“I Believe in a Future Where Science and Technology Is Accessible to All…. “

Science and technology are shaping our future. Unfortunately, there are not enough women involved in those efforts. What kind of future will it be if women don’t have a strong enough voice in the making and understanding of our world?

It starts at home. Girls and young women need to know that they are qualified, able, and worthy of sharing their voice. They can make an impact on a grand scale, and it can start today.  Naughty Gits is a clothing and lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting and empowering women and girls in STEM. We make jokes, and we make a statement. Science and technology is ours too. We can make it fun, colorful, accepting, and beautiful.

I avoided my love of technology when I was growing up because it wasn’t cool. High school was hard enough already. It took me years to be able to see that maybe I could do this too. Since then, I’ve impacted the lives of millions with my work. I wonder if it would have been different for me if I had seen some of the cool girls wearing code leggings. How many more people would I have been able to help if I had started earlier?

You don’t have to code to wear these clothes. Wearing them makes a statement. It says “I believe in a future where science and technology is accessible to all. It may not be for me, but it could be for you.”  – Calley Nye, Founder of Naughty Gits

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