Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement: a Series of Books for Ages 5 & up, That Teach Fundamental Social, Financial, Personal, & Life Skills Necessary for Adulthood

To ensure our children learn the necessary skills to have a successful future in their workplace, personal lives, & anything else they set their mind to, INSYL has developed a comprehensive set of children’s books that explain vital concepts in ways young minds can understand & absorb! These include:

  • Focus: Dedicating enough mental resources to a task, & giving it the necessary attention.
  • Motivation: Harnessing the energy & drive needed to see things through to the end.
  • Confidence: Recognizing their worth & ability, & using that to put forth a poised image.
  • Goal Setting: Assessing realistic & desirable objectives to work towards.
  • Time Management: Using a limited amount of time wisely & with maximum results.  

Crafted with two specific age groups in mind (5+ & 7+), the INSYL series is divided into three units, each dealing with a specific focus.

1. Financial Education
Give your child an elevated advantage to build a secure, prudent, frugal, & wealthy future.

2. Positive Psychology
Give your child a positive outlook, confidence, motivation, leadership, & healthy perspectives on life.

3. Artistic Consciousness
Propel their subconscious thinking, inspire imagination, & cultivate creativity.

Only 17% of teens in the US have any idea how to manage their money, & more than half lack basic workplace & life skills. Activities as useful as making a study timetable or having the confidence to give a presentation in class are left undeveloped in lieu of social media, video games, & internet hours, & with one in three persons currently having zero dollars saved for retirement, it’s clear this isn’t a problem that corrects itself with age.

The statistics proved that 3 out of 4 teens turn for financial advice to their parents.

The fact is that us parents, we’re tasked with preparing our kids for their future, giving them the lessons & support they need to eventually stand on their own when we can no watch over them. When your child is ready to begin their adult life in the next twelve to fifteen years, will you be able to confidently say that you’ve done all you can to help them face the challenge? Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get “Great Minds – Storybooks for Kids on Success & Achievement” April 2018! 

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