How the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Can Help Your Family Prepare for the Unexpected

T-7 Days until the  first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years! Motherstucker & Family have been BUSY preparing for this event happening on August 21st & will be headed directly to the path of totality. Where exactly? The perfect location for our family + friends remains to be seen (somewhere between  Clinton SC & Newberry SC) – However, we have all the gear needed & are prepared for the unexpected!

Emergency managers in South Carolina are planning for an estimated influx of more than one million visitors (just into South Carolina alone)!) for several days on either side of the eclipse. Experts advise to expect nearly everything to be above capacity for nearly a week total. Residents, businesses, & visitors should all be prepared for this historic event by keeping safety in mind.

ECLIPSE ( & Beyond!) TIPS:

•Traveling out of town with friends/family in separate vehicles? Make sure all cars in your party have walkie talkies to communicate as South Carolina & others states in the path of 100% totality cell phone towers’ could jam. State officials urge, “Be prepared for cell service overloads; there may be service disruptions due to the increase in visitors using networks.”

•Have bottled water, sunscreen, first aid kit, bug repellent, toilet paper & certified eclipse viewing glasses for every person in your party.

•Everyone in the continental U.S. will see at least a partial eclipse! Carry a digital watch  with accurate time (set on the day of eclipse).

•Bring ALL the tail-gate amenities including comfortable folding chairs or picnic blanket to sit on, a shade tent, table, games + extra batteries!

•Wear suitable clothing & a large brimmed hat (you will be outside in the sun for several hours) + sunglasses (not for direct viewing of partial or full solar eclipse phases).

•Fill your car up with gas & buy groceries before the weekend.  Bring a portable grill, extra fuel & sandwiches + snacks family/friends can enjoy! Don’t stop there! Start thinking about food storage needs for future preparedness from Patriot Supply & the Survival Seed Vault! The next Total Solar Eclipse will not occur until May 11, 2078 & while must of us won’t be around to appreciate that one,  having the necessary supplies on hand in the event of a disaster could be life saving!

• Kick Back & Enjoy Otherstuckers! “Travelers should be at their observation location a minimum of a couple hours before totality,” advised the Federal Highway Administration. “The role of state and local DOTs may include instituting roadblocks or other measures to keep people from making illegal turns as they drive around looking for ‘the perfect spot’ as eclipse totality nears.”

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