Check out Tales of the Mischievious Harry Leviticus Bunking by LINCOLN WILLIAMS

From the author: Hi there! My name is Lincoln Williams, & I want to share my story with you. I accidently started this project about a year ago, out of sheer frustration. My oldest son Zion, is a very smart boy by all accounts, but he hates reading. I tried everything I could to encourage him to read more & I just could not. This was all the more frustrating for me because I am an avid reader! One day I was at home, & it suddenly dawned on me – Maybe, I could encourage my son to care more about reading if he could relate to the material that he was reading & that is how this project was born: “Tales of the Mischievous Harry Leviticus Bunking.” When I embarked on this project with Zion, I could see the immediate impact. Not only was he showing more interest in reading, but he was also motivated in helping to develop the characters for each short story in the series. Well, at the outset, this project was just supposed to be three short stories, but now the project has evolved two-fold. First, I have succeeded in motivating my son into being a better reader &; Second, I have re-discovered my passion for writing children’s stories! Personally, I have taken this project as far as I can from a financial standpoint & with the feedback that I am getting, I have decided that it is time to move beyond keeping this as a hobby for my children, close friends & my immediate family circle. The “Tales of the Mischievous Harry Leviticus Bunking” is a series of fast-paced short stories about a boy named Harry. Harry is always in search of fun! However, in his quest for the ultimate fun experience, Harry may go a little overboard. To be fair, Harry is a flawed character, but his intentions are not malicious. Folks, some of his choices leave a lot to be desired, & Harry ends up paying the price for those poor choices. As a parent of two very, very, active boys, I use Harry as examples of “teachable” moments. SO, Why Kickstarter? One word – INDEPENDENCE! I believe that by obtaining funding by crowdfunding on Kickstarter, I will be able to keep the Harry Bunking Series completely independent & 100% accountable to the people who matter most––our readers. I will be able to work independently without compromise to my creative process. A successful campaign on Kickstarter would give me the creative freedom with my project!

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