Enjoy This Beautifully Illustrated, Anti Bullying Book Called, Ella and the Mighties!

Ella and The Mighties is an anti-bullying book that shows children the seriousness of bullying, & how their words can affect someone. This book also shows children about self love, & respect. Ella and The Mighties features a tiny dachshund puppy named Ella. Ella is getting bullied in school because of how small she is. She doesn’t know who to go too, or how to handle the situation — Ella is very confused — Until, she meets three friends, that show her how serious bullying can be. Her new friends also teach Ella & Ella’s classmates that judging people by how they look, talk, etc, is not okay. You’ll have to find out for yourself what happens next! This book will help a child who is suffering from bullying, (be able to better understand it & realize that there is a way to end this bullying)  feel safe again. It’s an amazing short story  that your child is sure to love! Ella and The Mighties can be purchases on Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for paperback & kindle edition. Be sure to follow on Instagram too! XOXO, Motherstucker

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