Mistakes Are Proof That You Are Trying ;)

The latest MOM Newsletter and this Motherstucker blog post from earlier this week might have given you a bit of a snafu?

Something Extra For You!

The Knivesmasters crew is very sorry that due to a temporary programming error, no-one was able to sign up for some hours and so they NOW made this video for YOU & hope that you will consider ¬†to give it a try again?!” ūüėČ THANK YOU!

To help spread the word and get bonus items:
Head on over to http://prelaunch.knivesmasters.com/?ref=4756cb4e18 and enter your email address.
Send your custom generated link to friends and family
Depending on how many persons sign up using your link, you can earn free items.
Your items can also be shipped to you for free if you allow us to send them with your campaign rewards.
That’s all for now. We can’t thank you enough for your help, and for being a part of this journey. This wouldn’t be possible without you.
See you soon,Sign up on http://prelaunch.knivesmasters.com to qualify for nice rewards like free knives
2. Sign up on https://igg.me/at/knivesmasters for early bird notification 50% discount PLUS free additional knife
3. Get more information on https://knivesmasters.com All 6 product lines, the story, background and such
4. Follow Knivesmasters on Facebook as 140k already do: https://www.facebook.com/knivesmasters/

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