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Do it because the idea scares you a little bit… & maybe excites you a LOT…

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5 Recommendations to Keep Your Children Protected

  1. Never allow your children to keep a cell phone turned on under their pillow while they sleep.
  2. Teach your children the 2 inch rule (distance from their head) when talking on the cell phone. Use speaker and microphone.
  3. Train your children to carry the phone away from the body in a back pack, handbag, purse, gym bag, etc. and not against their body. Their phone still transmits signals even when not talking.
  4. Encourage safe texting versus talking with the phone unless the phone has a bio shielded phone case with protection on the front of the phone. See for description.
  5. Teach your children not to use the phone in a metallic enclosure area as in riding in a car, plane or train. Cell phones boost radio transmitting intensity to connect to tower which would also traveling into the brain.

I researched and designed a phone case using the correct materials that is not only beautiful, but protects your entire family from the cell phone radio signals directed towards the brain and body. For more information, please visit Fb: CruzCases


A fitness app that specifically caters to women, or as my co-worker described it, “doesn’t look like it was based on a men’s locker room design”? #Motherstucker says YES! Please! Enter #SheAPP! Get YOUR Personal Body Blueprint & so much MORE 😉 With SheAPP you’ll love your body, your data, your life. Join me & BACK this #Indiegogo to get YOUR Sheapp December 2017!

#engagement #learning #motivation

Calling All Snack Moms & Dads!

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got snacks. The two just seem to go hand in hand! As parents ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to bust boredom with the snacks we serve, whether at home or heading to an after-school activity. So for all you soccer moms, scout dads or other parents on snack duty, let’s shake things up and bring back the fun to snack time!

Focus on Fruit

Packed with goodness and great taste, fruit is a no-brainer snack choice for kids. Plus, it’s a naturally gluten-free and nut-free option for kids with sensitivities. While some little ones will gladly devour all types of whole fruit, others need a little more coaxing. Try these ideas:

  • Slice it Up: We’re not sure why, but kids tend to like fruit better when it’s washed, cut, and ready to go. So slice those apples to amp up their appeal!
  • Set it Up: Out of sight, out of mind, right? Rather than keep bananas and oranges tucked away, display them in a bowl on your kitchen counter for an easy-grab solution.
  • Kebab it Up: Pro-tip: Everything is more kid-friendly on a stick—perhaps because it resembles a magic wand? Add strawberries, grapes, melon and other bite-sized fruit to a skewer, alternating as you go.
  • Mix it Up: Offer fruit in a variety of forms and textures, from freeze-dried to canned to smoothies and beyond.

Veg Out

Don’t tell your kids, but snack time can be a great time to incorporate veggies—especially if you do it in an artful way! A few of our faves:

  • Ants on a Log: Fill a celery stick with natural peanut butter, then sprinkle with raisins.
  • Bell Pepper Rainbow: Cut half-moon strips out of red, orange, yellow and green organic bell peppers. Arrange in a rainbow shape and add a piece of raw cauliflower on either end to mimic clouds.
  • Cucumber Sandwich: Use two round cucumber slices as your “bread” and fill with a yummy spread, such as hummus or cream cheese.
  • Kale Chips: Spread organic kale leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven until browned, about 10-15 minutes. Let kids help by sprinkling on salt, pepper and/or parmesan cheese when done.

Grab and Go

We like to get all Pinterest-y just like any other parent, but sometimes it’s all about quick and portable. These packaged snack options are great for car rides, field trips, lunch boxes, sports practice or any other time you need to head out the door in seconds flat. It all depends on which flavor your kids are feeling!

  • Salty: Popcorn, pretzels, veggie straws, mixed nuts
  • Sweet: Animal crackers, oatmeal cookies, graham crackers, individual cereal boxes
  • Bars: Granola bars, protein bars, cereal bars, etc.
  • Other Popular Picks: Raisins, string cheese, yogurt tubes, Go Organically gluten free fruit snacks

Is it snack time yet? We’re hungry! Don’t forget to follow Go Organically on Facebook for more meal and snack ideas. 😉

Motherstucker’s Realization on Vacation

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with Combat sample product &/or payment. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own & not influenced in any way.

10 years ago this month, my grandmother organized an autumn getaway for all the women in my family to Edisto Island, South Carolina. Meemaw, Aunt Lori, Cousin Mackenzie, my daughter Cady & I with bulldog Oedamae traveled from Kentucky to the beach house rental. We arrived at dusk, chose our rooms in the beach house & began to unpack. I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter at the time & soon after I began unpacking, I needed to sit down on the bed to take a rest. My bedroom walls were natural wood paneled with large dark knots. Pictures of sailboats hung on the wood walls. It was seaside shabby chic – quaint and very different than what I was accustomed to in Kentucky. As my gaze moved from ship picture to ship picture, I noticed one of the wood knots MOVING. I focused. I freaked! There was a huge roach scurrying up the wall!

I grabbed my daughter, bolted from the bedroom & immediately called the beach house rental company. After explaining my unwanted roach roommate situation, the rental company employee LAUGHED. I failed to see the funny and asked if a service person could come bug treat our rental A.S.A.P. When the rental company employee quit giggling, she explained to me very sweetly & sincerely, “Honey, that’s not a roach. We don’t have roaches in South Carolina. That’s a Palmetto Bug. There is nothing to worry about.” 

Fast forward 10 years, I now LIVE in South Carolina. While Spring, Summer, & Fall all feel like summer this far south – cool weather will be here eventually & NOW is the perfect time to protect my home from ants, roaches, Palmetto bugs, whatever. I found Combat Max – Ant & Roach Killing Foam Spray that comes in a 17.5oz ready to use aerosol can. This Quick Kill spray (kills ants & roaches on contact) dries invisible and leaves a protective force-field. Combat Foam expands into cracks and crevices where insects hide. Regular aerosol sprays can’t do that. Within minutes the foam disappears leaving no residues after treatment at Motherstucker headquarters.  

No ants, No roaches, No Palmetto bugs. Thank You Combat Max!

It Is Disturbing to Learn That a Significant Portion of the Extremely Popular Fidget Spinners Contains Lead, Mercury, & Other Toxins That Are Very Dangerous for Your Kids!

Read about so many dangerous fidget spinners currently on the  market here:

Green and Blue is an environmental friendly company that promotes the idea of shopping for a good cause. Their natural Wooden Fidget Spinner is plastic-free, lead-free, & mercury-free. If you love your kids, you should protect the environment for the future generations. Check out Green and Blue in the link below to learn more about their mission & how you can make a difference! <3

Original Audio Version of the Living Bible MOBILE!

Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOUR Multilingual Bible Application March 2018! This project aims to provide an original audio version of The Living Bible. This innovative & historical production also includes cinematic genre orchestral music with an unmatched sound design. Listening to the Bible is an incredible experience. You will be able to listen to the Bible wherever you are, as if you were there at the time of the Bible, through the mobile app as well as an MP3 / CD format.  Learn more at!

Sounds Like a Winner!

Motherstucker is a proud volleyball MOM. My oldest daughter is currently a sophomore playing Varsity. This successful season is nearly complete, & after spending quite a bit of time in the gym watching matches I’ve noticed our school is in desperate NEED of a new sound system. But how can I try to help make such a project  possible? 

A quick internet search pointed me to “School Event Ideas to Raise Money – Easy Event Ideas to Raise Money for Your School” at Charity Auctions Today! This site has over 300 school fundraising ideas. The mobile fundraising idea is fresh & perfect for busy families like ours & yours! What does your kid’s school need that you can help raise money fast? #bid #silentauction#charity #ad 



This is a fun toy but it’s much more then that. This line of durable magnetic plastic figures & vehicles with a slick magnetic wrench 😉

• It’s Educational! Children are learning about magnetism in a fun way.
• Magnets are the natural fidget. These Neodymium Magnets are 10 times stronger then any ceramic magnet toy out on the market today!
• No batteries are required.
• The magnetic wrench is a great tool a child can have next to their
desk. Paper clips, safety pins, tacks , anything metal this tool can
pick it up.

Feel the power of Magnetykes! Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS December 2017!


Vegan Shampoo?

YOU have Questions, Motherstucker has Answers !

• What is Vegan Shampoo?

A shampoo specifically made to exclude any ingredients that are related to animals — This means that every ingredient that is derived from animals in regular shampoos, is replaced with a plant-based substitute — For example instead of gelatin, derived from boiling animal bones, the manufacturer could use seaweed extract which performs the same job. Vegan hair care products will have different surfactants, preservatives & conditioners compared to typical shampoos but most people would not notice the differences as they are slight. In addition, not tested on animals makes it completely guilt-free.

Most animal derived ingredients have a plant based counterpart that works equally well. An increasing number of non-vegans are choosing these as well because they prefer products that are not tested on animals, & choosing vegan products is the best way to ensure this.

• Is Vegan Shampoo Better?

They will differ in ingredients from your standard shampoo. It can only be called vegan because the product does not use animal ingredients in any way & only contains organic, natural, & plant based additives. The different cleaning agents & chemicals mean that the directions for use may differ slightly from the norm. These shampoos are often higher quality & contain ingredients that do a great job of cleaning your hair and scalp. You may find that you will need to scrub for a bit longer to achieve the same lather as chemical laden shampoo but you may not have to wash your hair everyday as there will be less buildup to remove. Also, it seems the benefits far outweigh the added 30 seconds of lathering when you consider the following: Vegan hair care contain far fewer ingredients than their commercial counterparts. And that short list of ingredients are almost certainly organic and natural.

• Where Can I Find Vegan Shampoo?

For bricks & mortar shopping where to buy: Vegan shampoo at Walmart is mixed in with all the main brands, so always check the label. Vegan shampoo at Target was harder to find as they have a slightly smaller selection of cruelty free hair care brands.

The online resource for vegan products is amazing. Look for personal care products that fit with your lifestyle & your needs at the same time. Buying from trusted online stores that have a vegan symbol are the best bet. That ensures that your hair care will be cruelty free also. Whatever hair type, oily, dry scalp, colour treated or damaged, you can find the right product. A vegan stamp from an accredited organization is a sign of a product you can trust. Also, customer reviews tell a lot about a product too so take the time to check a couple before committing to buy. Motherstucker really likes Birch 3 Vegan Shampoo available here:

• Which Shampoo Brands are Cruelty Free?

Vegan means that you don’t have animal derived ingredients, & the product is not tested on animals. So, in most cases Vegan means cruelty-free, but cruelty-free does not mean vegan. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals but may contain animal ingredients. To determine which shampoo brands are Vegan or Cruelty Free, you have to do your research.

Be Healthy. Be Kind. Be Vegan.

October Is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month & There’s No Better Way to Celebrate Than with Everyone’s Favorite Snack!

Celebrate with The Little Kernel “Miniature Popcorn” – Motherstucker’s FAV & one of the market’s smallest (& tastiest!) popcorn brands. With a unique, hulless, “miniature kernel,” The Little Kernel is popped in 100% PURE olive oil, & is gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher, & certified whole grain.

Even better, TLK is available in six delicious flavors, including: Truffle Sea Salt, Sweet & Salty, Pink Himalayan Salt, White Cheddar, Butter & Naked (No Salt Added) (SRP: $3.49 each).

Wash this DELICIOUS snack down with refreshing AquaBall! The only zero-calorie, sugar-free & preservative-free children’s beverage currently on the market. The naturally flavored water is available in four fruity flavors (Berry Frost, Fruit Punch, Grape & Strawberry Lemonade) & features fan favorite characters from Disney’s “Frozen”, Disney Princesses, Marvel’s “Avengers,” & Disney Classic Characters. Parents can feel good about this choice as AquaBall is also a great source of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, & C & is naturally flavored (no artificial flavors or colors). ENJOY 😉 

Welch’s® Fruit Rolls Deliver the Same Quality Consumers Love in Welch’s® Fruit Snacks, in a New, Irresistibly Fun Format!

Unroll the fun with the NEW Welch’s® Fruit Rolls. Featuring fruit as their first ingredient, these snacks  come in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, & White Grape Strawberry. Welch’s® Fruit Rolls contain 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C & are an excellent source of Vitamins A & E. Gluten free! Preservative free! Welch’s® Fruit Rolls are loved by kids & approved by MOMS!  Available in select grocery stores nationwide <3 

THIS Luxury Hooded Baby Towel

Extra Soft Bamboo for Infant, Toddler, Newborn, & Kids! Makes a Great Gift for Boys & Girls for Bath, Pool, & Beach 😉 Available on Amazon

  • SUPER SOFT & FLUFFY HOODED BABY TOWEL! Made with an ideal ratio of organic bamboo 70% and cotton 30%, which makes it stronger than 100% bamboo, your baby feel comfortable and happy after each bath. Moms and Dads love Brilloni
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD! One of the largest 34 in X 34 in , softest and safest towels. Towel is ideal for newborns, toddlers and older kids. Our Towel For Hooded Baby absorbs water three times,drying your baby quickly while also keeping him warm and cozy
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: We know you want to cuddle your child in only the best organic bamboo towels. That’s why we made sure ours are natural and organic. Made with natural bamboo, our thick luxury towels are eco-friendly. This naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial fabric is an ideal choice for the delicate skin
  • WHY BAMBOO? The bamboo fabric is produced from bamboo plants growing organically, without pesticides or harmful chemicals of any kind. The plant is processed to fibers of which the fabric is then woven. Throughout the production process, technology is used to maintain the fabric properties and integrity, this yields the high quality fabric

Motherstucker MUST Read: “This Land is My Land”

October is National Apple Month!

Celebrate with delicious apple snacks & sips! From on-the-go apple snacks to flavored drinks, your family will be ready to celebrate National Apple Month all October!


  • Munk Pack’s Apple Quinoa Cinnamon Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze is a delicious combination of apple cinnamon flavored oatmeal mixed with quinoa. This ready-to-eat oatmeal is packed with wholesome whole grains & real fruit bites!
  • Welch’s Apple Orchard Medley Fruit Snacks mix granny smith apples, golden apples and red apples with a hint of pear and apricot to create the delicious taste of applein every bite. Welch’s Fruit Snacks are made with REAL fruit and are Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and contain no preservatives.
  • Viki’s Cinnamon Apple Granola is a blend of gluten-free oats, organic honey, and unsweetened coconut, mixed with dried sweetened apples, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Viki’s Foods never adds refined sugar, fillers, or preservatives!


  • Celebrate National Apple Month with Sparkling Ice Crisp Apple, an excellent soda alternative that is slightly carbonated with B-Vitamins, Vitamin D and antioxidants. This light and refreshing beverage contains Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, is Gluten Free, and Sodium Free.


Saving Benjamin is a great book to teach children about the importance of protecting our environment and ocean conservation and encourage them to be good social citizens. Tiffany and Tyesha clean up their local beach which is littered with garbage and plastic debris to keep their friend Benjamin safe. Benjamin is a playful fish with a magical smile. Over one million sea birds and marine animals die each year from ingesting plastic and garbage in the ocean. But the girls do their part to make sure that no harm comes to their friend.

10 Scholarships to Apply for Today!

If this isn’t “Fresh & Juicy News MOMS Use”, Motherstucker doesn’t know what is!

♦ Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship:

Created to help students interested in higher education reach their goal of attending college or university. This year, applicants will be asked to explain what ‘redemption’ means to them & how it has played a role in their lives & in their interactions with others. Doesn’t everyone love a good comeback story? 

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

1. High school students who graduate in 2017 & have been accepted into a college or university.
2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university.

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2017

♦  Rocco Basile Giving Documentary Photography Scholarship:

This scholarship is meant to encourage personal involvement in social issues & promote socially conscious documentary photography. One student will be chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their higher learning education. To apply, please answer the following question with a short essay + photo – How can the power of photography change the world – Applicants do not have to be pursuing a photography degree, nor have to be experts. 

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  • High school students graduating this calendar year and have been accepted into a college, university, trade school, or design school.
  • Students currently enrolled in a college, university, trade school, or design school.
  • All majors and areas of studies are encouraged to apply

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018

♦ The John Jesensky Scholarship:

Aspiring musicians are often faced with a competitive field & numerous other hurdles. Higher education is already costly, regardless of major, & many students frequently drop musical pursuits & opt for more secure career paths. The John Jesensky  Scholarship was founded to support all colleges & to promote musical education. One student will be chosen to receive $1,000 to help their pursuit of higher learning. To apply, please answer the following question: What kind of impact does music really make on society?

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  • Must be a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the U.S
  • Must be either a high school senior or a college student currently enrolled full-time at an accredited U.S. vocational, junior college, or four-year college/university

Submission Deadline:

March 1, 2018

♦ The Rusty Tweed Economic Scholarship:

Awarded to an outstanding high school student or undergraduate in economics or finance related courses. Recipients of the scholarship are high school seniors or college undergraduates who have demonstrated excellence in their studies of economics or finance, & who have maintained a high-level of academic performance. The scholarship was founded by Rusty Tweed, president & owner of Tweed Financial Services. One candidate will be chosen to receive $1,000. To be considered, please answer the following question:Why does economics matter to you? Essays with a compelling personal voice will help set your entry apart.

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

    • High school students graduating this school year and have been accepted into a college, university, trade school, or design school.
    • Students currently enrolled in a college, university, trade school, or design school. Undergraduates enrolled in college do not have to be pursuing an economic major to be eligible

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2018

♦ The Summit Shah Scholarship:

Dr. Summit Shah has founded the Summit Shah Scholarship in reacting to the rising tuition costs. Dr. Shah, graduated as valedictorian from Bishop Watterson High School before attending Ohio State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s with Honors. He stayed at OSU & earned his MD from the College of Medicine at Ohio State. He has been a tireless advocate of access to higher education & has founded the Summit Shah Scholarship to ensure that deserving students from all parts of the economic spectrum can reach their academic goals. One student will be chosen to receive a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their higher learning education. To be considered for the scholarship, please submit a short essay (500 words or less) recounting an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  • High school students graduating this calendar year and have been accepted into a college, university, trade school, or design school are eligible to apply
  • Students currently enrolled in a college, university, trade school, or design school.
  • All majors and areas of studies are encouraged to apply

Submission Deadline:

May 1, 2018

♦ The Karl Jobst DDS Charity & Scholarship:

The Karl Jobst scholarship was created to provide support aspiring dentists, dental hygienists & those who wish to work in academia. Students from all majors & areas of study are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible, each applicant will be asked to submit a short essay discussing your strengths & unique traits & how they will help you in the future. The award for this scholarship is $1,000.  

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  1. High school students graduating this calendar year, and have been accepted into a college, or university in the USA.
  2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university, and not having reached their senior year.
  3. All applicants must be a U.S. citizen from the 50 states or the District of Columbia.

Submission deadline: May 1, 2018

♦ The Nationwide Debt Direct Scholarship:

Created with the belief that everyone who wants to pursue a higher education should have the opportunity to do so.  Nationwide Debt Direct is committed to helping students receive a higher education, while also keeping their student debt as low as possible. Student loan debt statistics are shocking & can become debilitating to some students. This scholarship was created to show NDD’s commitment to supporting students who have thought about their financial future as well as their academic future. Students from all majors and areas of study are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  1. High school students graduating this calendar year, & have been accepted into a college, or university in the USA.
  2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university, and not having reached their senior year.
  3. All applicants must be a U.S. citizen from the 50 states or the District of Columbia.

 Submission deadline: May 1st, 2018

♦ The Aaron Minc Scholarship:

Created with the belief that everyone who wants to continue learning after high school should get a chance to do so. However, despite what we hope for our future high school graduates not everyone can afford the hefty fees that result from college. Aaron Minc has created this scholarship to give high schoolers the chance to further their education by awarding one person who provides an essay with a $1,500 academic scholarship. Eligibility parameters are as follows:
  1. Be an American high school student graduating by 2018 that has been accepted to a USA college or university.
  2. A current USA enrolled college or university student that hasn’t reached senior year.

Submission deadline: July 31st, 2018


♦ The Jason Kulpa Scholarship:

A quality education creates empowered, confident young professionals who are capable of creating significant changes in the world, & award-winning entrepreneur, Jason Kulpa – supports that endeavor. 

Eligibility parameters are as follows:

  • High school students who will graduate in 2018 & have already been selected to attend a college or university.
  • Students currently enrolled in a college or university but have yet to reach their senior year.

Submission deadline:  May 31st, 2018

♦ “Motherstucker’s Resolution Solution” in early 2015 outlined  GREAT resources for available scholarships from author Kira Janene Holt. See her available books on topic books at!

2015 MOM Resolution Solution: “Cookbook for Getting Your Kid to College”


School Season Slow Cooker (Turkey, Black Bean, & Pumpkin) Nachos

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Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post with Luck’s sample product &/or payment. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own & not influenced in any way. 

School season & all the busyness that comes with it are in full swing! Afterschool activities, sports, homework, etc., consume so much of your time! Don’t let dinner preparation leave you feeling defeated. Get inspired with seasonal ingredients & Luck’s beans for meals that your family will FALL for!

MOMS, you already know that Luck’s Beans are the quintessential southern dish ingredient — bringing signature southern taste for distinct & delicious dishes — Luck’s also has high standards, delivering premium quality beans since 1947. Versatile + Easy + Convenient! Mix in pumpkin & lean turkey for this A+ kid approved at home Nacho Fest that checks ALL the boxes.



√busy schedule friendly

√coupon friendly (Luck’s Coupon!)


1 lb. lean ground turkey

1 15 oz. can Luck’s Black Beans (rinse + drain)

1 15 oz. can pumpkin puree

1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes

2 cups (16 oz.) low sodium chicken broth

1 medium white onion chopped

3 jalapenos, finely diced/seeded

2 garlic cloves

3 tablespoons maple syrup

2 ½ tablespoons chili powder

2/ ½ tablespoons cumin

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon red cayenne pepper

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground cloves

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 bag of tortilla chips + sour cream, cilantro, & shredded cheese for garnish.


Place olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Once hot, add diced onion, 2 diced jalapenos, & garlic. 

Stir & cook for 3 minutes, then add turkey. Break up the meat & cook just until brown.

Add spices (chili powder, cumin, salt, red cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves, & black pepper. Cook for 1 minute more & then move everything into the slow cooker.

Add maple syrup, diced tomatoes, pumpkin, chicken broth, & Luck’s Black Beans. Stir until combined. Cover & cook for 6 hours on low setting or 2 – 3 hours on high setting.

When ready, create a bed of tortilla chips on a plate. Top with School Season Slow Cooker (Turkey, Black Bean, & Pumpkin) deliciousness & garnish with 1 diced, seeded jalapeno, sour cream, shredded cheese, & cilantro. Makes 8 servings. Also yummy solo on crisp autumn days – no tortilla chips needed! For more school season inspiration see all the Luck’s Products & Luck’s Recipe Page

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luck’s.

MOMS, We Need THIS Cubibot!

Realize all your imaginations MOMS! Cubibot is an affordable, user-friendly, high-quality 3D printer with a compact & dynamic design made to fit your lifestyle. Cubibot balances functionality & ease of use without compromising features, matching the performance & quality of expensive, professional 3D printers at an affordable cost.

It’s super simple to set-up & use – if you can use a regular printer, you’ll have no problem using Cubibot! It’s got loads of features, such as cloud printing, a mobile app, & it even includes HEPA+Carbon filters for ventilation to make it safer for home use!

Cubibot is super useful in the home, as it can be used to print toys on demand, print school projects, or print any household item you can imagine. Join Motherstucke & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS February 2018!

6 Different Ways to Rid Yourself of Debt: Which Are Right for You?

With holiday expenses looming right around the corner, now is the time to focus on reducing your debt as well as your expenses! The process doesn’t have to be painful — in fact, it is probably much easier than you think — PLUS Motherstucker has some ideas on how the payoff can be FUN!

♦ Say adios to your landline (home phone) if you have adequate cell service at your home, or consider downgrading to a cheaper package.

♦ Downgrade your cable package too, or get rid of it entirely. There are SO many great options for TV entertainment these days! #NetflixAndChill 😉 Same for your utilities — call your  utility companies & get on a budget plan to give you more consistency with expenses each month. While you’re at it, program your thermostat for savings on heating/cooling when you’re not at home. The following is a Motherstucker guest post with even more help on the topic:

Guest Post: Easy Tips to Save Money on Utilities

♦ Sell/Buy clothes for yourself & the entire family at your local consignment store. Also consider renting clothing. Yes!  Rent the Runway & even for the babies or toddlers in your family. This Motherstucker Blog post from last year outlines the $ SAVING service:

Save Money, Save Time, Save Space –

♦ Hold a yard sale! Advertise higher quality items on Craigslist, Facebook Sale Pages, or the local newspaper.

♦ Get some help! Use a trusted company like Nationwide Debt Direct that educate consumers on one of the strongest proven debt-elimination processes out there today, helping you develop a solution to deal with intolerable amounts of credit card & other unsecured debts. Their customized in-house debt reduction strategies can help you get your finances back on track & you can become debt free in as little as 12-36 months. Don’t forget to check out the Nationwide Debt Direct Scholarship info too! Students from all majors & areas of study are encouraged to apply. The following people are eligible to apply for the Nationwide Debt Direct scholarship:

  1. High school students graduating this calendar year, and have been accepted into a college, or university in the USA.
  2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university, and not having reached their senior year.

♦ Download Apps for where you shop often. Once you have the app installed, focus on buying mostly sale items at grocery store or generic brands to reduce your cost. Use a grocery store awards program to earn money off gas. Buy your most expensive groceries in bulk at Coscto: meats, breads, cheese, produce, paper products. Establish a monthly grocery budget for the additional needs at regular grocery stores.

Burn Rubber to Check out the Newly Released Jeep Compass

Disclosure: I have been given compensation for this post by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. However, all thoughts & opinions expressed are my own.

For weeks, my friend Karen & I were looking forward to experiencing the Mountain Course (#FCAinCharlotte) with Jeep, Dodge, & Ram Trucks during the Charlotte Auto Fair (September 21 – 24th 2017). Our plan was to arrive around 10 AM Friday morning. Then, Motherstucker got this text (Karen in gray, Motherstucker in blue) at 7:42 AM: “Stay tuned. … may need to cancel. (Karen’s hubby) car trouble. ;( Karen’s hubby’s vehicle (which is not a Jeep, Dodge, or Ram Truck!) needed $600+ in repairs.  Her hubby stayed at the other dealership to deal with the mess, while Karen & I took off in my Jeep Sarhara to  the #CLTAutoFair! We enjoyed delicious fair food & learned firsthand all that Jeep, Dodge, & Ram Trucks can do!

The Charlotte Auto Fair is held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a NASCAR track! We took in vendor displays, the manafacturers’ midway, & classic car auctions. We were kid-free for the day, but there was a Kid’s Play Zone that I can’t wait to check out with the littles next year!

The highlight of our day was the FCA Mountain Course! See video below <3 Our performance driver Michael took Karen & I on an adventurous ride in the newly released Jeep Compass (Mobile mountain! Articulation Feature! Side Hill!)!  IMPRESSIVE!

Although slick enough for catting around town, the Jeep Compass can certainly handle any expected (or unexpected!) off road situations. I personally love how the Jeep engineers have added little unexpected cosmetic surprises to the Jeep Compass – no spoilers here – Go see for yourself & tell YOUR friends!

Jeep Wave! XO, Motherstucker

During the Holidays Have You Ever Witnessed the Sad Sight of the Unsold Christmas Trees?

Doug was the only tree not sold & now has ventured out to find a family of his own before Christmas. Please join his journey on Seed and Spark and help him find a home. Just clicking the link & FOLLOWING would make Doug happy.

The Lazy Dog and the Quick Fox; An Action Maze Adventure in Holochromatic Color

Children will delight in this action maze adventure based on the English pangram, “The quick sly fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.” This pangram is used as a basis for extrapolating the story plots in this book. Children can make choices on how they want the story to unfold. Emotional intelligence points are awarded based on their choices. Parents will appreciate the emotional intelligence score scale focusing on friendship at the end of the book. One good example of an action maze adventure was showcased in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks as the leading star. There was a scene in a boardroom at MacMillan Toy Company where the adult Josh and Susan presented a proposal for a computerized version of an action maze adventure, a story format that has existed in paperback form in real life for ages prior to this movie’s debut. It is ironic that the author has done the opposite, first by composing an action maze adventure in an online blog, and then converting it into a book.

Most of this story can be found for free online in this blog link below. The book has pictures, the EQ scale in the back of the book, and a few extra chapters that are not found in this blog.

Ms. Rebecca Rose Orton, the author, was born deaf. She learned American Sign Language again after being away from the Deaf community for nearly 20 years. After returning to her Deaf origins, she had at least 20 years of signing experience and considers herself bilingual and bi-cultural within both the Deaf community and the hearing world.

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When was the last time you struggled with organizing something? Or tried to find out who’s coming? Or perhaps you just want everyone to share their photos after your daughter’s birthday party? How about managing payments?

Inviteez makes it very simple to invite your friends for a catch-up dinner, play date or anything else your heart desires! You can send all the information easily (via SMS or email), see who’s coming, chat with each other, and share all your photos in a shared, exportable album (you’ll also be able to organise payments amongst each other very soon too :)) 

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