Mother to Mother: Pet Alert Emergency Information System

Every year thousands of pets are injured, lost or killed during home emergencies or automobile accidents. Why such high numbers? Emergency rescue workers unanimously cite the “time element” as a critical factor in the race to save lives, both human & animals. In emergency situations, time is of the utmost importance.

If proper & accurate information is not available in an easily accessible format at the scene of the tragedy, then there is an increased likelihood that a trapped or unconscious pet will go unnoticed.

Also very sad are the stories of pets that die in their home from dehydration & malnutrition because their owners were victims of accident or medical emergency, & the hospital or police had no clue that there were animals left home alone.

It’s not that pet owners are uncaring in leaving their animals open to potential jeopardy. Rather, most people simply do not fully appreciate how much the animals depend on their human caregivers for their very existence.

Pet Alert’s mission is to help pet owners understand that if an accident befalls them, they should not expect their neighbors or even their relatives to remember that there is a pet trapped alone in the home, but to realize that responsibility lies with them.

What these emergency workers need is a system that could be trusted as up-to-date and accurate as possible. They needed to know what type of pets were in the house, auto or recreational vehicle, how many animals, what location or room, health issues, phone contacts and owners’ names as well as pet’s names.

The information should also be readable in poor visibility, and through a firefighter’s air mask. It cannot be stationary, attached to a window pane. “Firefighters do not have time during an emergency to write any information down,” one rescue worker told me. “They have better things to do.”

What is needed is a complete emergency information system, not just a sticker or a hard to reach information card, but to have a system of the “right information in all the right places”, covering the pets in many types of emergency situations.

The Pet Alert Doorknob Hanger with the Vital information Card and Photos is the system; it is easily accessible, visible, has all the vital and pertinent information about the animals and the owner inside the home, so no information is given to strangers. Plus it is portable and can be taken with the animals, if evacuation is needed.

The Pet Alert Auto Mirror Tag, RV Dashboard Placard and Pet Owner’s Wallet Card, all carry the same up-to-date information to help first responders to know what type of pet they are dealing with, in an emergency outside the home, and who they can contact to care for the animal in case of injury or death of the pet owner. Get your own Pet Alert Emergency Information System at!


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