MOMS, We Need THIS Cubibot!

Realize all your imaginations MOMS! Cubibot is an affordable, user-friendly, high-quality 3D printer with a compact & dynamic design made to fit your lifestyle. Cubibot balances functionality & ease of use without compromising features, matching the performance & quality of expensive, professional 3D printers at an affordable cost.

It’s super simple to set-up & use – if you can use a regular printer, you’ll have no problem using Cubibot! It’s got loads of features, such as cloud printing, a mobile app, & it even includes HEPA+Carbon filters for ventilation to make it safer for home use!

Cubibot is super useful in the home, as it can be used to print toys on demand, print school projects, or print any household item you can imagine. Join Motherstucke & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS February 2018!

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