Me Time for Moms: 7 Holiday Season Ideas to Try This Week!

MOMS! During this BUSY time of year, be sure to make time for YOU! Take a break from the demands on your busy life this week to celebrate the season <3 Give yourself permission to relax for a few minutes each day 😉

Take your mom to lunch. She could use a break too! 

Get a pedicure!  Treat your feet & your whole body will thank you!

♦  Catch up on your reading.  Find a good book or that stack of magazines you’ve been too busy to get to.

Get your game face on & try Motherstucker’s FAV site for SLOTS! You’ll thank me later! 

Go to the movies with your best friend. Have popcorn.

Try a new recipe.  Choose something you like without trying to please picky eaters.

Reconnect with a friend. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Try an idea or 2, or 3,  each day this week. You’ll  gain a fresh outlook & a new perspective! Happy Holidays!

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