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6 Day Family Focused Retreat in South Africa

CA Life Coaching offer a practical psychological, emotional, spiritual & physical healing experience as a fun alternative to just another holiday. We are dedicated to providing a relaxed atmosphere where parents & their children spend time surrounded by nature while strengthening their family bond.

Parents attend seminars while the children attend special programs just for them. Moms & Dads spend time re-connecting with themselves as individuals & romantic partners while learning how to effectively communicate meaningfully with their kids.

Kids also get individual coaching sessions to learn how to express themselves & deal with peer pressure. Parents share stories with other parents & learn how they cope & what methods they use to re-connect with their kids.

Topics we will cover:

Letting go in order to grow
Using past pain as lessons for personal development
Putting an end to defiance, disrespect, & arguments
Effective communication between parents & kids

Visit to learn more about our family focused retreats & to reserve your stay.

Ps: Limited space available so book today!

The Earth Is All We Have in Common… and We Must Save It.

img_1557Introducing the Super Sustainables! Four new superheroes with the common mission to save the earth for future generations to enjoy. We are on Kickstarter to raise funds for publicity, marketing & the book launch. So far we have raised 50% of our goal & need to get the rest. Please share this important project with your contacts so we can cast a wide net for support. You can be a hero too!

Kickstarter link:

Santa Monica Daily Press:

SCREAMXO is the One Social Media App to Rule Them All

Today’s social media landscape is messy – there are so many different social networks & messaging platforms, with so many different ways to interact with your friends, family & acquaintances. So what if there was a way to bundle all those social media experiences into one all-inclusive social media app?

That’s the premise behind SCREAMXO, a one-stop social networking platform that will help to organize your online social life. Through a simple, intuitive user interface, there are five simple tabs – Media Buffet, Shop, Stream, Time & Social – that correspond to the way people really use the web in 2016. Media Buffet is a way to share, stream & upload multimedia content, Shop is an e-commerce storefront, Stream is a microblogging feature, Time is a way to change how long your media & chat content stays visible, & Social is an easy-to-use messaging service.

These five functions consolidate the best features of the most popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter, but then add a few features that even these networks don’t have. Take for example, the auto-delete feature found within the Time function of the app. You can opt to have your social media updates auto-delete within a specific period of time, much like the auto-delete functionality of Snapchat. Or, take for example the Stream function of the app – it offers the same ease of microblogging as Twitter, but takes the 140-character limit & tosses it out the window. It’s microblogging without limits. The core use case for SCREAMXO is for active social media users who want one single place to go for everything they do online. With SCREAMXO, you can share, upload & stream unlimited music & video. You can buy & sell items online using your bankcard, PayPal or Bitcoin. You can post quick microblogging updates about what you’re doing in real-time & you can message your friends with the “Easy Social” feature. Instead of constantly opening & closing apps on your smartphone screen, you have a way of staying within the same app for all of your social experiences.

According to the app’s founder, Ugochukwu Okafor, there’s one more way the app might be used. Young creative professionals in cities like New York & Los Angeles can use the SCREAMXO app to connect with their core audiences online. They can uploads photos & videos of their work, sell venue tickets, organize merchandise giveaways, or run marketing campaigns – all from within the same app. Since all the content on the app is stored in the cloud, you can take your creative business – whether you’re an artist or a music band – anywhere your smartphone goes.

“Our innovative app is a game-changing amalgamation of the best techniques of today’s social networking sites. We are glad to bring to you a marvelous Christmas gift this year,” says Okafor.
Already, the momentum is starting to build for the Christmas launch of SCREAMXO. In certain neighborhoods of Brooklyn, emoji stickers with the words “SCREAMXO” have started to appear – part of a grassroots effort to build buzz for the app. So far, access to the app is by subscription-only, but the team at SCREAMXO has been offering online sneak previews of the app before the grand launch on Christmas Day. It’s a gift that many people already can’t wait to start unboxing. Go sign-up today – you don’t want to miss out!

MotherStucker Blog & MOM Newsletter Takeover: Story Cabin Giveaway!

Hi there, this is Tony Biggar the founder of Story Cabin. A few years ago, my wife & I began an endeavor to create products that promote the family as the incredible blessing that they are. We cherish our own family & we know that our customers cherish theirs! We understand the pressures/difficulties in cultivating a healthy family – as it seems like new challenges pop up every day. Which is why we love giving away our products away for free to busy families. We have partnered with the folks at MotherStucker /MOM Newsletter as a way to connect with others who love family & want to see their family’s name be a bright spot in their living room or office.

See the link below to enter our giveaway & get your family name on a clock (valued up to $97). We are giving away 5 clocks so you have even greater chances to win!! (Total value of $500) Click Here & Enter To Win a Free Personalized Oak Clock!


Yes Please! Sweet Pea Daily Deals is a THE boutique marketplace featuring the latest trends, home decor (Halloween & MORE!), children’s clothing, etc.. Shop to give back! A portion of every purchase helps families struggling with infertility.

image imageWith new sales starting every morning, you never know what you’ll find. It’s all about the thrill of seeing what’s new. You’ll discover unique brands &  products—the things that help you express your personal style. Not only will you save up to 70% on products you’ll love, but you’ll be helping those in need. XO, Motherstucker 😉

Monday Morning MEET: MUBU the Morph


MOMS, Make a great choice for your family & get to know Mubu the Morph children’s book series written by Stephen Nawotniak & illustrated by Jeff Perdziak. Mubu the Morph is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) which evaluates products & services created for parents & educators. MCA is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products & services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal & cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers & members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products & services for families and children

Help your children experience a shift of self-value & purpose from external validation or comparison to an expression of their unique internal gifts. Mubu the Morph helps to show children (& their loved ones!) in a fun, easy to understand manner that what’s on the inside is what counts! XOXO, MotherStucker

Top 7 Reasons to Road Trip to Tahlequah

Sparrowhawk1. Catch up with family, friends (young & old outdoor) by hiking the mountain at Sparrowhawk!

2. Tahlequah is where the Trail of Tears ended for the Cherokee Nation tribe & is now the home of the Cherokee Nation. 8 local historic sites & attractions to tell their story.

3. The Scenic Illinois River just  North of Tahlequah offers leisure floating opportunities to experts & newbies alike. The river is home to 13 Floating Operators who stand ready to serve a great experience to visitors.

4. Oklahoma is rich with lakes – MORE shoreline than the coast. Over one million surface acres of water & 2,000 more miles of shoreline than the Atlantic & Gulf coasts combined.  Whodathunkit?

5. Tahlequah is also home of the clear waters of Tenkiller Lake where you’ll find 8 floating Marina Restaurants 🙂

fb-img-1467344798727_orig4. Memorial Day Do-Over. Yes Please!

5. Downtown Main Street is the heartbeat to Tahlequah nightlife & welcoming charm.

6. Check out Tahlequah’s  many one-of-a-kind boutiques, a 60-year old family bakery, a historic theatre, the River City Players (Carrie Underwood was a River City Player WAY before American Idol), Saturday night Movies in the Park & so so much more!

7. 20th Annual Cherokee Homecoming Art Show & Sale
August 27th – September 24th

8. 2nd Annual Cherokee National Treasures Art Show
October 1st – November 5th

Learn more & plan your trip at & on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!



Olympian Dana Vollmer & #PampersDreams Coming 6/16/2016!

13445364_10210114376521745_603602914992796959_n4+ mornings per week & at least 2 weeknight from 4:30 – 9:30 pm this MotherStucker is poolside for my youngest daughter’s swim team! Swimming is a gigantic time commitment, but it makes mini-me happy & I love helping her achieve her dreams. Pampers is also in the swim of things with their new partnership with Olympic swimmer & mom, Dana Vollmer! Join MotherStucker for the #PampersDreams Twitter Party with Dana Vollmer on June 16th (9 PM – 10 PM EST) where she’ll be talking all about her preparations for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, (her first MS1_5510_Swim Cap_7.21Olympic Games since giving birth to her son, Arlen, last March) her best tips for motherhood, how being a mom has changed her life as an athlete & how Pampers is part of it all. RSVP here!

MS2_7402_Pool Time Clapping_6.21Love & encouragement from her family are what led Dana back to the pool. Her journey to Rio is one that she will share with them, & her goal of winning gold at this year’s Olympic Games is not just her dream – it’s her family’s dream. Dana was committed to getting back into swimming after becoming a mom, so that  Arlen, could grow up MS2_7286_precognizing the importance of hard work & get inspired from a young age. She wanted Arlen to grow up seeing his mom achieving her dreams as a competitive swimmer, & hopefully ignite his own passions for success.

Pampers knows that the big dreams of babies start with a good night’s sleep, which is why they’ve created products designed to help little ones sleep comfortably by offering overnight protection. A good night’s sleep for baby means a good night’s sleep for mommy & daddy, enabling all to wake up well rested & ready to conquer their dreams.

imagePampers will continue their celebration of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on their social channels throughout the Rio 2016 competitions! #PampersDreams

Avenue of Escape

MOMS, Do you live in Boston MA or perhaps will be visiting the area soon?  Ready to have a blast spending quality time with family &/or friends? MotherStucker knows the best of the best Escape Rooms in Boston! Brainstorm your way through Beantown — Calculate in the City of Champions — Hunt down answers in the Hub! From birthday party problem solving to bonding through business  team building, become a hero of an incredible adventure!

♦The Cellar

♦Escape Velocity

♦Vacation Vandals

♦Drunk Tank


♦Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

♦The Dig

♦Still Hungry

♦20,000 Leagues

♦The Office

♦Escape from Death Row

♦The Pirate’s Booty

Search these Boston Escape Rooms by map location, ratings & reviews, difficulty level, number of players, time limit, description, plus contact info to enable YOU to choose a game which will match your exact needs. Get started NOW:

Empowering Young Girls Science & Imagination Skills!

MIa4Mia is a small girl with a big imagination. She has a science fair coming up & simply can’t decide what project to do. Should she make a rainbow, a wacky gadget, a volcano or the universe? Children will love seeing Mia’s imagination run wild in the amazing world of science. In this world, a girl can do any fantastical thing she can think of! NOW available on amazon for Kindle & Paperback!

Mother to Mother: “Children Topics from A to Z Volume 1: A Guide for Tackling Tough Issues”

Meet Randa Lee Roberts! This MOM, former teacher, mentor & author ( brings us  “Children Topics from A to Z Volume 1: A Guide for Tackling Tough Issues” available in paperback & kindle on Amazon. Through THIS book, Roberts gives us the tools we need as MOMS to handle everything motherhood throws at us — from infancy to adulthood of our children — get your personal resource GO-TO to include in your parenting arsenal!