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Turn up the Heat for National Apple Cider Day!

November 18 marks National Apple Cider Day! Check out this quick & delicious Ginger Whiskey Cider recipe, courtesy of the NEW Brooklyn Crafted Mini Ginger Beer. Cheers!


Courtesy of Brooklyn Crafted

  • 2 oz. Hard Cider
  • 1 oz. Whiskey
  • Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Mini in Traditional, to fill
  • Crushed Ice


In a 12-16 oz. high ball glass, combine the hard cider and whiskey. Fill the glass with crushed ice and top with Brooklyn Crafted. 

Zebras! Elephants! Giraffes! OH MY ;)

Sold exclusively at Amazon! Search “zoolie silicone bibs”!

  • VALUE 3 PACK! Set of 3 Colors <3 COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE – Use the snap buttons to adjust the collar around your little one’s neck. SIZE (6m to 6 years) EASILY ROLLS-UP – Keep extra one in diaper bag, purse, or car.
  • 100% FOOD GRADE SILICONE – (BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex-Free, Lead Free)
  • WATERPROOF/DISHWASHER SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN – Just use soapy water to wash it off.
  • DEEP WIDE POCKET – Catches food and actually STAYS OPEN!
  • PERFECT GIFT – A MUST have item for first time Parents, Baby Showers, or Friends. Learn more: 


October is National Pasta Month!

Gluten free, protein-packed, high in fiber – not necessarily the first terms that come to mind when sitting down with a big bowl of pasta! Today’s options go far beyond wheat or white, with trending brands like Explore Cuisine offering pastas made from organic beans, lentils, & peas, loaded with plant-based protein, iron, & fiber.

For those looking to celebrate, Motherstucker wants to share a few  #NationalPastaMonth recipes: Simple Spaghetti for beginner chefs & Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine in a Light Pesto Sauce for those who like mix things up in the kitchen.

♦ Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine in a Light Pesto Sauce


7 oz. Explore Cuisine Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine – cooked & drained

2 large yellow squashes, peeled into ribbons with a peeler

3.5 oz. pecans – peeled & halved

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

3 oz. pine nuts


1 large bunch of fresh basil

2 cloves garlic

2 oz. olive oil

2 tbsp pine nuts

1/2 tsp coarse sea salt


Peel skin from garlic cloves, & chop into big chunks. Using a food processor, pulse basil, garlic, & nuts several times until finely chopped. Add the salt & olive oil, pulse until blended. Pesto may be thick, so add more olive oil for a looser consistency. Lightly toast the pecans, pomegranate seeds & pine nuts in skillet. Mix the fettuccine with the sauce, gently fold in the remaining ingredients. Serve immediately.

♦ Simple Vegan Chickpea Spaghetti


1 box Explore Cuisine Chickpea Spaghetti

1/4 cup nutritional yeast (optional)

1 cup organic pasta sauce


Cook the spaghetti until soft according to the packet directions. Drain the water from the pasta, & stir in the pasta sauce. Add more if you like more sauce. Serve in bowls & then sprinkle the nutritional yeast on each one. Season with salt & extra nutritional yeast if desired.

Bon appetit!

Calling All Snack Moms & Dads!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got snacks. The two just seem to go hand in hand! As parents ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to bust boredom with the snacks we serve, whether at home or heading to an after-school activity. So for all you soccer moms, scout dads or other parents on snack duty, let’s shake things up and bring back the fun to snack time!

Focus on Fruit

Packed with goodness and great taste, fruit is a no-brainer snack choice for kids. Plus, it’s a naturally gluten-free and nut-free option for kids with sensitivities. While some little ones will gladly devour all types of whole fruit, others need a little more coaxing. Try these ideas:

  • Slice it Up: We’re not sure why, but kids tend to like fruit better when it’s washed, cut, and ready to go. So slice those apples to amp up their appeal!
  • Set it Up: Out of sight, out of mind, right? Rather than keep bananas and oranges tucked away, display them in a bowl on your kitchen counter for an easy-grab solution.
  • Kebab it Up: Pro-tip: Everything is more kid-friendly on a stick—perhaps because it resembles a magic wand? Add strawberries, grapes, melon and other bite-sized fruit to a skewer, alternating as you go.
  • Mix it Up: Offer fruit in a variety of forms and textures, from freeze-dried to canned to smoothies and beyond.

Veg Out

Don’t tell your kids, but snack time can be a great time to incorporate veggies—especially if you do it in an artful way! A few of our faves:

  • Ants on a Log: Fill a celery stick with natural peanut butter, then sprinkle with raisins.
  • Bell Pepper Rainbow: Cut half-moon strips out of red, orange, yellow and green organic bell peppers. Arrange in a rainbow shape and add a piece of raw cauliflower on either end to mimic clouds.
  • Cucumber Sandwich: Use two round cucumber slices as your “bread” and fill with a yummy spread, such as hummus or cream cheese.
  • Kale Chips: Spread organic kale leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until browned, about 10-15 minutes. Let kids help by sprinkling on salt, pepper and/or parmesan cheese when done.

Grab and Go

We like to get all Pinterest-y just like any other parent, but sometimes it’s all about quick and portable. These packaged snack options are great for car rides, field trips, lunch boxes, sports practice or any other time you need to head out the door in seconds flat. It all depends on which flavor your kids are feeling!

  • Salty: Popcorn, pretzels, veggie straws, mixed nuts
  • Sweet: Animal crackers, oatmeal cookies, graham crackers, individual cereal boxes
  • Bars: Granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars, etc.
  • Other Popular Picks: Raisins, string cheese, yogurt tubes, Go Organically gluten free fruit snacks

Is it snack time yet? We’re hungry! Don’t forget to follow Go Organically on Facebook for more meal and snack ideas. 😉

Motherstucker’s Realization on Vacation

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with Combat sample product &/or payment. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own & not influenced in any way.

10 years ago this month, my grandmother organized an autumn getaway for all the women in my family to Edisto Island, South Carolina. Meemaw, Aunt Lori, Cousin Mackenzie, my daughter Cady & I with bulldog Oedamae traveled from Kentucky to the beach house rental. We arrived at dusk, chose our rooms in the beach house & began to unpack. I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter at the time & soon after I began unpacking, I needed to sit down on the bed to take a rest. My bedroom walls were natural wood paneled with large dark knots. Pictures of sailboats hung on the wood walls. It was seaside shabby chic – quaint and very different than what I was accustomed to in Kentucky. As my gaze moved from ship picture to ship picture, I noticed one of the wood knots MOVING. I focused. I freaked! There was a huge roach scurrying up the wall!

I grabbed my daughter, bolted from the bedroom & immediately called the beach house rental company. After explaining my unwanted roach roommate situation, the rental company employee LAUGHED. I failed to see the funny and asked if a service person could come bug treat our rental A.S.A.P. When the rental company employee quit giggling, she explained to me very sweetly & sincerely, “Honey, that’s not a roach. We don’t have roaches in South Carolina. That’s a Palmetto Bug. There is nothing to worry about.” 

Fast forward 10 years, I now LIVE in South Carolina. While Spring, Summer, & Fall all feel like summer this far south – cool weather will be here eventually & NOW is the perfect time to protect my home from ants, roaches, Palmetto bugs, whatever. I found Combat Max – Ant & Roach Killing Foam Spray that comes in a 17.5oz ready to use aerosol can. This Quick Kill spray (kills ants & roaches on contact) dries invisible and leaves a protective force-field. Combat Foam expands into cracks and crevices where insects hide. Regular aerosol sprays can’t do that. Within minutes the foam disappears leaving no residues after treatment at Motherstucker headquarters.  

No ants, No roaches, No Palmetto bugs. Thank You Combat Max!

October Is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month & There’s No Better Way to Celebrate Than with Everyone’s Favorite Snack!

Celebrate with The Little Kernel “Miniature Popcorn” – Motherstucker’s FAV & one of the market’s smallest (& tastiest!) popcorn brands. With a unique, hulless, “miniature kernel,” The Little Kernel is popped in 100% PURE olive oil, & is gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher, & certified whole grain.

Even better, TLK is available in six delicious flavors, including: Truffle Sea Salt, Sweet & Salty, Pink Himalayan Salt, White Cheddar, Butter & Naked (No Salt Added) (SRP: $3.49 each).

Wash this DELICIOUS snack down with refreshing AquaBall! The only zero-calorie, sugar-free & preservative-free children’s beverage currently on the market. The naturally flavored water is available in four fruity flavors (Berry Frost, Fruit Punch, Grape & Strawberry Lemonade) & features fan favorite characters from Disney’s “Frozen”, Disney Princesses, Marvel’s “Avengers,” & Disney Classic Characters. Parents can feel good about this choice as AquaBall is also a great source of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, & C & is naturally flavored (no artificial flavors or colors). ENJOY 😉 

Welch’s® Fruit Rolls Deliver the Same Quality Consumers Love in Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, in a New, Irresistibly Fun Format!

Unroll the fun with the NEW Welch’s® Fruit Rolls. Featuring fruit as their first ingredient, these snacks  come in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, & White Grape Strawberry. Welch’s® Fruit Rolls contain 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C & are an excellent source of Vitamins A & E. Gluten free! Preservative free! Welch’s® Fruit Rolls are loved by kids & approved by MOMS!  Available in select grocery stores nationwide <3 

Motherstucker MUST Read: “This Land is My Land”

October is National Apple Month!

Celebrate with delicious apple snacks & sips! From on-the-go apple snacks to flavored drinks, your family will be ready to celebrate National Apple Month all October!


  • Munk Pack’s Apple Quinoa Cinnamon Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is a delicious combination of apple cinnamon flavored oatmeal mixed with quinoa. This ready-to-eat oatmeal is packed with wholesome whole grains & real fruit bites!
  • Welch’s Apple Orchard Medley Fruit Snacks mix granny smith apples, golden apples and red apples with a hint of pear and apricot to create the delicious taste of applein every bite. Welch’s Fruit Snacks are made with REAL fruit and are Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and contain no preservatives.
  • Viki’s Cinnamon Apple Granola is a blend of gluten-free oats, organic honey, and unsweetened coconut, mixed with dried sweetened apples, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Viki’s Foods never adds refined sugar, fillers, or preservatives!


  • Celebrate National Apple Month with Sparkling Ice Crisp Apple, an excellent soda alternative that is slightly carbonated with B-Vitamins, Vitamin D and antioxidants. This light and refreshing beverage contains Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, is Gluten Free, and Sodium Free.

School Season Slow Cooker (Turkey, Black Bean, & Pumpkin) Nachos

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Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with Luck’s sample product &/or payment. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own & not influenced in any way. 

School season & all the busyness that comes with it are in full swing! Afterschool activities, sports, homework, etc., consume so much of your time! Don’t let dinner preparation leave you feeling defeated. Get inspired with seasonal ingredients & Luck’s beans for meals that your family will FALL for!

MOMS, you already know that Luck’s Beans are the quintessential southern dish ingredient — bringing signature southern taste for distinct & delicious dishes — Luck’s also has high standards, delivering premium quality beans since 1947. Versatile + Easy + Convenient! Mix in pumpkin & lean turkey for this A+ kid approved at home Nacho Fest that checks ALL the boxes.



√busy schedule friendly

√coupon friendly (Luck’s Coupon!)


1 lb. lean ground turkey

1 15 oz. can Luck’s Black Beans (rinse + drain)

1 15 oz. can pumpkin puree

1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes

2 cups (16 oz.) low sodium chicken broth

1 medium white onion chopped

3 jalapenos, finely diced/seeded

2 garlic cloves

3 tablespoons maple syrup

2 ½ tablespoons chili powder

2/ ½ tablespoons cumin

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon red cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground cloves

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 bag of tortilla chips + sour cream, cilantro, & shredded cheese for garnish.


Place olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Once hot, add diced onion, 2 diced jalapenos, & garlic. 

Stir & cook for 3 minutes, then add turkey. Break up the meat & cook just until brown.

Add spices (chili powder, cumin, salt, red cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves, & black pepper. Cook for 1 minute more & then move everything into the slow cooker.

Add maple syrup, diced tomatoes, pumpkin, chicken broth, & Luck’s Black Beans. Stir until combined. Cover & cook for 6 hours on low setting or 2 – 3 hours on high setting.

When ready, create a bed of tortilla chips on a plate. Top with School Season Slow Cooker (Turkey, Black Bean, & Pumpkin) deliciousness & garnish with 1 diced, seeded jalapeno, sour cream, shredded cheese, & cilantro. Makes 8 servings. Also yummy solo on crisp autumn days – no tortilla chips needed! For more school season inspiration see all the Luck’s Products & Luck’s Recipe Page

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luck’s.

6 Different Ways to Rid Yourself of Debt: Which Are Right for You?

With holiday expenses looming right around the corner, now is the time to focus on reducing your debt as well as your expenses! The process doesn’t have to be painful — in fact, it is probably much easier than you think — PLUS Motherstucker has some ideas on how the payoff can be FUN!

♦ Say adios to your landline (home phone) if you have adequate cell service at your home, or consider downgrading to a cheaper package.

♦ Downgrade your cable package too, or get rid of it entirely. There are SO many great options for TV entertainment these days! #NetflixAndChill 😉 Same for your utilities — call your  utility companies & get on a budget plan to give you more consistency with expenses each month. While you’re at it, program your thermostat for savings on heating/cooling when you’re not at home. The following is a Motherstucker guest post with even more help on the topic:

Guest Post: Easy Tips to Save Money on Utilities

♦ Sell/Buy clothes for yourself & the entire family at your local consignment store. Also consider renting clothing. Yes!  Rent the Runway & even for the babies or toddlers in your family. This Motherstucker Blog post from last year outlines the $ SAVING service:

Save Money, Save Time, Save Space –

♦ Hold a yard sale! Advertise higher quality items on Craigslist, Facebook Sale Pages, or the local newspaper.

♦ Get some help! Use a trusted company like Nationwide Debt Direct that educate consumers on one of the strongest proven debt-elimination processes out there today, helping you develop a solution to deal with intolerable amounts of credit card & other unsecured debts. Their customized in-house debt reduction strategies can help you get your finances back on track & you can become debt free in as little as 12-36 months. Don’t forget to check out the Nationwide Debt Direct Scholarship info too! Students from all majors & areas of study are encouraged to apply. The following people are eligible to apply for the Nationwide Debt Direct scholarship:

  1. High school students graduating this calendar year, and have been accepted into a college, or university in the USA.
  2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university, and not having reached their senior year.

♦ Download Apps for where you shop often. Once you have the app installed, focus on buying mostly sale items at grocery store or generic brands to reduce your cost. Use a grocery store awards program to earn money off gas. Buy your most expensive groceries in bulk at Coscto: meats, breads, cheese, produce, paper products. Establish a monthly grocery budget for the additional needs at regular grocery stores.

Burn Rubber to Check out the Newly Released Jeep Compass

Disclosure: I have been given compensation for this post by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. However, all thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.

For weeks, my friend Karen & I were looking forward to experiencing the Mountain Course (#FCAinCharlotte) with Jeep, Dodge, & Ram Trucks during the Charlotte Auto Fair (September 21 – 24th 2017). Our plan was to arrive around 10 AM Friday morning. Then, Motherstucker got this text (Karen in gray, Motherstucker in blue) at 7:42 AM: “Stay tuned. … may need to cancel. (Karen’s hubby) car trouble. ;( Karen’s hubby’s vehicle (which is not a Jeep, Dodge, or Ram Truck!) needed $600+ in repairs.  Her hubby stayed at the other dealership to deal with the mess, while Karen & I took off in my Jeep Sarhara to  the #CLTAutoFair! We enjoyed delicious fair food & learned firsthand all that Jeep, Dodge, & Ram Trucks can do!

The Charlotte Auto Fair is held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a NASCAR track! We took in vendor displays, the manafacturers’ midway, & classic car auctions. We were kid-free for the day, but there was a Kid’s Play Zone that I can’t wait to check out with the littles next year!

The highlight of our day was the FCA Mountain Course! See video below <3 Our performance driver Michael took Karen & I on an adventurous ride in the newly released Jeep Compass (Mobile mountain! Articulation Feature! Side Hill!)!  IMPRESSIVE!

Although slick enough for catting around town, the Jeep Compass can certainly handle any expected (or unexpected!) off road situations. I personally love how the Jeep engineers have added little unexpected cosmetic surprises to the Jeep Compass – no spoilers here – Go see for yourself & tell YOUR friends!

Jeep Wave! XO, Motherstucker

From Messy & Chaotic – to Clean & Organized: The Hanga

Sign me up for the RIGHT please! MOMS, The Hanga is easy & fun to use! It’s frustration free & keeps in place on the clothes rack with it’s “easy off” form. Hanga (Hong-uh) is an Ohio based startup company inventing revolutionary ways of organizing closet space. From boutiques to bedrooms, they’ve developed a simple-to-use, sleek & sustainable product that will change the way you Hanga your clothes. Their hangers are made with galvanized spring steel. Build to last – forever! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS November 2017! 

Break out of the Ordinary

Are you looking to shake up your families dinner routine? Are you struggling with meal planning? Do You Bake CAN HELP! They offer baking mixes, meal solutions, spice blends, pet treat mixes, drink mixes & so much more. Never any artificial colors or flavors. No fake anything — just great real goodness. Everything YUMMY! From sweet to savories to Gluten Free! Take the planning out if meal planning. Do you love to bake but often dont know where to begin? “Do You Bake” has the solution! No, you cannot just “ADD WATER” &  expect magic! This is wholesome food made with wholesome ingredients in almost every kitchen, wet ingredients like eggs & milk or substitutes but the instructions are truly simple. Fall catalogue just launched with returning customer favorites including Melt in Your Mouth Short bread cookies, Pumpkin Spice cookies, slow cooker solutions & so much more! Come visit “Do You Bake” HERE & shop today! 

“I Believe in a Future Where Science and Technology Is Accessible to All…. “

Science and technology are shaping our future. Unfortunately, there are not enough women involved in those efforts. What kind of future will it be if women don’t have a strong enough voice in the making and understanding of our world?

It starts at home. Girls and young women need to know that they are qualified, able, and worthy of sharing their voice. They can make an impact on a grand scale, and it can start today.  Naughty Gits is a clothing and lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting and empowering women and girls in STEM. We make jokes, and we make a statement. Science and technology is ours too. We can make it fun, colorful, accepting, and beautiful.

I avoided my love of technology when I was growing up because it wasn’t cool. High school was hard enough already. It took me years to be able to see that maybe I could do this too. Since then, I’ve impacted the lives of millions with my work. I wonder if it would have been different for me if I had seen some of the cool girls wearing code leggings. How many more people would I have been able to help if I had started earlier?

You don’t have to code to wear these clothes. Wearing them makes a statement. It says “I believe in a future where science and technology is accessible to all. It may not be for me, but it could be for you.”  – Calley Nye, Founder of Naughty Gits

Colorful Recipes for Summer!

August may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean summer is over! To celebrate sunny skies & beach vibes, below is a selection of deliciously colorful summer recipes from Carrington Farms, Gaea, & Viki’s Granola <3

Carrington Farms Mermaid Toast


  • 1 slice bread
  • 4 drops Chlorophyll
  • 4 oz cream cheese or yogurt
  • ½ tsp spirulina powder
  • Carrington Farms Crispy Puffed Quinoa


  1. Toast your favorite, better-for-you bread.
  2. Combine 4 drops of chlorophyll with 4 oz of cream cheese or yogurt
  3. Combine ½ teaspoon spirulina powder with 4 oz of cream cheese or yogurt
  4. Spread cream cheese or thick plain yogurt on toast
  5. Sprinkle with Carrington Farms Crispy Puffed Quinoa
  6. Channel your inner mermaid and ENJOY!

Viki’s Granola Berry Parfait



  • Place 2 ounces of yogurt into a tall glass or mason jar.
  • Pour a 1/3 of granola evenly on top of the yogurt.
  • Place 2 ounces of yogurt on top of the granola.
  • Add raspberries.
  • Add remaining 2 ounces yogurt & granola on top.

Gaea’s Baked Pears with Chocolate Ice Cream and Olive Oil



Place shallow pan over heat and add butter 7 sugar. Stirring constantly over low flame, allow mixture to caramelize. Add pears & turn over frequently – cook them for about 10 minutes or until they caramelize. Add orange zest 7 juice and remove pan from heat. Place a large scoop of chocolate ice cream in each bowl, arrange 2 pears around it together with the pan liquid. Sprinkle with black pepper & drizzle pears with 1 Tbsp. of olive oil.

Carrington Farms Berry Chia Smoothie Bowl


  • 1/3 cup frozen blueberries
    1/2 cup frozen strawberries
    1 cup kefir or probiotic yogurt drink of choice
    1 Tbsp + 1/4 tsp Carrington Farms Chia Seeds
    1/2 banana, sliced
    1 dried fig, sliced
    1 strawberry, sliced (or fruit of choice)


  1. Blend frozen berries, 1 Tbsp chia seeds and kefir to a thick consistency, for about 20 seconds.
    2. Pour into a small bowl & layer fruit & remaining chia seeds on top. Bring out your favorite spoon & enjoy this delicious smoothie bowl with probiotic benefits!

Tuesday Boozeday!

September is North Carolina Wine & Grape Month! But TOMORROW is the day Motherstucker gets to know more about the wonderful variety of North Carolina Wine! Did you know that there are over 180 wineries throughout the state of North Carolina?

Motherstucker was invited to attend the North Carolina Wine Month Kickoff Event at Childress Vineyards by the  NC Blogger Network. Look for Motherstucker Blog updates + social media updates to come!  #NCWine #NCWineMonth CHEERS! 

Peach Outreach!

August is National Peach Month! Celebrate every day in August ( & beyond) with delicious peach snacks & recipes (below!). From on-the-go peach snacks to DIY ice pops & refreshing cocktails for the adults, you & your family will be ready to enjoy the sweet taste of peach!


  • Munk Pack’s Peach Chia Vanilla Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is a delicious mix of ripe peach & fragrant vanilla mixed with protein rich chia seeds & flax. Perfect as a refreshing summer snack, Munk Pack’s Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes are gluten-free, non-GMO & certified vegan. My kids cheer out loud at the sight of this treat 😉
  • Welch’s Mixed Fruit features all of your favorite fruits in one, including White Grape Peach, Strawberry, Orange & more! Even better, Welch’s Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit, & are Fat-Free, Gluten-Free & contain no preservatives.  Perfect for school snacks!


Natural Peach Ice Pop & Sherbet – Recipe credit: HUROM


  • 3 large peaches
  • Honey


  • Wash the peach thoroughly, & remove seeds. Slice into appropriate sizes. Extract sliced peaches in your juicer. Add a touch of honey to less sweet fruits. For ice pops, freeze the extracted juice in an ice pop container OR for sherbet, freeze in a wide container, & then scratch it with a fork.


  • Sherbet is a frozen fruit juice or beverage, & you can adjust texture of sherbet with milk or gelatin.

Peachy Keen Cocktail Recipe credit: Santa Margherita



Peach Nectarine Fizz Recipe credit: Sparkling Ice




MOST Shocking Things Motherstucker Never Knew About Australia!

•Australia was the first nation in the world to allow women the right to vote (New Zealand was first). More about Australia’s current political landscape can be found at The Sydney Morning Herald!

•There are 60 wine regions in Australia.

•Over 90% of Australia is dry, flat and arid. Almost three-quarters of the land cannot support agriculture in any form.

•Under ideal viewing conditions, like in the Australian Outback, the naked eye can detect about 5,780 stars.

•Australia has 3 times more sheep than people.

•The box jellyfish is considered the world’s most venomous marine creature. The box jellyfish has killed more people in Australia than stonefish, sharks and crocodiles combined.

•In Australia there are almost 100,000 more women than men, with six out of our eight states and territories experiencing a man drought. But this is evening out. Currently there are almost 105 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls born in Australia.

•Are you free for the next 27+ years? If you were able to visit 1 new beach in Australia every day, it would take over 27 years to see them all.

•The wombat (native to Australia) deposits square poos.

•Australia has 3 National Ultimate Frisbee Teams.

•Out of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world, 20 can be found in Australia.

•There are 1500 species of Australian spiders. Australia also has  over 6000 species of flies, about 4000 species of ants, and there are about 350 species of termites.

•There are over 200 languages spoken in Australia including 45 different indigenous languages.

•The dingo fence, which stretches from the Great Australian Bight in SA to central Queensland, is the longest fence in the world (5614km). It is about twice as long as the Great Wall of China.

•Kangaroos and emus cannot walk backward, which is one of the reasons that they’re on the Australian coat of arms. Speaking of which, Australia is one of the only countries where they eat animals on their coat of arms!

•There are approximately 25 million kangaroos in Australia. The Australian human population is a mere 23,856,200. Likewise, camels outnumber koalas ten to one.

•Australia is only slightly smaller than the U.S. of A. When compared to the land size of Australia vs. the land size of the contiguous 48 states, Australia is only slightly smaller at 7.692 square kilometers.

•Australia has about 1.2 million millionaires and the highest median wealth in the world.

Learn more about everything Australia at your fingertips with a Digital Subscription to The Australian! XOXO, Motherstucker

Host Movie Night!


There’s something so magical about watching a movie under the stars—and summer is the perfect time to do it! So round up the kids, grab your friends, and get ready to enjoy some food, fun and flicks in your very own backyard cinema. If the weather is not cooperating, move the FUN inside mid-movie like my girls did!

1.Prepare Your Backyard Theater

First, the logistics. Scout the perfect spot to show your movie and gather up the proper equipment. You’ll need three basic things: a projector, a screen, and a laptop with speakers.

  • Projector: Buy, rent or borrow a movie projector with HDMI connectivity. Ideally, you’ll want one that is rated 2,000+ lumens for proper brightness. Prices range widely for projectors, but you can snag one online for as little as $100.
  • Screen: You’ll need a smooth, flat surface on which to project your movie. You can go simple (the side of your house or a doubled up white sheet hung from a clothesline) to more deluxe (a souped-up DIY screen that you build yourself, or an inflatable or foldable screen that you buy or rent). The choice is yours!
  • Laptop with speakers: You’ll need a laptop that plays DVDs (preferably Blu-ray) along with plug-in, portable speakers.

2.Pick the Right Movie

Choose a family-friendly, age appropriate flick that benefits from a “big screen” format. A few of our favorite picks across different categories.

  • Recent Animated Movies: Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, Zootopia
  • Live Action Fairytales: Maleficent, The Princess Bride, Enchanted, Beauty and the Beast
  • Hollywood Classics: E.T., The Karate Kid, Star Wars, Harry Potter

3.Set the Scene

Add some drama with details and décor to fit the theme. Remember: you can go as simple or as elaborate as you’d like depending on your schedule, budget or level of craftiness. Either way, your event will be a smash hit!

  • Invitations: Send invitations that double as “tickets” that can be collected as guests arrive.
  • Seating: Pepper your lawn with blankets, pillows, and a few low-back beach chairs for comfy seating options. If you’re feeling especially creative, build “cars” out of cardboard boxes so that the littlest movie-goers can have a drive-in experience.
  • Decorations: Hang paper lanterns from the trees or string up twinkly lights to illuminate walkways. Have the kids make a giant poster board sign welcoming everybody to your family “theater.”
  • Accessories: Hand out festive glow necklaces and bracelets to the kiddos to help them navigate in the dark. Put out some potted citronella plants and have natural bug repellent on hand in case mosquitoes try to crash your party.

4.Serve Cinema Snacks

It wouldn’t be a movie without the snacks, now would it? We say resist the urge to grill or cook, and keep it simple with easy-grab, concession-style munchies both kids and adults will love.

  • Popcorn: We love the look of an old-fashioned popcorn machine. You can buy one quite reasonably nowadays, or even rent one from a local vendor. Alternatively, simply make some microwave popcorn and serve it in individual red-and-white striped popcorn boxes or bags. Try a sweet-meets-salty flavor combination by mixing popcorn with Go Organically Organic Fruit Snacks.
  • Concession Stand: Set up a table off to the side to serve as a concession stand for drinks, candy and other snacks. Serve organic juice boxes and water for the kids and a variety of beverages for grownups.
  • Snack Trays: In lieu of a concession stand, make individual snack trays for each moviegoer using plastic bento boxes or dollar store shower caddies. Fill the largest compartment with popcorn and the small compartments with convenient single-serve snacks, such as gluten free fruit snacks from Go Organically. 

Outdoors (or indoors!) – Enjoy the show!

SMART! Make Light Work out of Updating Your Home!

iotty Light Switch will take your home to the next frontier with next-generation features! Quickly replace a light switch to get total control of lighting — Monitor power consumption, manage multiple lights at once, & share access with multiple users — Set daily schedules, automatically adjust lighting to sunset/sunrise, & set “away mode” when on vacation. Full remote monitoring of your home directly from any Android or iOS device, just by installing it & connecting it to the cloud! Redesign your home & automate your lighting directly from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Indiegogo to get YOUR iotty Light Switches THIS Fall 2017!

The HIVE: Sign Motherstucker UP!

The Hive Austin = Coffee + Childcare + CoWorking + Beer & Wine. Calling all work-at-home parents! Introducing the Hive, the only café and coworking space that gives you both the office and coffee shop vibe while also giving you last-minute care for your kids. We are so excited to be able to provide a hub for parents to work, visit, create, or just chill! Join Motherstucker & BACK this GENIUS Indiegogo OPENING FALL 2017! 

Celebrate National Blueberry Month Poolside!

Did you know July is National Blueberry Month? This small but mighty berry has Motherstucker inspired to share some delicious blueberry snacks perfect for the whole family to enjoy! Pack them all in the pool bag & enjoy a sweet day 😉

  • Munk Pack’s Blueberry Acai Flax flavored Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is a great on-the-go snack packed with whole grains & the delicious taste of blueberries in every bite. Even better, the Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher & certified vegan.
  • Viki’s Granola is made with 100% all natural ingredients, gluten-free & baked with love. Viki’s Granola is great to enjoy on its own or with yogurt for a nutritious snack, & are even available in snack packs, perfect for on-the-go! Blueberry Almond is part of Viki’s line of delicious signature soft-baked granola – bursting with a flavorful blend of antioxidant-rich blueberries & protein-packed almonds.
  • Welch’s Blueberry Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks are uniquely delicious, made with real fruit & surrounded by creamy yogurt for a “melt in your mouth” taste. Welch’s Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks are an excellent source of vitamin A, C & D, a good source of calcium & are low fat!
  • AquaBall in Berry Frost – The only zero-calorie, sugar-free & preservative-free children’s beverage on the market features a berry twist! The naturally flavored water is great source of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, & C  — Best of all, the Berry Frost flavor features Disney’s Frozen characters on the packaging — Making AquaBall a beverage that that both kids & parents will love! 


SecureTribe: Modern Social Network for MOMS

New app! MOM Must have! SecureTribe is a new iOS secure photo sharing application that allows you to  share select pieces of your life with carefully controlled groups of friends. Safely share photos of your children with close friends & family without the worry about online predators having access to those photos.