Guest Post: Easy Tips to Save Money on Utilities

Looking to stretch your budget, without having to take on a second part time job, or cut back on your groceries? One of the best ways of doing this is cutting back on your electric bill. A lot of people don’t realize that with just a few simple measures, we can reduce our electric bills significantly, which is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment too!

Lights are one of the main reasons we have an electric bill. We use them constantly – and often – unnecessarily leaving lights on is one of the primary mistakes in regards to electric bill efficiency. The first step to cutting back on any electric bill is remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room, also, check before you go to bed and make sure you aren’t leaving on porch lights. Finally, check the lights in your house and make sure they are all properly working. It is easy to overlook a light that we believe is off, when it is actually on and the bulb isn’t working.

Cut down on the Wattage
Cutting back on wattage will save you money throughout the month. When you go to the store, seek out energy efficient light bulbs and cut back on your wattage. Do you really need that 100 watt bulb in your bedroom, when you can just as easily get away with a 60 watt bulb?

A/C and Heat
Cutting back on A/C and Heating preserves a lot of electricity use in our homes. Instead of having your AC on 68-70, try letting it go up to 72-74. In fact, automatic thermostats often run up our bills, because of the tendency to cut on and off every time it detects a temperature change (opening a door to the outside, etc). This is probably the biggest money saver you can make by cutting back on

Cancelling your Cable Subscriptionsave_money_on_utilities__couponism
This may seem like an extreme suggestion, but it’s actually quite practical. Most of us do not have time to sit around and watch hours of television, yet we pay $60 + a month cable bills (even for basic packages), this results in a lot of money being unnecessarily wasted. Want an alternative to cable? Try Netflix for $7.99, which will allow you to stream movies and shows on demand. Netflix is a great choice as they have constantly been adding their own TV series

Cutting Back on Water Consumption
In many places, the water bills can get outrageously expensive. The first step to making sure you aren’t overpaying for water is making sure there aren’t any leaks. Make sure you go around and check your toilets, sinks and bathtubs and listen for any dripping sounds. If you don’t find anything, you’re probably safe and can assume there aren’t any leaks in your water system; unless your bill suddenly becomes disproportionally high one month.

The next step involves limiting your water consumption. When you turn on water facets, make sure to turn them off once you’ve finished what you are doing and never allow your faucets to run on their own unattended. If you’re washing dishes, fill up the sink just enough to submerge your dishes in a small pool of water. Take showers, not baths! Research into water consumption actually shows that a full bath uses up to 80 liters of water, where as a shower lasting about 5 minutes uses only about 34 liters of water. However, make sure the showers you’re using aren’t power showers; these showers use over twice as much water as a normal shower does.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to save a good amount of money every month on your utilities!

Guest Post written by Sevan. Sevan devises new methods to save money online with coupons. He is the owner of Couponism which provides discount coupons for services and products in different categories.


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