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WOOD-A, Coulda Shoulda!

FullSizeRenderThe season for home entertaining is here! Be the hostess with the mostest with VitaVersa’s Beautiful Bamboo Wood Cutting Board & Serving Tray Set! Function + flawless food display = Bread Board, Cheese Platter,  Hors d’oeuvres, Sushi, Fruit/Veggie Tray & more! These kitchen must haves minimize the dulling of knives and do not scratch easily, so chop, cut, cube, slice, dice & even hash on a reversible wood chopping board set without a worry! Large Board- 14″ x 10″ x 7/10″ and Small Board- 11″ x 8.5″ x 4/10″. Get yours now & enjoy for Tailgating & Thanksgiving!


MotherStucker MADE: Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Jasmine Skin Scrub

Mr. MotherStucker is out of town on a business trip, so it is all things girly this week at MotherStucker Headquarters! The gals & I have enjoyed hummus dinners, chick flicks & DIY beauty treatments. Our new favorite homemade skin scrub is divine & ready to share! If you’re new (Welcome!), MotherStucker MADE projects WOW & this Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Jasmine Skin Scrub checks all the boxes:

√ready in 20 minutes or less

√wallet friendly (Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ are available nationwide at Wal-Mart – approx. $6)

√5 ingredients or less

√delicious (this one isn’t meant to devour, but if you happen to get some sugary scrub on your lips….. sweet!)

“Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Jasmine Skin Scrub” – Difficulty Rating: 1

  1. Blonde
  2. Easy
  3. Moderate
  4. Hard
  5. Chuck Norris

Yes Ma’am – Level 1.  I can do this with my eyes closed & I AM Blonde.


1/2 cup brown sugar (natural exfoliant)                 

1/2 cup honey

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 drop of Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Jasmine aromatherapy Blended Essential Oil


Mix ingredients in a bowl

Apply mixture to skin & massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin then rinse with warm water

Use this scrub twice a week to keep your skin in perfect condition & check out all the Earthly Elements™ available from Nature’s Bounty®. Each essential oil has its own unique aroma, effect & personality:






















Copyright ® 2015, Nature’s Bounty, Inc.


&…Check out how MotherStucker put Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Eucalyptus to use…

OtherStuckers, YOU are invited to participate in a 10-minute online survey from Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™! The first 100 people to fully complete the survey (U.S. citizens only, must be 18 years or older to participate) will receive a $5.00 Wal-Mart Gift card – so don’t delay!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Nature’s Bounty®. All opinions are my own.

The Perfect Purse Organizer Insert by CloverSac

The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSacFEATURED_IMAGE-2If you are facing the following problem when it comes to organize the belongings inside your handbag, CloverSac is the answer to your problem. The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSac1

CloverSac is a company that specialise in designing purse organizer insert, base shaper, dust bag, rain cover and pillow shaper for designer handbags. With CloverSac’s purse organizer inserted into the handbag, you can now turn the mess to something more organized below. The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSac2

The key features of CloverSac’s purse insert organizers are its structured and flexible design. If you are wondering why a structured or sturdy design is so important, just take a look at the picture below. The unbranded purse organizer which cost only USD$5.99 from Amazon (left) against CloverSac purse organizer (right). Look at how a structured purse organizer helps to keep the Longchamp Le Pliage upright. The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSac3

This sturdy design is achieved by three plastic cards that can be inserted or removed from its two sides and its bottom. The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSac4

Another innovative feature of this purse organizer is its centre compartment pockets can be removed if more space is needed.

The_Perfect_Purse_Organizer_Insert_by_CloverSac5Safety is a key priority when CloverSac design its purse organizer inserts. This explained why all purse organizer inserts by CloverSac are send for testing conducted by Bureau Veritas, a credited international test lab, to ensure that the color dye on the purse organizer insert does not transfer.

CloverSac purse organizers are named Emma 28 which available in red and beige and Emma 22 which is available in grey. For more information, please visit

Wow! Fun, Colorful, Fruit & Veggie Style Shopping Bags by L.A. Pop Designs™!

NewLAPopBagAssortment2withLargerTextCSStrong & durable, these reusable shopping bags are machine washable, ecofriendly & are the perfect size as handy & convenient shopping bags! Use the bags to carry all this:compositebagandgrocerieswithtext2optimizedThen just scrunch them back into their Fruit & Veggie shaped pods for easy storage until you need them the next time! These bags are so cute, highly rated & <3ed by everyone! Kids <3 them too! These are available now on Amazon Prime! L.A. Pop Design™ Fruit & Veggie Bags make great gifts! XOXO, MotherStucker 😉


Start Your Escape…

cpe9664002September is here, & MotherStucker is excited to announce the latest Escape Monthly destination: Greece! Greece will lead you on an epic odyssey where the water glistens three shades of crystal blue & iconic marble temples conjure images of gods & goddesses. Enjoy epicurean feasts in the birthplace of famed legends, renowned mythology, & notable influences to Western Civilization. Explore both the traditional customs as well as the modern, youthful traits of this fascinating country…

White Hot Review! New book: Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu


New medical research has proven there are protector foods with amazing chemical properties that can help prevent cancer. This exciting new book introduces you to the ‘protector foods’ you need & explains how to prepare and enjoy them! See more at author Hilda Glickman’s site & get your own “Take Breast Cancer off your Menu” on Amazon!

Pageant Patty to Family Forward

5 years ago my family & I were packing for the Mrs. America Pageant to be held at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, AZ on Labor Day Weekend.  As Mrs. Kentucky 2009, I was extremely excited to meet the other 49 state titleholders & their families. 5 years later, I’m delighted to share that many of those friendships made with my fellow Mrs America 2009 contestants & their families are still going strong!

Fast forward 5 years to NOW! This time the Stuckers are packing for #FamilyForward 2015 to be held at Universal Orlando & Loews Royal Pacific Resort THIS Labor Day Weekend! MotherStucker & Family will be joined by 60+ social media influencer families (including for this upcoming adventure.  Am I eager to meet my fellow attendees? YES! In fact, I’ve already subscribed to their blogs & social media channels. MotherStucker will be posting daily HERE at direct from Family Forward 2015…. so stay tuned! To get things rolling here is the schedule of events for Family Forward 2015 opening night!

IMG_2898♦Kickoff Party – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® will kick off the Family Forward conference, helping to connect families, serve others in need & make miracles happen for sick & injured kids being treated at a CMN Hospital. This will be a super hero-themed party (costumes welcome!)! #MiracleBand

Universal Studios Florida VIP Event – Magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience… #UniversalMoments YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel helps my family connect in meaningful ways through shared experiences & memories made.  To say I’m EXCITED for this next chapter would be the understatement of the year — #TravelForReal — As MotherStucker keeps packing (Superhero costumes √), be sure to check out these two supporters for the Stucker Family trip to Family Forward 2015. Thank YOU in advance!

SuperSSunday_YTLogo_transSuper Science Sunday on YouTube shows the “FUN” of science in all it’s forms. Check out science experiments, DIY projects, reviews on science/engineering related child/family friendly products & more!

♥ Offering a vast, high-quality portfolio of over 45,000 original royalty-free vector stock illustrations — Black & white — Color — Simple — Complex — Iconic — All created by Alex Belomlinsky an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator & advertising art/creative director. Every image is available for sale on a royalty-free basis exclusively at See how images (like MotherStucker’s custom image below) can help you with your next project!usmap_stucker

Mother to Mother: © Easy Baby Advice Cards

Easy_Baby_Avice__Conseils_de_Bb_Facile__Tarjetitas_educativas_Beb_Facil© Easy Baby Advice Cards: It’s an innovative method with clear & simple information to learn how to provide for your baby all the essential needs for the first months of his life. Topics include: Alimentation, Develop a good relation, Games to stimulate baby, Hygiene, Health & Sleep. Characteristics: 54 cards.

MotherStucker “Shopped It”

mBDLa6W1imVrvgN1lCD86wQLoving these shorts for Mr. MotherStucker!  Found them at Shopped It as they specialize in Polo Ralph Lauren clothing & accessories plus offer brand new top quality authentic designer brands for men, women & children at amazing prices! Other brands include Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS & DKNY. The MotherStucker MotherLOAD Holiday Giving Guide launches Nov 1 (right around the corner) but its never too early to get a head start on holiday shopping. Right OtherStuckers?

MotherStucker MADE: Custom Galvanized Curtain Rods + Curtains

Image5 Stars OtherStuckers! In typical MotherStucker style this is a no cut (pipe) no sew (fabric) project! You will need a ladder or step stool, cordless drill, pipe materials (see below), curtain material, curtain hooks (found at IKEA, Pottery Barn, etc.), stitch witch, scissors, & iron. Of course, a helper is also highly recommended! Difficulty Rating: 3
1. Blonde
2. Easy
3. Moderate
4. Hard
5. Chuck Norris

This is NOT Rocket Science – make things easy on yourself! For the Curtain Rod Pipe — Choose a length that straddles the entire window — Or if you have a bank of windows divide the distance with smaller individual sections. Total cost approx. $70.

Pipe Materials:
-One 1/2″ diameter, 10′ long pipe. It just so happened that these were precut however, they will cut your pipe to size for you and thread it if you need a different size. Personally, I wanted ample space on either size. To each (OtherStucker) her own 😉 .
-Two 1/2″ floor flanges (those are the round things, and they are about $10 a pop, believe it or not!).
-Two 1/2″ diameter, 2″ long steel nipples (those are the short straight pieces that make the rod/pipe project out from the wall a bit). You might want to have a cocktail or 2 before asking for 2 nipples at the local testosterone soaked hardware store… I speak from experience!
-Two 1/2″diameter, 90° elbows.
Be sure you wipe your pieces off before you get your curtains near them, because they come from the store kind of oily and dirty. You will also need to remove the pricing stickers. Yuck!

Image 1For the Curtains: Choose the length that you need. Then stitch witch (using your iron and a damp rag) the top and bottom of your panel. I chose a woven material (in several different variations). The sides of the material won’t fray because of the material fabrication – so don’t cut the sides. If you don’t like the “rugged” look, knock yourself out and stitch witch that too.

To assemble: Screw flanges to nipples to elbow to 1 side to the pipe — Put on curtain rings of your choice — Screw onto other side of the pipe. That either sounds dirty or like the hokey pokey – I can’t decide which ;). Drill pilot holes & attach your custom rod with wood screws. Hang curtains!

White Hot Review Board: Organic Herbal Face Food™

imageJust for a moment, take a step back in time with me OtherStuckers. Five years ago in 2009, I was preparing for my journey to the Mrs. America pageant as Mrs. Kentucky. Yes, the photo is of Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady!), myself, and Robin Thicke Daddy – eat your heart out ;). This MotherStucker was 31 years *young* at the time and about to undergo my first chemical peel. Part of the Mrs. Kentucky prize package included the procedure and to be honest, I needed it. Occasionally I would deal with a small cystic acne breakout and I had some mild sun spot damage to boot (nah-really? In the photo I look like a baked potato!). The chemical peel certainly helped but with a few drawbacks.
1. It burned like the 7th layer of hell.
2. Setting up the appointment, driving to the appointment, etc. were all disruptive to my schedule.
3. I mentally scarred a bank teller, the dry cleaner and my children as I picked them up from school fresh from my chemical peel appointment. My face was red and raw ;(
4. Peeling – oh vey. Not attractive and lasted for days.
5. Although my initial chemical peel was a gift, subsequent visits for the same procedure (recommended every 4 -6 weeks) are very expensive!
imageFast forward to 2014… (both photos below taken January of this year) and lucky for me, 5 years later I now know about Organic Herbal Face Food™. Not going to lie — Herbal Face Food ™ will heat up on your skin — This hot sensation is a good sign that the product is indeed working and an indication that the powerful plant antioxidants are stimulating and healing your skin cells. I use the product nightly before bed and it is in no way near as intense as the burning sensation of my chemical peel experience. imageHowever, I get the same great results that I do from a chemical peel! Check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Facebook Page plus Testimonials for more information about the first organic, edible, 100% plant based super anti-oxidant skin serum. If you have specific questions feel free to leave a comment below or check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Website . Go get your GLOW ON with GORGEOUS skin! Even Mr. Stucker approves! XOXO, MotherStucker

MotherStucker’s Mexican Prison

As my first ever trip to Mexico approached, I made 3 rules for myself in regards to my time south of the border.

1. I do not want to go to a Mexican Prison.
2. I do not want to go to a Mexican Hospital.
3. I do not want to participate in any activities which might lead to an excursion at a Mexican Prison and/or a Mexican Hospital.

330190_2664651787995_1718323632_oAs the plane touched down on Mexican soil, my travel entourage foursome began to make plans for the day. Mr. MotherStucker and I were enjoying time away from our OtherStuckers with another couple possessing an equally funny last name*. As a group we decided the boys would go play golf at the resort while my fellow Mother* friend and I would take the rental car in search of a nearby grocery –or retail therapy – whichever we were to encounter first.

My excitement to be in Mexico for the first time was palpable. In the spirit of the occasion I had put on my most festive dress. I was colorful and cool in my (tiny) cotton dress as I also had made the decision earlier in the day to go commando. Don’t judge me. Mexico is hot!

THUD! An extremely loud noise echoed through our microscopic Mexican rental car. Thud…Thud…Thud…Thud. MotherStucker! We blew a tire on the highway and immediately began searching for a place to pullover. Concrete walls lined the 4 lane road with only one break visible ¼ mile ahead. The area was sketchy at best and I began to wonder what sort of building we would be stuck in front of and for how long.

As we coasted off the highway onto the dirt road’s building entrance I panicked. The next several hours aren’t good. So not good in fact that my mind has blocked a large portion of the experience.…This is what I know for sure.
I am stranded at a Mexican Prison with my fellow female traveler.

I promised myself I would not go to a Mexican Prison. There were only 3 rules!

Yo no hablo español.

No calling or texting possible on our phones as we were ‘too busy’ to secure an international calling card before leaving home.

Prison guards with machine guns pointed at us.


Promises to God I will change a few things moving forward.

Sweaty everywhere.


No hub cap key in the rental. We are unarmed and unable to change the tire ourselves.

This is a shi**y trip.

My only option for a rescue is an unmarked car that has shown up hours later at the entrance to the Mexican Prison. The driver of the car doesn’t speak English but points to the rental car company folder I’m death gripping to my chest, then points to himself. He walks to his own equally microscopic vehicle and gestures for us to get in with him.

We did.

I prayed. A lot.

More tears.

Upon arriving at the rental car company building I launch myself at the first English speaking employee I hear/see to explain we need help! I thank our rescuer to the best of my ability and continue to sob as we receive a new rental car. I nickname this new rental, “shoe” because for my remaining Mexican Vacation I keep mixing it up with my other shoes, as it is approximately the same size.

Meanwhile, back at the resort the boys are finishing up 36 holes of golf. As my gal pal and I explain what we have been up to, our hubbies faces fall into despair. They knew at that moment that they were never going to hear the end of it…

Luckily, I never ended up at a Mexican Hospital. At least, not on this trip.

*Name have been withheld for witness protection purposes. Trust me, even weirder than Stucker. Bless her heart.

Appalachian Children’s Home: Field of Dreams

Nearing their diamond 65th anniversary, the Appalachian Children’s Home (501 c 3 non-profit) has experienced a change-up that enables the entire ACH team to go extra innings in the practice of helping kids. In past seasons — namely 2001 — ACH was in danger of striking out. The outlook was dismal with only $210.00 in the ACH checking account in addition to state and federal seizure notices (due to unpaid payroll taxes) amounting to a ballpark debt figure of $100,000.00 with penalties.

ACH needed an ace and they found him in Steve Yeary. Steve accepted the position of President at ACH and put nearly $45,000 of his family’s money to pay past due bills. Yeary set the children’s home up to score by forming “fee for services” contracts in 2001 that still sustain the home today. Yeary then began pitching his vision for ACH to churches and individuals.

Prior to 2001, $35,000 was the most successful financial year the home ever had. Within his first year of play as President of ACH, Yeary had procured $600,000 in receivables. Today Appalachian Children’s Home is in a league of their own with a budget of $2.9 million including an annual audit review of finances. All donations go to resident children’s needs.

ACH holds 2 state licenses — long-term care residential and an emergency shelter — additionally they are nationally and internationally accredited by the Council on Quality & Leadership. 2009 was a pennant year as ACH was voted nonprofit of the year by the Kentucky Highlands Corporation, Eastern Kentucky University, and The Center for Rural Development.

Appalachian Children’s Home accepts kids from every county in Kentucky between the ages of 11 and 18. Every child is referred to ACH by social services. Bases are loaded at ACH with 53 staff team members and up to 52 child residents. Knox Appalachian School is a public school located on the ACH campus. It is staffed by 5 full-time teachers and a Title I Coordinator. ACH/Knox Appalachian School was the pilot program for the Plato learning system and each student has their own individual I-Pad. Students work on a curriculum based entirely on their learning need and ability.

This new season at ACH allows all players to step up to the plate! ACH’s 150 acre campus includes a 2 acre stocked fishing pond, a nationally licensed horseback riding instructor and 4 Tennessee Walking Horses. Students from Eastern Kentucky University, Union College, and Lincoln Memorial University complete internships each semester on the Appalachian Children’s Home team roster. Many former ACH residents have gone on to become teachers, state government officials, business leaders, pastors and other various professional occupations. Winning Streak? Even a rookie can recognize the strategy of a champion work ethic. Go team ACH!

Photo: Appalachian Children’s Home Staff Leader Group 2013

“I’ve learned to call things as I see them. My philosophy of life is simple, with a vital, driving force: I believe in my God, my family, my country, and baseball. Including baseball may seem out of place in this statement, but I firmly believe that baseball, more than being just a national pastime, has been officially bound up with American life, certainly with my own. It helped develop me physically as a boy. It taught me teamwork and an ability to cooperate with others. Another thing, it taught me to try to play according to the rules of the game. This has helped me throughout life.” -Umpire Ralph “Babe” Pinelli

September Swish!

“The latest craze sweeping the country is ethical, eco-fabulous, social and fun. Welcome to the future of fashion.” Jess Cartner-Morley, Marie Claire Magazine

Swishing is the party version of a free, second hand, clothes swap! It is a fun and organized way to clean out your closet, get together with good friends, and trade out your unwanted clothes. The added advantage of clothes swapping is that it gives party-goers the opportunity to share in food and drink plus indulge in the art of recycling by serving as stylists for one another. According to the EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year, and clothing and other textiles represent about 4% of the municipal solid waste. Of course, this is also a great opportunity to build community and make a difference!

The basic rules for a Swishing Party are as follows.

1. Choose a location that has some space as you’ll have a people trying on outfits and flinging clothes left and right.

2. Invite all your friends through Facebook or an Evite. Tell everyone to bring clothes they are tired of or don’t fit. Bring shoes, belts, accessories, clothing, whatever, as long as they are still in good condition. Remember one person’s old clothes are another’s dream outfit. Everyone must bring at least one item of quality clothing.

3. You can get as fancy or as informal as you want to display clothes, (usually, at our parties there are so many clothes they end up as heaps on the ground). Have a number of mirrors available throughout the room. When everyone arrives, it is essentially a free-for-all. You can wait for everyone to get there if you have punctual friends, but don’t wait for too long. Consider a ½ hour “browsing” time before the swish opens…

4. Generally, whoever claims something first has dibs. If there is a conflict between people as to who gets a piece of clothing, each person models the item for the group, and the group votes for who it looks best on. Another rule is that you should never feel obligated to take something unless you love it.

5. Remember no scratching, spitting or fighting.

6. At the end of the party, each person will go home with treasures and wonderful finds, but there will also be lots of leftovers. Whoever hosts the party is responsible for taking all these items and donating, upcycling or selling to consignment.

Rustle up something fabulous with new and old friends!

Here are 4 outfits I wore to BloggyCon 2013 from my latest SWISH*!
*Paired with J. Peterman button down Pic 1, Express leather jacket Pic 2, H&M jeans Pic 3, White House Black Market stilettos Pic 4