Its name is Changing Lives Community. Our goal is to provide support, treatment, education and life skills to vulnerable individuals, families, and veterans who are experiencing social displacement as a result of situations that have led to homelessness, substance abuse, PTSD or other soul-crushing conditions. We plan to create the framework for a better future by offering resources to help them attain and maintain a life of sustainable self-sufficiency.

Our current objective is to build a self-sustainable, eco-focused community that will offer a resident capacity for 2.000 people along with a communal dining hall and professional kitchen, a veteran’s center, a hospital, a school campus, a recreational center, an environmental center, and various social and working hubs that range from manufacturing to agricultural and farming complexes.

Powered by 100 percent clean, renewable energy, we are confident that our community will set a new benchmark for self-sufficient living in a society that has become too reliant on overburdened educational, medical, social and welfare systems. Similar models have been successfully adopted in Italy, where the self-sustaining San Patrignano community has provided excellent support to over 25,000 people for over 35 years without government funding.

We have received an overwhelming response of public interest and plan to start formal press releases in April 2016. Changing Lives has already received approval for a $100 million construction loan, but we must now provide a detailed development plan, a solid corporate structure and a financial risk policy for the loan (insurance). Our community will be built on the West Coast of the United States, and we are very excited to have made so much progress in only two years.

We will place a special emphasis on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are almost 40 million veterans now living in the United States. These brave and selfless men and women have been willing to risk their lives for us! Unfortunately, after their service, many veterans find it difficult to assimilate back into society. Many suffer with mental health issues such as PTSD and/or traumatic brain injuries. They often have trouble maintaining relationships and finding employment. Some are challenged by substance abuse along with their visible (and invisible) disabilities, and far too many are homeless. After the intensity of military life, there is often a profound sense of ‘disconnect’ leading to despair and possible suicide.

I am currently looking for collaborators to help Changing Lives develop our programs, forge community coalitions, secure funding and promote our message on a national scale. This type of help will be critical to our success, and I hope that you will consider working with us in some capacity even if it is simply including our contact information in your databases for further reference. We do not intend to use any government support for this project, and hope that the services we provide will lead to eventual tax relief for USA citizens. Please visit &

Warm regards,

Sonia Avila

Join MotherStucker & BACK the Wildfire Protection Barrier Shield KICKSTARTER!

Thousands of families lose their homes, business & belongings to wildfires every year. People in  at risk areas usually have little warning before they must evacuate their homes, leaving them with no option but to abandon their belongings & get on the road quickly. Many of them are left destitute & without a home.

It’s time we change how we protect our investments with THIS Protective Barrier Shield that saves property & belongings from wildfires. Inspired by the emergency shelters wild-land firefighters use in the field when trapped by fire. The structural barrier shield is a simple/affordable & highly effective protective covering for homes, that reflects up to 95% of the radiant heat from a fire & prevents flames/embers from reaching the structure.

Join MotherStucker & BACK the Wildfire Protection Barrier Shield KICKSTARTER TODAY! Thanks for YOUR support!

Book Up!

Have You Seen My Pet Dragon?” is a collection of several hundred poems. This book of poems appeal to children of all ages, from early readers on.  There are all sorts of different characters & perspectives.  All of these poems contain a positive, hopeful spin on the world… plus a little zany silliness. There’s the one about Alexander, the world’s first vegetarian lion. There are several about animals of all shapes & sizes. One of my favorites is about a pirate & a ninja who decide to switch jobs for a while.  😉 … & let’s not forget the story of a small child’s pet dragon… who is not quite what he seems. Imaginations can do that! Join MotherStucker & back this kickstarter to get YOURS this Fall!

Electromagnate: Secret Weapon to Pull Your Kids Back to the Living Room

In Electromagnate two teams (of 1 to 3 players per side) compete to close circuits on the game board. Players traverse grid nodes & place component cards onto grid lines. Once you close a circuit you begin to draw power from the enclosed area. Acquired power can be used to purchase character upgrades, which increase player abilities (or technology can be purchased, to help your play or hamper your opponents). Finally, megaliths can be purchased/built, to increase the power gained from areas.

Combat can be enacted to battle your opponent for control of grid nodes or grid lines. Inserted into the combat/poker deck are random event cards, which bring elements of chance to the game. The unique game board, innovative game mechanic & various game systems can be turned on, off or tweaked. The fun of custom gaming, which thrills millions online, becomes up close & personal on the table top.

Words (Text!) (Images!) (Files!) of Wisdom

MOMS, Imagine creating (or receiving!) a “VAULT” of knowledge that can be passed to loved-ones, teaching life-lessons & preserving legacies. is a website system that allows members to create unlimited blocks of information – text, images, files – that they can lock & give access to specific people, & release it to them on specific dates in the future.

Grant yourself or loved ones early access by pre-ordering memberships & securely deliver/receive wisdom after death.

Send a Meaningful Message to Young Children

What to gift nowadays to young children (ages 10 months to 6 years)? It seems easy, but not that easy.

-“I don’t know which one to pick. Too many choices.”

-“Many toys are similar. Just grab whatever you run into.”

You hear these all the time. This topic provokes deep thoughts. That’s why retailer Ten Octaves carefully selected toys & gifts that meet their criteria to be good choices for young children. Their products are very unique & are picked because of outstanding design, eco-friendliness, handmade products, organic materials &/or social responsibilities. Most of them are award winners. Some have upwards of 16 awards under their belts. Many collections are available. Dolls, puppets, rockers, balance bike, building toys, accessories even animal wall décor. Most of them are not found in your nearby toy/gift stores. Check out at, you will be surprised! Want unique, high-end toys & gifts? Look no further.

Kids are like sponges. When they get a gift, they are getting a message. Just like every word heard by infants. They will understand in their own way, on their own terms & on their own pace. It’s up to parents to send a meaningful one starting from a young age. 😉

Shop. Share. Earn.

Sign up with Gruupz (it’s free) & install the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, & you can earn Amazon gift cards as rewards for the shopping you are already doing on, up to $300 per month! Gruupz will notify you when you have a gift card available 😉 Every month your balance is at least $5, we’ll award you a gift card. Also, when you refer someone to Gruupz & they sign up, you both get $3!

Send a Signal!

MOMS, We all have friends or family that ride motorcycles or scooters —  THESE Smart Gloves — Will make great gifts to help our loved ones be safer doing what they love! Help them be SEEN when changing lanes & turning. SignalWear is wearable tech, featured on Discovery Channel & has 3 Activation Methods, Touch, Tilt or SignalBox wired to existing turn signals. Join Motherstucker & Back the SignalWear Kickstarter Launch