MotherStucker in Motion: SUP & Advil® PM

Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by the maker of Advil® PM Received a free sample of Advil® PM Caplets.  All opinions expressed are my own.

17681_10207282359043078_7636660508733791380_nStand Up Paddleboarding is my new favorite activity! As a low impact,  intense workout with core benefits, I highly recommend! During a SUP excursion I’m able to connect with nature, spend quality time with fellow SUP friends & sometimes even have quality time with my furry baby Delores!

During short SUP workouts I cover approx. 2 miles per session.  Longer SUP workouts can total 6+ miles & you bet shoulder, arm back & core muscles are working hard – hard enough that sometimes I need help from Advil® PM.

Advil® PM keeps aches & pains out of my night and helps me to get the healing sleep I need. That’s because it is specially designed for nighttime pain, combining the unsurpassed relief of Advil® plus a non-habit forming sleep aid to help me fall asleep & stay asleep. That means I’ll be ready for tomorrows early morning SUP session!

Visit for a COUPON and find out what a healing night’s sleep can do for you. Advil® PM has also created an online library with resources on how to get the healing night’s sleep you need, available at XOXO, MotherStucker 😉

2 thoughts on “MotherStucker in Motion: SUP & Advil® PM”

  1. Great post! I do agree, AdvilPM surely do make a difference with pain, so glad it helped you too. Nothing like a good nights sleep!!

  2. This looks so hard! I can see my back killing me after that, my core too! That is a good workout! I would definitely need Advil PM.

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