Hot Button: iRNinja

MOMS, Control your TV with a simple press of a button – Join Motherstucker & BACK this iRNinja Kickstarter project to get YOURS! 

Make TV simple again! This wireless 4 button keypad & infrared (IR) learning remote base allows you to control your TV by pressing a button on the wall 😉 The iRNinja is a wireless 4 button keypad that controls your entertainment system.  It has two components:  The keypad that mounts on the wall & a base unit that sits near your TV & equipment. The base unit is a learning remote with advanced macro capabilities.  Use your existing remotes to program a series of commands or activities for each of the 4 buttons on the keypad.  You can program a single command such as channel up or channel down or a series of commands, such as turning your TV, A/V receiver, & satellite box ON, switching inputs on your TV & tuning to a particular channel.  We’ve added a one second delay in between each IR command sent.  This allows you to add the extra time needed to wait for your TV to power up before sending commands such as switching to a particular input. The iRNinja uses a 38KHz  Infrared Sensor, which works on most TVs, audio receivers, DirecTV satellite boxes, & many cable boxes.  (Note, some cable boxes & audio equipment use a higher frequency which will not work on the iRNinja at this time.) The keypad is elegant looking, with four large buttons that can be labeled using any label maker. The keypad uses a standard 9volt battery that has an estimated 10 year life with average usage! Back this kickstarter HERE:

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