Earn & Save for Life’s Big Events: Pay Leaf!

Get started on Pay Leaf by selecting YOUR goal! Baby? Wedding? Vacation? Auto? House? Other? Then create your profile (sign up is easy & FREE). Select a savings goal & begin planning for what matters most to you. Next, earn money doing easy activities! Explore earn opportunities & do things online you would do anyway to reach your goals faster. Get help from family & friends & earn bonus cash rewards when you reach your goal. Save for life’s most important events – Make automatic deposits & receive cash gifts into your savings account to reach your goals. Monitor your accounts & set up transfers/withdrawals at your own convenience. The Pay Leaf Blog also has extremely helpful info & ideas to GROW your funds! PayLeaf.com is partnered with the Business Bank of St. Louis (an fdic-insured Bank) & use plaid software for linking thebank account so it’s completely secure & safe. Sign up NOW & Pay Leaf will help YOU start YOUR savings goal by depositing $200 in YOUR existing saving account!!

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