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White Hot Video Review Board: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

YouniqueLogoHello friends! Ok, so here lately, I’ve been seeing this Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara popping up all over Facebook. I admit I was both a bit curious & a bit skeptical about the claims being made about this product. It’s pretty new to the market & I didn’t know anyone selling it yet. Until now & my friend Kris ( sent me some to try. She gave me a few simple tips & tricks on how to use it & I was off to the races.  In all the advertising, you will see photos of women with 3D on one eye & either their normal mascara, or no mascara on the other eye. And I gotta tell you, WOW!!! I’m shocked at how well this mascara works. Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is everything it’s cracked up to be, and a bit more. YES…this IS mascara, NOT false lashes. Not only is it hypoallergenic & free of chemicals, oil & parabens but it is gentle on sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers. The mascara is made from natural green tea fibers & comes right off at the end of the day with warm soapy water!

[youtube][/youtube]I’ve now used it many times & I have pretty much become an expert by this point in time! I’m pretty much wearing it every day. Depending on how much time I have determines how I apply this Younique Mascara. You can wear this by itself, or you can wear it over a coat of your normal mascara. I have found that if I am going out & getting dressed up, that is how I use it. It amps up your eyelashes something fierce!! For around the house, working out, running errands, I don’t necessarily use my old mascara. Maybe just one coat of the Younique product.

In order to really get the best results, if you apply a small amount of your normal mascara first & build off that, it really will impress your friends. Believe me, they WILL NOTICE!! It really does make my eyes pop & I love that! You can pretty much use whatever mascara you were using before as the base coat if you choose to use one, but you don’t have to.

mascaraThe way you apply this is a 3 step process. Each set of mascara comes with 2 tubes. 1 tube is the Fiber & 1 tube is the Gel. First you apply a coat or two of the gel. Then you immediately apply the fibers. Then one more coat of the gel to seal the fibers on.  NOTE: just work on one eye at a time. Finish the one eye then go to the next. If you do want to wear one coat of your regular mascara as a base, you would apply that first, THEN Gel, Fibers, Gel. It’s so easy!

While the first eye is drying, you can repeat the cycle on the second eye. After I got used to this, I can now apply this in multiple coats in no time! Just took some getting used to.

eyesIf you want to do multiple layers of the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes, you put another layer of gel on and then add more fibers. Once you are stunningly beautiful, you seal with a light coat of the gel so that the fibers don’t fall off. If you weren’t born with long lashes, you will find that you may want to do 2-3 layers to get the super long lashes you can find in many of the online photos. If you ever experience any clumping, it’s real easy to brush that out with an eyelash comb.


Ladies, I’m in love! This is now my go to Mascara & I really can’t imagine not using it. Whether I’m heading out & want a fancy look, or just heading out for normal daily routine, I really prefer these now.

The other neat part is that Kris was so helpful when I first got it. She really went above & beyond to make sure I was all taken care of, knew how to use it & that my questions got answered.

Here is a link to her website:  and on there, you will find that Younique is actually much more than just this 3D Fiber Mascara. They have an exciting line of other makeup products and they have 10 new products about to hit the shelves. In fact, Kris tells me they are going to be selling this into the UK starting October 1, 2014!

For you enterprising MOM’s in my audience, Kris is looking to help other motivated women create their own business as well. Younique is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies out there & you can take advantage of that! Find more details about that at her site – Easy access to everything through Younique ad to your right 😉 XO, MotherStucker

White Hot Review Board: Beautiful

imageAs a woman in my late thirties, I have been using facial skin care products for 25+ years. As Mrs. U.S. of A Globe 2005 and Mrs. Kentucky 2009 please realize I experimented heavily with any product I could get my hands on. I needed perfect skin – no exceptions. At the very least, I wanted the best possible skin I could achieve. As you might imagine, I was disappointed with every single product I tried.

Without any good options, I settled onto products that bounced my skin from one extreme to another. Does dry/unexplained breakout/skin fading/too oily/premature wrinkles/hyperpigmintation/blackheads look familiar? I struggled with at least 2 issues at a time (up to all 7 simultaneously sometimes) and thought I would just have to put up with it.
image I never imagined a facial skin care product that would have my name (YOUR name too) on the bottle itself. More shocking is that what is inside the bottle actually makes skin beautiful.

Skin care has been revolutionized with “Beautiful”, the world’s first skin supplement. It actually feeds my skin (and yours!) what it needs in order for it to be luminous and healthy. Beautiful uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist skin.

In all honesty, the use of “Beautiful” requires a brain shift. Thinking of applying oil to my skin seemed extremely unconventional. Soon, other shifts began to happen. I noticed that I didn’t feel the need to wear make-up as often (because I had less and less to cover up!). Even when I did apply make-up for a special occasion I realized I was using less makeup — due to having less to cover up overall — plus the make-up itself now reacted better with my skin.

beau-333x329When I wear make-up it now glides and blends over my skin instead of sitting on top of my skin like a mask. I use only 2 products on a daily basis – the Beautiful AM Moisturizer and the Beautiful PM Revitalizer. Both products can be purchased together in a .5 oz set for $44.94. I use approximately 3 drops of Beautiful AM in the morning and Beautiful PM in the evening, meaning this size/set will last you at least 2 months.

What a perfect gift for all the beautiful people in your life – Mom (HELLO MOTHERS DAY 2014!), sister(in-law), aunt, BFF, daughter – don’t forget YOU. Order yours by clicking picture directly above. XOXO!