Motherstucker’s 2017 Holiday Spice Guide

National Bake Day is December 23, 2017! Are you ready? Prep correctly for the 2017 Holiday Season with Artisan Spice Co., a small batch spice company with lots of unique spice blends! Motherstucker’s FAV’s & MUST HAVES:

♥ Aged Bourbon Pepper: A blend consisting of premium peppercorns, herbs & spices with real aged bourbon. This is a natural for seasoning red meats, game & seafood.

♥ Artisan Steak Seasoning (Grinder): A chunky blend of dill, coriander, pepper & other spices that truly enhance the flavor of steak & roasted vegetables.

♥ Chesapeake Seafood Blend: Great for steaming crabs & shrimp or for flavoring crab cakes, seafood, soups, dips or stews. Can also be used in potato & macaroni salads or as a condiment.

♥ Everything But Salt (Grinder): Don’t be salty!  Everything but Salt isn’t quite everything, but almost. A variety of herbs, onion & garlic to enhance any dish. The perfect blend for those watching their sodium intake. 

♥ Himalayan Pink Salt (Grinder): Jurassic Salt, also known as Himalayan salt, is mined from evaporated seas that flowed freely during the Jurassic period. High mineral content, coarse, light pink in color, nice briny ocean flavor.

♥ Merquén: Traditionally, this blend was crafted by the indigenous Mapuche people of south-central Chile. This version combines select sweet, spicy & smoked chilies with sea salt and spices. Try it out in your next vegetable side dish of onions, potatoes, or squash! 

♥ Sriracha Lime: Sweet & spicy Sriracha fused with a touch of zesty lime. Sprinkle liberally on everything from scrambled eggs to grilled pork chops, burgers to tofu. This bold & versatile blend transforms simple to sensational! Try it in Honey Sriracha Lime Salmon Hello PERFECT Holiday BRUNCH Dish!

♥ Tennessee Whiskey Rub: YOU HAD ME AT TENNESSEE WHISKEY! 😉 Whiskey Rub is a pepper blend made with a small amount of Jack Daniel’s. It has hints of rosemary & garlic and is a real winner for lamb & other red meats.

♥ Wild Bison Blend: This aromatic & versatile blend enhances the flavor of all wild game, lamb, poultry & especially bison. Ingredients include; garlic, salt, chilies, onion, turbinado sugar, & juniper. Bring Wild Bison Meatballs to your company party & WOW them 😉

♥ Zesty Chipotle Blend (Grinder): A blend of Mexican oregano, chipotle & pepper flakes for a true southwestern flavor. Give any dish some smoke & heat. It is a great sprinkle for pasta, pizza, & salads.

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