Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (Motherstucker Followers!) have been BUZZING & LIT UP about THIS Irie Sleep Night…

Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter (Motherstucker Followers!) have been BUZZING & LIT UP about THIS Irie Sleep Night 😉 MOM, If you HURRY, you can get an Irie Sleep Night for your family (at a launch price of $14.99). The first 33 customers who purchase will receive a  hotel voucher for a 5 night stay at a 5 star resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! This is Irie Outfitters simple thank you to the first few customers! The room is paid for, you just have to pay tax. No gimmicks. No time share presentations to attend. Details BELOW!

Irie Outfitters is an ecommerce company (http://bit.ly/2xpI2AO) founded by parents of 3 little ones.  They sell baby, toddler, & preschool products through their website irieoutfitters.net & amazon (http://bit.ly/2GSRaxz) in which they sell the Irie Sleep Night Light.  They are a growing company & consistently launching products, as a result they are always offering extreme discounts & great giveaways.  Many of the giveaways include getaways, free products, & gift cards! In addition, all products are priced under $50. If you are a mom who loves a bargain, have a little one under the age of 6 years old, needs practical & long lasting products, & enjoys a company who has your best interest at heart then Irie Outfitters is for you. If you are interested in receiving extreme discounts & great giveaways then click http://bit.ly/2xpI2AO.  
Launch Offer DETAILS HERE:
  • If you purchase the Irie Sleep Night Light during the launch phase (which is now) just send a message through messenger to Irie Outiftters FB page or email irieoutfitters@gmail.com with proof of purchase & they will send you a voucher for a 5 night stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  They only have 33 vouchers available! 

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