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Sign Up & Use NURX Birth Control App & Get a FREE $25 Gift Card

Get your birth control on your own terms & have it delivered right to your door with the Nurx app

Nurx – OC from Hans Gangeskar on Vimeo.

Sign up now & get a $25 Amazon gift card. After you sign up, you’ll also get a referral code to share with your friends. If anyone else signs up with your referral code, you’ll get another $25 gift card & they will get one too! To get offer visit

The web-based app allows women in California & New York to get a prescription for their birth control (oral contraceptives, the patch, the ring) have it delivered within a few days & it is often free with insurance.

Refinery29 hails Nurx as “the Seamless for NuvaRings”, & Huffington Post says Nurx is “like Uber for birth control.” According to Bustle, “This will be your favorite app in 2016.” Click HERE to sign up today!

Innovative Speech Therapy App!

Letter_Menu_screenshotMake speech therapy fun with SPEECH essentials!  Perfect for SLP’s &/or parents, this speech therapy app contains:

Flashcard_screenshot♥Games for practicing speech therapy
♥Stimulating activities
♥Word flashcards
♥2 kinds of sentence flashcards
♥A mirror function to help visualize lip/tongue placement

The SPEECH essentials speech therapy app has everything  needed for articulation practice, & each station is simple to navigate (so even a small kids can enjoy it on their own)!

In Need of a Home Pro?

Serving Plymouth & all  surrounding communities, Home Pros Plymouth IS Michigan’s premier home improvement company! Home Pros Plymouth provides customers with only the best staff of professionals in specialties from design & estimating to craftsman in each respective field. All craftsman (roofers, electricians, plumbers, installers, painters, etc.) have professional certification & licensing.  Learn More About Home Pros Plymouth at 734-548-9911 & check them out online – for examples of their latest home renovation projects & success stories. Reasonable prices, quality workmanship, licensed bonded & insured.Logo


Tips for Finding Collision Shops in Downriver MI



As the old saying goes: You get what you pay for. When it comes to collision shops in Downriver Michigan it’s no different. Getting the cheapest price & going with them isn’t always the best idea. You may pay a little less now for the repair but it could cost you more in the long run. Especially when it comes to trading in your vehicle or selling it later. If someone has a keen eye they may see the flaws you didn’t when you got it repaired. Here are some tips that you can use when getting an auto body repair on your car.


You won’t be able to inspect the work on the car if it’s late at night or on a very cloudy day. The sheen of the paint simply isn’t going to shine like it would if the sun was out. Also you want to avoid picking the car up in the rain or during the early morning when there is lots of dew in the air & on the ground. Pick a sunny day to get your car.


Look down the edges of the car & look for imperfections. Pay close attention to curves such as those above fender wells. These are the hardest spots on a vehicle to fix & can sometimes be under worked. Any sightlines should be the exact same on both sides of the car. If your car was damaged in the front, make sure the gaps in the bumper, grill & hood are all symmetrical. Having larger gaps on one side means something isn’t right & will need to be looked into.


Once you have inspected the exterior of the car you’ll also want to check out how it drives. In major collisions the frame or body may need extensive work & alignment. The tires in the front may also need to be realigned. Make sure the car tracks in a straight line when driving & braking.

I hope these tips for finding collision shops in Downriver Michigan have helped you. The next time you get into a fender bender make sure to refer back to this article & keep these tips in mind.

MotherStucker has HELP for SNORING!

The weekend is HERE! Start getting the sleep YOU need EVERY night with Snore Reliever, Anti-Snoring Nose Vents! 

eb8bd74a43db2dfb655f73a09af3b1668571e622How Snore Reliever Works:
Snore Reliever has been scientifically designed to strengthen & expand the nasal passages to maximize dilation of the nasal passages for unimpeded airflow. The soft palate in the back of your throat stops to vibrate and it stops snoring instantly. This makes it a highly effective snoring aid for normal snorers & people who suffer from sleep apnea. Snore Reliever is a premium product, with a number of key benefits:
♥Gently opens your nasal passages to maximize airflow and eliminate snoring.
♥Relieves CPAP and sleep apnea for deep, relaxing, and refreshing sleep.
♥Manufactured from soft, comfortable, FDA Approved, BPA Free, and medical grade silicone.Package Includes:
♥4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large) of Snore Relievers with rings and a special lock design
♥2 sizes (Medium and Large) of Snore Relievers with rings
♥1 Travel Hygiene Case

08fb10379b77e49cf063e786d3d56880d554b51dGet YOUR 20% discount by entering a discount code (below) once the Snore Reliever is IN your Amazon cart:

♥Amazon Prime Members: Use this code to get 20% discount: R6ZO3POT
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9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try

“My child will not respond to any techniques he’s learned when he’s in the middle of an anxiety or panic attack.”

“Anger is something that we’re dealing with at home as a result of anxiety.”

“I’m afraid to say my son’s anxiety is triggering my own anxiety. Is that typical? I feel horrible we’re making each other worse.”

These are some the questions Renee Jain, Founder of GoZen! Anxiety Relief Programs, will answer during her LIVE masterclass, 9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try. Join Renee this Wednesday, February 17th @ 4pm EST for the one-hour live masterclass with Q&A. Grab a spot!worriedaboutheirworry_findout2

Rise to the Top – Stay Dry Roofing

Craftsman style home exteriorStay Dry Roofing services all South OC & Orange County areas. From tile roofing in Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Coto de Caza, Lake Forest, Irvine & also providing shingle roofing services in Fullerton, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Brea & Orange! Need work on a slope roof, torch down &/or deck coatings? Stay Dry Roofing is a 3rd Generation roofing company with the newest & most up to date technology for your roofing needs. Providing great service because you deal directly with the owner & not a salesman or corporate company that just sees you as a number.  http://www.ocstaydryroofing.comasd-224 Hour Emergency Roof 714-869-ROOF(7663)

RESOLUTION SOLUTION 2016: 1 Dollar Things

1dollarthingsMoms, check out this new free web app! Think of it as a dollar store for the internet. The app lets you browse your favorite online retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Etsy) for only things that cost a dollar or less. It brings all the joy of browsing your local dollar store for deals, but from the comfort of your couch or the convenience of your smartphone.  XOXO, MotherStucker 🙂

9 Things Volleyball MOMS Need on Tournament Day

MOMS, Get Ready to ACE & KILL on volleyball tournament day with these insider tips!

image1-5BEFORE heading to the event, CLEAN OUT your purse/tote. Your volleyball player will need you to keep some goodies of HERS in YOUR bag while she serves & spikes.  Don’t be “that Mom” — digging away the entire match in your bag —  who needs 18 pens anywho?

♥PRO-Tip!l Pack disinfectant spray for uniforms, knee pads & shoes. On a weekend volleyball tournament the LAST thing you need is to wake up to the smell of rotting, sweaty remnants of yesterday’s WIN!

♥Liquid Capital: Of course, you have plenty of water on hand.  Don’t forget your cold hard cash for those MUST HAVE tournament T-shirts!

♥SCORE with Universal Scoreboard! MotherStucker has a theory that the volleyball scoreboard is always placed in the least visible location for spectators.  Save your sanity & neck with this free app!
♥Have unwavering LOYALTY to the team as well as to your frequent tournament stops.  Think Starbucks Loyalty Card, Hotel Rewards Programs, etc.. Do the legwork to set up your perks NOW & enjoy your volleyball MOM advantages long term 😉

IMG_2543Sign Up Genius! “Who is bringing what?” can quickly turn into a modern day MOM rendition of, “Who’s on first, What’s on second, I Don’t Know is on third…” DON’T. Get & share the volunteer load with your team parents.

♥Comfort Zone: All day volleyball tournament cheering can be brutal to the booty! Bring tailgate chairs for between game downtime, seat cushions for bleacher seats & dress in (cute) layers!

♥Thanks to my daughter’s volleyball private lesson teacher for this app tip! FREE! AES Express – Get Club Volleyball Pool & Bracket info (very easy to use) –

♥Portable Universal Charger so that you can text updates to family & friends all tournament long! Carry in your pocket or freshly cleaned purse 😉

WIN or lose have a blast! Found something that needs to be added to the list? Let US know in the comments below! XO, MotherStucker

Miracle Mag


Magnesium is SO  important for your health, but the wrong form of Magnesium makes the toilet your best friend . FAIL.  This Magnesium Supplement – Miracle Mag Concentrated magnesium 62,000ppm/mgL – 8oz Bottle Angstrom Magnesium liquid magnesium supplement, “Miracle Mag” does not give you diarrhea!

  • Magnesium Supplement, Magnesium for muscle support, Ionic magnesium
  • Most Concentrated Liquid Ionic Magnesium – 62,000ppm/mgL
  • Made in the USA – Ionic Magnesium Supplement
  • Derived from magnesium chloride 1/2 tsp. = 155mg Elemental Magnesium!!

Order today on Amazon!

Crisis? Catastrophe? Cell 411 = Calm, Cool & Collected

The mobile Cell 411 app allows families, friends & neighborhood watch groups alert others in case of emergencies. It’s an excellent app for kids that are bullied in school, walk home from school alone or feel in danger at any time. If a teenager’s car breaks down, the app can help them send out quick alerts to trusted groups/contacts (small or very large) with the exact GPS coordinates & turn by turn directions to their location. Cell 411 also supports live video streaming & can even issue medical alerts in real time.

device-in-handFREE! Yes, free for both Android & iOS devices & can be downloaded at – XOXO, MotherStucker

3 Reasons why Keeping Lights ON is a MUST!

Apparently, this MotherStucker is the only person in my household who knows how to turn the lights off? Many times per day (year after year…) I walk from room to room doing the switch-off-sigh-swear-shuffle-step. You too? This ends now. Starting today CUT THE LIGHTS – NO MORE. No seriously, here are 3 excellent (bright!) reasons to keep lights ON!

#1. Yes, I’m approaching a big birthday year that may or may not start with a 4 & end with a 0. According to the American Optometric Association, “Just like your body, your eyes & vision change over time. Aging changes in various parts of the eye can result in a number of noticeable differences in how well you see, including need for more light. As you age, you need more light to see as well as you did in years past. Brighter lights in your work area or next to your reading chair will help make reading & other near tasks easier.”

#2. Safety & security is a hot topic of late. Cut the lights ON to deter would be home invaders. As a born & bred Kentuckian now living in South Carolina please know that I’m humming “Every Light In The House (Is On)” by Trace Adkins while I’m typing…. &  remembering the first rule in Conceal & Carry Certification Class is to know WHAT you are shooting at 😉

lite-source-1-light-min-pendant-lamp-ls-19793-054#3. Hey Good Lookin! It’s easy to hit the lights ON when your fixtures are updated & gorgeous. Recently I’ve replaced several outdated pendants with modern lighting looks complete with Edison bulbs. Be sure to check out for all your lighting needs from modern lamps to wholesale LED bulbs, to chandeliers & more!

Now go & trip the light fantastic! Green Light & GO!

Go Full Circle to!

Building  bridges between service providers & consumers, POSITIVELY subverts traditional service industry trading tools & media. See what SerCle is all about for cleaners, plumbers, landscaping, roofers, babysitters, tutoring, etc. at:

Once you do, you’ll WANT to GO FULL CIRCLE to SerCle!

Download the free app on IOS:

Download the free app on Android:

MUST READ! “Kitchen Hacks: The Ultimate Collection Of Secrets, Tips, & Tricks”

MotherStucker needs all the help I can get! Are you with me MOMS?Meet OUR new best friend in the kitchen…. Regardless of experience, the innovative tips & tricks in Kitchen Hacks: The Ultimate Collection Of Secrets, Tips, & Tricks will instantly improve how WE do things. These groundbreaking ideas are easy & quick to execute. Discover how to be more efficient in your kitchen, save time, money & tap into your greatest potential! Kitchen Hacks: The Ultimate Collection Of Secrets, Tips, & Tricks by Mankoff, Katie, Mankoff, Adam (2015) Paperback

Best Baking Cups on the Q.T.

MotherStucker’s Friday FIND: Liquidation of Silicone Baking Cups Molds, Cupcake Liners Bpa-free, Set of 12 Multi-color by Carlton Kitchen. This close out means YOU get 20% off the already discounted price of $5.95 per set of 12 baking cups. The sale is while supplies last & ends at midnight on Black Friday! Use Code: BLKFYCUP

  • SAFE – These baking cups are made with BPA FREE & FDA approved silicone, which means they won’t leach harmful chemicals into your food. They’re also sturdy & are safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, or dishwasher.
  • EASY TO USE – Forget about rusty pans, torn paper, or burned edges. These liners are non stick, stain resistant, easy to clean, & bake perfect cupcakes every time. Cupcakes pop out easily, leaving little or none of themselves behind!
  • VERSATILE – Not just for cupcakes! Use these silicone cups to make ice cream cakes, mini cheese cakes, gelatin, chocolate lined desserts, giant peanut butter cups, fruit infused ice pucks, you name it! They’re also great as snack, spice & dip containers, or you can use them to divide up bento boxes.
  • COST EFFECTIVE –  Silicone Baking Cups Molds, Cupcake Liners Bpa-free, Set of 12 Multi-color are totally reusable. You can stop wasting money on paper cupcake liners & cooking spray. There’s absolutely nothing to throw away & you’ll never run out of paper cupcake liners again, ever. These sturdy liners can be placed directly on a cookie sheet.

Don’t forget, the sale is while supplies last & ends at midnight on Black Friday! Use Code: BLKFYCUP XOXO, MotherStucker 😉

Tuesday Tip:

addfromanysite_BabyOnly 4 baby steps to create the ultimate baby registry!

  1. Add gifts from any store in the world using an easy browser button like a Pinterest Pin.
  2. Take advantage of big box baby registry completion discounts & free gifts by uploading/syncing your store registries together on your account. If a guest purchases something in the store, the accounts always stay in sync.
  3. Tastefully register for cash, for cord blood banking funds, baby’s college fund or anything else that you may need.
  4. Personalize your registry with pictures, custom backgrounds & messages- make the buying experience for your friends/family FUN!




Wine, Dine & Toddler

We all love eating out. We love being treated to a gorgeous meal. But what about that child over at table 6 who just won’t stop screaming?

1919195_1272576540344_3706681_nHaving a family is endlessly rewarding, but being a parent is challenging. You want to be a role model to your children. Of course sometimes being a parent isn’t as straightforward as you had bargained on. As a child grows up, he or she must adapt to many things, it’s a big & new world… & it’s not always a simple one. Children aren’t always aware yet of their environment & how to respond to external stimuli. Understanding another’s needs requires a certain amount of empathy & empathy takes time for children to learn. Empathy can only come from observation & social interaction.

Before you bring your child into a restaurant, try practicing eating out at home first. If you have the option, eat at another table in the house from where you normally share family meals. You’re setting a new scene. Next practice talking at different volumes. Start with loud & go all the way down to a whisper. You can make a fun game of it. Then demonstrate the appropriate speaking level so not to disturb other diners. Favorite plush toys make great restaurant guests. You can even be creative and make a mock menu. Have your child practice reading while learning how to order.

Many factors can lead to arguments, tantrums & frustration, from a simple lack of sleep to certain disorders. How a parent is able to control their child during a spat or tantrum can determine the outcome & severity of the problem. Practicing at home can alleviate a lot of stress. It might seem a little silly to play ‘restaurant’ but the lessons your child learns will make your & their experience more fun when they join you at the restaurant for the first time. For children who suffer from a disorder, you might want to practice with a professional caretaker on hand.

Find great dining room furniture for the whole family at The Kids Window — MotherStucker APPROVED –Fantastic selection of family furniture & children’s personalized gifts.