MOMS, Our Best Friend Is No Longer Diamonds, Trucks & Dogs, but Bank Deposits!

Paydays give us an endorphin rush & the living like a boss sensation is pure bliss. So why should a budget be anything less?

Life, right? Just when we’ve mastered the cash flow & expenses….Boom! Life shows up in a different form, demanding extra cash. Whether it is a car, a baby shower, a wedding, a graduation, a retirement, a community cause or a global vacation, some experiences open the floodgates to goals deferred. Not anymore boss! This books unveils the tools to have it ALL.“Budget like A Boss!” translates your hard-working hours to goals realized. Give each dollar a goal! Watch the life you want unfold. Design a budget that funds life’s eight different experiences boss style.

Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOUR “Budget like A Boss!” June 2018! 

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