imageSlip into something more comfortable OtherStuckers! Exotic Amber combines with warm Vanilla to make an amazingly scented whipped body butter (4oz., $14.50). You won’t find a better body butter out there – nourish your skin with only the finest ingredients! Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Amber and Vanilla Essential Oils. What is that smell? Oh my it’s YOU smelling amazing! Great gift for you and the other radiant gals on your holiday shopping list!


imageOtherStucker? – Will the flipsit fit my toilet seat?
MotherStucker: Yes, the unique design of the flipsit allows it to fit any toilet seat or lid. Flipsit flexes to fit curved bottomed seats.

OtherStucker? – Does the flipsit attach to the toilet seat?
MotherStucker: Flipsit uses a semi-permanent adhesive that is water and chemical resistant.
(Peel and Stick OtherStuckers!)

OtherStucker? – Does the flipsit stay on my toilet seat?
MotherStucker: Flipsit will stay attached for years, but it can easily be removed without damaging your seat.

Bonus: Antimicrobial + FREE SHIPPING!

Mrs. Claus Pet Project-Prancer

Shop for fabulous apparel and accessories designed with the busy MOM in mind. SPORTYMOMMAS is the place where MOMS look good, feel good, and inspire others — We hope our products and ideas inspire you to try something new or start that book or business you always wanted — If you already have a business or product we hope to connect other MOMS to you. Check out our “SportyMOMMAS of the Month”, boutique and SportyMOMMAS blog! All products featured on the site were created by moms like you. A portion of each sale will be donated to charities that support women and children. Mrs. Claus Pet Project: PRANCER –

Mrs. Claus Pet Project-Blitzen

Stocking Stuffer Alert! Who has the dirtiest boots in the family? Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work with BootManna! The ideal cleaner for your Timberland boots, BootManna works fantastic on any tan suede boots or shoes. BootManna is food for your soles! BootManna gives suede boots what they need to remain clean and to last longer. Say THANK YOU with BootManna! Mrs. Claus Pet Project: BLITZEN – BootManna

Mrs. Claus Pet Project-Dasher

11_may_026DASHER’S TIP: Tongariro Active Flax Tank!
Stay active OtherStuckers and be ready for all the tasty holiday treats, because you got your workout on in this cute performance top! High technical specification dry-cool sport fabric quickly wicks the sweat away. Flattering on most body shapes in a medium scoop neckline. Shaped to curve out over your hips and tummy. Super Stretchy. Extra length. Available in Size 8 – 14. Challenge your family and friends to a fitness class during the holidays and WOW in this super attractive athletic wear! Mrs. Claus Pet Project: DASHER – Tongariro Active Flax Tank

MotherStucker Made: Porch Holiday Decor

image Motherstucker Headquarters holiday 2013 porch is complete thanks to inspiration from HGTV! The experts at HGTV have ideas and inspiration for creating a classic holiday entrance and front porch using greenery and all natural materials!

I fell in love with these red snowflake decorations and made my own with red felt and red card stock backing. I added colored lights to Christmas trees and red ornaments on existing landscaping. The entire family was able to help from cutting out snowflakes to making tree skirts out of red flannel! Happy Holidays OtherStuckers!
XOXO, MotherStucker

Mrs. Claus Pet Project-Cupid

photo-6CUPID’S TIP: Baby Photography Classes
Give the precious gift of capturing memories! This online course will teach MOMS how to photograph their babies and their kids of all ages. As you might imagine it is very difficult to go to a traditional classroom when you depend on someone to take care of your child. A new MOMS schedule is not her own anymore and things may change quickly. Imagine the benefits of learning how to photograph baby online:
-MOM does not have to leave your home for class.
-MOM can stop to oversee anything/everything her baby needs and come right back to her photo class.
-MOM can do her photography class late at night or early in the morning or whenever her child is sleeping.

Every MOM on your list will THANK YOU for this thoughtful gift!
Mrs Claus Pet Project: CUPID – Baby Photography Classes

Mrs.Claus Pet Project-Donder

070313_Single_Final_LogoDONDER’S TIP: NO&YO Company
Surf the web like Donder surfs the sky for the OtherStucker Surfers on your holiday list! Men’s Apparel, Women’s Apparel + Accessories with lifestyle in mind. Feel good about giving because for NO&YO, giving back to the community is a must and is the core of the company’s philosophy. It is especially important to NO&YO’s values that we all may share the joys of what the ocean has to offer while helping to spread a positive impact around the world. A % from every single item sold will be donated to charity. Mrs Claus Pet Project: DONDER – NO&YO CompanyAd1_Surfer

Happy Holidays + Updates……


Mrs.Claus Pet Project-Comet’s Tip

imageCOMET’S TIP: Glow Universe
Stuff my stocking with Glow Universe! Glow bracelets, glow necklaces, glowsticks, glow accessories, flashing jewelry, flashing barware and decor, LED flashing party supplies and LED flashing nightsticks (extremely helpful on Santa’s sleigh!)!
imageThe LED flashing champagne glasses will surely delight your guests! With their bright LEDs they will literally lighten up the mood at any event. They are just the perfect thing to have for your next party and family celebration. Why not make your next bubbly toast one that won’t be forgotten for a long time? The LED flashing champagne glasses have bright LEDs built in – all you need to do is press a button to make them light up your and your guest’s bubbly drinks. They are made from sturdy acrylic and will last you a long time. You can rinse them easily and reuse them over and over, ready for more LED flashing fun for all your upcoming celebrations and toasts! Free shipping on orders over $30! To order and for more information click the link below or call 1-800-760-GLOW

Mrs.Claus Pet Project-Vixen’s Tip


VIXEN’S TIP: The BumpBan
Get to the root cause of bumps with this revolutionary new device! Specially designed micro-lifters gently free ingrown hair, eliminating your bumps fast. Use it in a natural shaving motion immediately after shaving, and in between shaves, at least once daily. This product is great for the bikini line, legs, or even under arms. More and more women are discovering The BumpBan daily.

Regain Your Confidence Now! Razor bumps are a serious issue affecting millions of people on a daily basis. With The BumpBan you now have the ability to put an end to them for good. The BumpBan lets you look your best. BumpBan guarantees you noticeably smoother skin and huge savings over liquid and creams based products, that never work as promised! To order and for more info click link below!


imageBEAUTIPHYED enriches the lives of people by providing products made exclusively from high quality plant, fruit and berry oils blended with plant and fruit extracts to exploit natural beauty. Their products are loaded with natural and organic ingredients that are healthy, nutritious, and toxin free. Good nutritional advice tells you: “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it!” & It’s no different for your skin. The BEAUTIPHYED line of products include: Cleansers, Mists/Toners, Eye Care, Moisturizers, Face Serums, Treatments, Masks, Lip Care, Bath Salts/ Body Scrubs and Body Butters. Give the purifying mask for post holiday detox! image

BEAUTIPHYED Purifying Mask deeply cleanses skin and tighten pores by detoxifying and absorbing the skin impurities. This mask controls the excess oil by regulating excess sebum secretion, minimize acne breakout. The result is a smooth, clean, radiant complexion. Suitable For Combination, Oily & Acne, Prone Skin. Get your glow on for 2014! XOXO, MotherStucker


Good Gracious! Give gorgeous 14 Karat Solid Gold Gemstone Earrings With Mother Of Pearl And Lavender Amethyst Gemstones! Timeless summer whites with a touch of color.

Ready Set SHOP!


imageMotherStucker MUST HAVE!
Otherstuckers, you can choose from items in stock or can choose a kimono, a design, a tailor a garment in your size – for the same price as an in stock item! combines the amazing beauty of vintage Japanese silk with perfect Japanese workmanship to create lovely, one of a kind pieces. even has popular holiday gift ideas including towels, bedding, homewares, kimonos as art, etc. Sayōnara! XOXO, MotherStucker




1_agriseptWho wouldn’t want help to keep from getting sick (especially during the holidays and school season)? MORE Agrisept-L is on MotherStucker’s most wanted holiday gift list! Agrisept-L is a citrus extract that includes grapefruit seed extract and is safe for kids! Drop 1-2 drops in any kind of juice. MotherStucker Tip: Most customers prefer Agrisept-L in 8 ounces of orange juice.

It helps kick colds and the flu by killing bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria. Agrisept-L is also excellent for soaking your meats and veggies in with water to get rid of any salmonella or bacteria. To order and for more information click here:

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SWOON! Give the gift of gorgeous lashes! Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes:

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I feel like I am constantly on the hunt for perfect hostess gifts. Why? These days:
– “White Sugar Phobias” – nix the holiday cookies
– “Household Nut Allergies” – nix the mixed nut assortment
– “Vino Dilemma” – Red? White? Not wine drinkers? Oh vey…

The 2013 Holiday Par-Teh schedule is PACKED and my hostess gift problem is solved. Thankfully, MotherStucker has discovered O-LIVE Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
imageO-LIVE is available nationally and can be found at your local Target, Kroger, Bi-Lo, Wegmans, AGB and more. Pick up your 2013 holiday hostess gifts on your next grocery trip and WIN a O-LIVE GIVEAWAY GIFT BASKET for YOU here:

A Rafflecopter Giveaway – MOTHERSTUCKER & O-LIVE

ENTER TO WIN! Entry open 11/21/13 (midnight) and will close 11/26/13 (midnight). O-LIVE GIVEAWAY GIFT BASKET contains utensils and ingredients for an Italian dinner (pasta, colander, O-LIVE, etc) valued at $30! Read more about O-LIVE & CO. on their website at O-LIVEandCO.COM

White Hot Review Board: I Know Magazine

imageThis time next week, you will likely be preparing for Thanksgiving festivities! Want to be sure you have plenty to talk about (and not just turkey-talk) at the table? Take some time this week and peruse

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MotherStucker Made: Eucalyptus Wreath

imageMotherStucker Materials:
-Plant trimmings (eucalyptus for today, try greenery that you have available!)
-Wreath frame (available at any craft store, or use an old wreath)
-Yard trimmers (for the heavy duty branches)
-Ribbon or decoration of your choice

Saturday afternoon, a neighbor was trimming her eucalyptus bush. The eucalyptus trimmings looked gorgeous and smelled even better, so I decided to put them to use. My holiday wreaths of artificial pine are an eyesore at best. Time to up cycle and free cycle!

imageI started but removing the dusty (fake) pine from it’s metal wreath backing. Left with a wreath skeleton, I trimmed the eucalyptus pieces down to a manageable size (approx. 2.5 feet) and began to weave the trimmings through the wreath frame. Once the entire wreath circle was entwined with eucalyptus, I simply added more where needed. Popped on some ribbon and that’s a wrap!

OtherStucker Difficulty Level = 1
1. Blonde
2. Easy
3. Moderate
4. Hard
5. Chuck Norris

Eucalyptus P.S: Before cocktail hour later that Saturday, I decided to tweet my project success complete with picture (not as cute as the doggy Delores picture above!). DAVID BROMSTAD -THE COLORSPLASH HGTV DESIGNER GUY – favorited my Eucalyptus tweet and then tweeted to me, “@christystucker Amaze!”. So yes, I can die happy now 😉 XOXO, MotherStuckerimage

Guest Post: Easy Tips to Save Money on Utilities

Looking to stretch your budget, without having to take on a second part time job, or cut back on your groceries? One of the best ways of doing this is cutting back on your electric bill. A lot of people don’t realize that with just a few simple measures, we can reduce our electric bills significantly, which is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment too!

Lights are one of the main reasons we have an electric bill. We use them constantly – and often – unnecessarily leaving lights on is one of the primary mistakes in regards to electric bill efficiency. The first step to cutting back on any electric bill is remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room, also, check before you go to bed and make sure you aren’t leaving on porch lights. Finally, check the lights in your house and make sure they are all properly working. It is easy to overlook a light that we believe is off, when it is actually on and the bulb isn’t working.

Cut down on the Wattage
Cutting back on wattage will save you money throughout the month. When you go to the store, seek out energy efficient light bulbs and cut back on your wattage. Do you really need that 100 watt bulb in your bedroom, when you can just as easily get away with a 60 watt bulb?

A/C and Heat
Cutting back on A/C and Heating preserves a lot of electricity use in our homes. Instead of having your AC on 68-70, try letting it go up to 72-74. In fact, automatic thermostats often run up our bills, because of the tendency to cut on and off every time it detects a temperature change (opening a door to the outside, etc). This is probably the biggest money saver you can make by cutting back on

Cancelling your Cable Subscriptionsave_money_on_utilities__couponism
This may seem like an extreme suggestion, but it’s actually quite practical. Most of us do not have time to sit around and watch hours of television, yet we pay $60 + a month cable bills (even for basic packages), this results in a lot of money being unnecessarily wasted. Want an alternative to cable? Try Netflix for $7.99, which will allow you to stream movies and shows on demand. Netflix is a great choice as they have constantly been adding their own TV series

Cutting Back on Water Consumption
In many places, the water bills can get outrageously expensive. The first step to making sure you aren’t overpaying for water is making sure there aren’t any leaks. Make sure you go around and check your toilets, sinks and bathtubs and listen for any dripping sounds. If you don’t find anything, you’re probably safe and can assume there aren’t any leaks in your water system; unless your bill suddenly becomes disproportionally high one month.

The next step involves limiting your water consumption. When you turn on water facets, make sure to turn them off once you’ve finished what you are doing and never allow your faucets to run on their own unattended. If you’re washing dishes, fill up the sink just enough to submerge your dishes in a small pool of water. Take showers, not baths! Research into water consumption actually shows that a full bath uses up to 80 liters of water, where as a shower lasting about 5 minutes uses only about 34 liters of water. However, make sure the showers you’re using aren’t power showers; these showers use over twice as much water as a normal shower does.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to save a good amount of money every month on your utilities!

Guest Post written by Sevan. Sevan devises new methods to save money online with coupons. He is the owner of

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imageDo you have a runner on your holiday gift list? MotherStucker (a runner herself) recommends “The Runner’s Choice” by Trusted Health Products – MotherLoad Holiday Giving Guide #10: The Runner’s Choice – November is National Running Safety Month and MotherStucker cares about the health and safety of the runners you love.

Runner’s Choice is for the discomfort of sore feet. As low as $16.64 per 60ml bottle (that lasts at least 6 months!), it is designed for people that are on their feet all day or for people who run 3 miles or more at a time. Made in the USA, The Runner’s Choice, is scientifically formulated with 100% natural botanical oils of almond, eucalyptus, eucalytol, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. Unlike many commercial creams and lotions, the botanical oils in The Runner’s Choice are very easily received through the pores in the skin, with simple topical application, and no rubbing.

Order yours here – MotherLoad Holiday Giving Guide #10: The Runner’s Choice – Pass along the safety tips below to your jolly joggers this holiday season!
547873_4116672400963_1802290487_n1. Carry a cell phone – It might feel a bit cumbersome to carry your phone on a run, but in the event you need it and there aren’t other people around it could be a lifesaver.
2. Let someone know where you are going – Before you take off on your run, let someone know where you are going and what time you plan on returning. Tell your husband, send a text to your teenager or send a quick email to a friend letting them know what route you are planning to take and how long you should be out.
3. Light up the night – Runners are hard to see at night and can be easily overlooked by a tired or distracted driver. Wearing reflective clothing and lights makes it much easier for drivers to spot you. Also, wearing a headlamp or carrying a flashlight can help you avoid potholes and other hazards in the road.
4. Listen up – Turn down the music, wear headphones in just one ear or, best yet, don’t listen to music at all. It’s important to hear what is going on around you, especially when it is dark and you can’t see your surroundings as well.
5. Power in numbers – Running with a friend or Fido is not only more fun, but also safer. If you don’t have runner friends or a dog ask a friend to bike along you while you run.


SantaGraphs are fun personalized autographed pictures of Santa. Send an 8×10 glossy picture of Santa with your personalized message to your friends, family, coworkers and loved ones! – See more at:


imageGreen Kid Crafts delights kids and their parents with fun, creative and earth-friendly craft activities, delivered right to the front door! Every month’s Discovery Box is packed with unique and engaging activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while developing their respect and love for the environment.

Appropriate for ages 3-8, Discovery Box projects are reviewed by experts, kid tested and parent approved for fun. I was thoroughly impressed with the overall value and attention to detail of our Discovery Box. Perfectly age appropriate containing additional suggestions for extended play and learning – plus re-gifting possibilities through the crafts made!

imageSubscriptions are available in month-to-month, 3, 6 and 12 month durations, and also make great gifts! Every purchase you make with Green Kid Crafts supports sustainable business, and a portion of each sale is donated to environmental organizations.

MOTHERSTUCKER EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL SALE for your traveling family this November! SAVE 25% ON ALL SINGLE DISCOVERY BOXES – Great for air and car travel! The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. Keep the kids entertained while traveling. Win-Win for parents and kids; plus these boxes now qualify for free shipping! Order by clicking on the Green Kid Crafts ad to the right —> (might need to scroll down a bit!).



photo-6Each year I anticipate the first of November with overall excitement because it means LAUNCH DAY for the MotherLoad Holiday Giving Guide. 2013 however, is an entirely different adventure.

Believe it or not, the first MotherLoad Holiday Giving Guide idea for 2013 made it to the top of the list in late September of this year. OtherStuckers, this is a “Beautiful” story.

As a woman in my late thirties, I have been using facial skin care products for 25+ years. As Mrs. U.S. of A Globe 2005 and Mrs. Kentucky 2009 please realize I experimented heavily with any product I could get my hands on. I needed perfect skin – no exceptions. At the very least, I wanted the best possible skin I could achieve. As you might imagine, I was disappointed with every single product I tried.

Without any good options, I settled onto products that bounced my skin from one extreme to another. Does dry/unexplained breakout/skin fading/too oily/premature wrinkles/hyperpigmintation/blackheads look familiar? I struggled with at least 2 issues at a time (up to all 7 simultaneously sometimes) and thought I would just have to put up with it.
image I never imagined a facial skin care product that would have my name (YOUR name too) on the bottle itself. More shocking is that what is inside the bottle actually makes skin beautiful.

Skin care has been revolutionized with “Beautiful”, the world’s first skin supplement. It actually feeds my skin (and yours!) what it needs in order for it to be luminous and healthy. Beautiful uses a rare combination of live fruit, nut and plant extracts to feed your skin cells and promote youthful, moist skin.

In all honesty, the use of “Beautiful” requires a brain shift. Thinking of applying oil to my skin seemed extremely unconventional. Soon, other shifts began to happen. I noticed that I didn’t feel the need to wear make-up as often (because I had less and less to cover up!). Even when I did apply make-up for a special occasion I realized I was using less makeup — due to having less to cover up overall — plus the make-up itself now reacted better with my skin.

imageWhen I wear make-up it now glides and blends over my skin instead of sitting on top of my skin like a mask. I use only 2 products – the Beautiful AM Moisturizer and the Beautiful PM Revitalizer. Both products can be purchased together in a .5 oz set for $44.94. I use approximately 3 drops of Beautiful AM in the morning and Beautiful PM in the evening, meaning this size/set will last you at least 2 months.

What a perfect gift for all the beautiful people in your life – Mom, sister(in-law), aunt, BFF, daughter – don’t forget YOU. Order yours by clicking this link: MotherLoad Holiday Giving Guide #13: Beautiful – Use now to look your most beautiful for upcoming 2013 holiday season festivities!

Boo! Do’s & Don’ts

MotherStucker thinks the scariest part of Halloween should be the trip to the costume store. This year I was chased around the aisles by a sketchy clown while attempting to find a pirate costume for my big ghoul and a kitty cat costume for my little monster. I told the clown (…shiver…) that this wasn’t my first Halloween rodeo. In fact, 2013 marks my 11th year as a Trick or Treat supervising parent. Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to child safety. Throughout the years I have picked up several effective tips that parents can share with kids to help reduce risks on Halloween night (and beyond!).

MotherStucker’s Trick or Treat Two Cents’:

BOO DO Develop a planned Halloween route and practice your route before the big night. Watch for traffic patterns and pick a path that is pedestrian friendly. Share your plan with your little monsters so that the group has clear expectations.

BOO DON’T Select a costume that doesn’t fit properly. Make sure it is the right size to prevent trips and falls.

BOO DO Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers. Since masks can sometimes obstruct a child’s vision, try non-toxic face paint and makeup whenever possible.

BOO DON’T Let children under 10 trick or treat without adult supervision. Just don’t.

BOO DO Use glow sticks or flashlights to help see your path and to help drivers see you.

BOO DON’T Cross the street between parked cars or those that are turning or backing up. Teach children to use crosswalks whenever possible and to never dart out into the street.

BOO DO have active (often) communication with your big ghouls (age 10+ at your discretion) that are mature enough to be out without supervision. Keep Track of Your Kids This Halloween with the MamaBear App
 — Kids love that they can check in with parents using emoticons — Parents love the map locator feature plus alerts when your kids arrive or leave places you set. Remind them to stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups. Happy Halloween!

White Hot Review Board: Teespring

This MotherStucker likes concepts that are as easy as A, B, C. The basic info: Teespring is beyond a problem solver. It is the solution. Here are the answers you need to know:

Teespring is a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel.
image1. Anyone can come and design a shirt which they can then sell via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else online. The seller keeps all of the profit the shirt earns. People use Teespring as a fundraising tool or just to earn some extra money. The best part is the shirts don’t print and ship until a set end date determined by the seller. This means you pay nothing upfront, take no risk and don’t have to deal with the hassle of ordering the right number of shirts. You can launch your campaign at Remember, you can use a design of your own, or choose from the 1,000s of graphic TeeSpring provides for free!

image2. Share your Teespring campaign with your twitter followers, Facebook friends and fans and email subscribers to collect pre-orders towards your goal. Pre-ordering is free! Buyers will only be charged if the goal you set is reached. MotherStucker designed a T for my neighborhood – the quality of T’s available are top notch and the Teespring site is not only easy to navigate but fun! I’m excited that proceeds from the MotherStucker designed shirt for the neighborhood will go to charity and we are well on the way to reaching our Teespring goal. MotherStucker’s link:

image3. You can continue to sell past your goal. Once the time limit ends (you set the parameters), Teespring handles printing and shipping. Teespring then sends you a check for the profit! Give yourself an A for effort — earn your place on the MotherStucker honor roll with Teespring — Class dismissed 😉

“Bourbon and Beans” Flashback Feature: One Bad Mother

(Posted on October 22, 2012 by Bourbon & Beans

Christy Stucker is a fireball – pure and simple.

A native Kentuckian, wife, mom, blogger, and former Mrs. Kentucky America / Mrs. U.S. Globe winner, Christy has shown that she has the passion and determination to make her dreams come true. But she’s just getting started.

When Christy came in to our office last week in a bright pink studded jacket and rush of bubbly excitement, we knew she was someone we wanted to work with. We sat down and chatted about how she got where she is. When asked where she wants to be next year, she said that very question was written on her mirror in eyeliner – a reminder to always be thinking of the future.
In March of this year, Christy began her blog, The Mother Stucker. Geared toward feisty and fashionable moms, her frequent posts include women’s and household product reviews, vacation ideas, family-friendly recipes, chic style and her own entertaining and well-written viewpoints. She plans expand her role as a professional promoter and to continue her charity work.

November is an exciting month for Christy, as she gears up for a holiday charity event in the Ukraine. Each year, the Mrs. U.S. of A Globe Travel Team brings “Christmas to Kids” in the winning contestant’s home country. In December 2012, Christy will travel to an orphanage in the Ukraine and bring blankets, pajamas, holiday outfits, teddy bears and a special personalized toy to over 90 children.

This year Christy decided to bring “Christmas for Kids” to Kentucky, too. She and the Mrs. Kentucky America travel team will deliver gifts to over 50 boys and girls at the Appalachian Children’s Home in Knox County.

To get involved, check for updates and/or email for more information.

Name: Christy Stucker
​Location: Lexington KY
​Occupation: The Mother Stucker (Brand/Blogger)
​Approximate Age: 35

Favorite bourbon?
​In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Right or wrong, I go with Willett / Maker’s Mark!

Favorite bean?
​Garbanzo Beans (Ceci Beans) – hands down! I use them in a Mediterranean stew recipe, flatbread appetizer, in salads, etc.

Are you from Kentucky? Where?
​Proud to be a lifelong Kentuckian! I grew up in Northern Kentucky, graduated from The University of Kentucky, spent 6 years in Louisville and have been back in Lexington since 2006.

Do you consider yourself to be sassy?
​Keep reading…

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
​Strong abdominal muscles and unwavering conviction – allow me to explain. I have a Tempurpedic bed. When you push down to roll over, nothing happens. It’s like being in quicksand (you about need a crane to get out of it). They don’t make a big point of that in the commercials. So, every day I feel as though I am closer to my personal goals – one of those goals being six-pack abs.

What is the biggest business challenge you face right now?
​Whose turn is it to make the Starbucks run?

What’s a great book/movie you recently read/watched?
​I really enjoyed “Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom. I think about my (possible?) 5 connections every day. I also recently read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and am working on completing my 10,000 hours as he suggests….

When do you know it’s time for a vacation?
​Red flag: When I start making fantasy itineraries on travel sites. May I suggest

What’s one of your leadership secrets?
​Clear and concise communication is of utmost importance. Especially when answering the questions “Where are we going?”, “How are we going to get there?”, and “What is my role?”

When you’re off work, where can we find you in Lexington (or surrounding areas)?
​Some fall/winter favorites: Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Andover Country Club, Red River Gorge, etc.

What do you look for in an employee or business partnership?
​I look for “fire” in their eyes as well as “laser” focus. I’ve discovered that when my team concentrates on one important aspect of our business (and give it all we’ve got!) we are exponentially more productive. Splitting our focus only creates opportunity for becoming overwhelmed and missing details. I want employees and partnerships that give the important aspects of our business our FULL attention for a designated period for phenomenal results.

What’s a quote or saying that gets you through the tough days?
​“You will find joy in overcoming obstacles.” – Helen Keller

How do you relish your successes?
​Champagne. Apply liberally. 🙂

Why is it important to buy from local businesses?
​The Mother Stucker buys local because it makes sense (cents!). Competition and diversity leads to more consumer choice in Lexington. I also appreciate the opportunity to make new contacts in my hometown!

White Hot Review Board: Visa®

How ugly is your bank issued debit card? I speak from experience. Mine is black and orange and well-worn all over. Nothing like the super stylish cards pictured below! See for yourself and even browse card designs by category at I searched “fashion” and found over 119 options. See what is available in other categories too (nature, cityscapes, sports, causes, etc.)! Thousands of cool, unique card designs to choose from, including brands like: Garfield, Popeye, Betty Paige, James Dean, Care Bears, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Research, Shark Week, Where’s Waldo, Doodle Jump, Three Stooges, Nancy Drew, etc.

CARD is the prepaid debit card that’s fun to use. NO Credit Check plus you can use everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® are accepted. Access ATMs worldwide plus NO overdraft fees or late fees. Your new card is free to order, activate and load. I like that my fashionable new card is safer than cash with 24/7 support including Visa’s fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds.

image-Free app and check deposits from your smartphone
-Free direct deposit
-Free card-to-card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds
-No credit check and approval in seconds
-No check cashing fees
-22,000 in-network ATMs
-Order yours today
-It’s everywhere you want to be! XOXO, MotherStucker

MotherStucker’s Mexican Prison

As my first ever trip to Mexico approached, I made 3 rules for myself in regards to my time south of the border.

1. I do not want to go to a Mexican Prison.
2. I do not want to go to a Mexican Hospital.
3. I do not want to participate in any activities which might lead to an excursion at a Mexican Prison and/or a Mexican Hospital.

330190_2664651787995_1718323632_oAs the plane touched down on Mexican soil, my travel entourage foursome began to make plans for the day. Mr. MotherStucker and I were enjoying time away from our OtherStuckers with another couple possessing an equally funny last name*. As a group we decided the boys would go play golf at the resort while my fellow Mother* friend and I would take the rental car in search of a nearby grocery –or retail therapy – whichever we were to encounter first.

My excitement to be in Mexico for the first time was palpable. In the spirit of the occasion I had put on my most festive dress. I was colorful and cool in my (tiny) cotton dress as I also had made the decision earlier in the day to go commando. Don’t judge me. Mexico is hot!

THUD! An extremely loud noise echoed through our microscopic Mexican rental car. Thud…Thud…Thud…Thud. MotherStucker! We blew a tire on the highway and immediately began searching for a place to pullover. Concrete walls lined the 4 lane road with only one break visible ¼ mile ahead. The area was sketchy at best and I began to wonder what sort of building we would be stuck in front of and for how long.

As we coasted off the highway onto the dirt road’s building entrance I panicked. The next several hours aren’t good. So not good in fact that my mind has blocked a large portion of the experience.…This is what I know for sure.
I am stranded at a Mexican Prison with my fellow female traveler.

I promised myself I would not go to a Mexican Prison. There were only 3 rules!

Yo no hablo español.

No calling or texting possible on our phones as we were ‘too busy’ to secure an international calling card before leaving home.

Prison guards with machine guns pointed at us.


Promises to God I will change a few things moving forward.

Sweaty everywhere.


No hub cap key in the rental. We are unarmed and unable to change the tire ourselves.

This is a shi**y trip.

My only option for a rescue is an unmarked car that has shown up hours later at the entrance to the Mexican Prison. The driver of the car doesn’t speak English but points to the rental car company folder I’m death gripping to my chest, then points to himself. He walks to his own equally microscopic vehicle and gestures for us to get in with him.

We did.

I prayed. A lot.

More tears.

Upon arriving at the rental car company building I launch myself at the first English speaking employee I hear/see to explain we need help! I thank our rescuer to the best of my ability and continue to sob as we receive a new rental car. I nickname this new rental, “shoe” because for my remaining Mexican Vacation I keep mixing it up with my other shoes, as it is approximately the same size.

Meanwhile, back at the resort the boys are finishing up 36 holes of golf. As my gal pal and I explain what we have been up to, our hubbies faces fall into despair. They knew at that moment that they were never going to hear the end of it…

Luckily, I never ended up at a Mexican Hospital. At least, not on this trip.

*Name have been withheld for witness protection purposes. Trust me, even weirder than Stucker. Bless her heart.

Appalachian Children’s Home: Field of Dreams

Nearing their diamond 65th anniversary, the Appalachian Children’s Home (501 c 3 non-profit) has experienced a change-up that enables the entire ACH team to go extra innings in the practice of helping kids. In past seasons — namely 2001 — ACH was in danger of striking out. The outlook was dismal with only $210.00 in the ACH checking account in addition to state and federal seizure notices (due to unpaid payroll taxes) amounting to a ballpark debt figure of $100,000.00 with penalties.

ACH needed an ace and they found him in Steve Yeary. Steve accepted the position of President at ACH and put nearly $45,000 of his family’s money to pay past due bills. Yeary set the children’s home up to score by forming “fee for services” contracts in 2001 that still sustain the home today. Yeary then began pitching his vision for ACH to churches and individuals.

Prior to 2001, $35,000 was the most successful financial year the home ever had. Within his first year of play as President of ACH, Yeary had procured $600,000 in receivables. Today Appalachian Children’s Home is in a league of their own with a budget of $2.9 million including an annual audit review of finances. All donations go to resident children’s needs.

ACH holds 2 state licenses — long-term care residential and an emergency shelter — additionally they are nationally and internationally accredited by the Council on Quality & Leadership. 2009 was a pennant year as ACH was voted nonprofit of the year by the Kentucky Highlands Corporation, Eastern Kentucky University, and The Center for Rural Development.

Appalachian Children’s Home accepts kids from every county in Kentucky between the ages of 11 and 18. Every child is referred to ACH by social services. Bases are loaded at ACH with 53 staff team members and up to 52 child residents. Knox Appalachian School is a public school located on the ACH campus. It is staffed by 5 full-time teachers and a Title I Coordinator. ACH/Knox Appalachian School was the pilot program for the Plato learning system and each student has their own individual I-Pad. Students work on a curriculum based entirely on their learning need and ability.

This new season at ACH allows all players to step up to the plate! ACH’s 150 acre campus includes a 2 acre stocked fishing pond, a nationally licensed horseback riding instructor and 4 Tennessee Walking Horses. Students from Eastern Kentucky University, Union College, and Lincoln Memorial University complete internships each semester on the Appalachian Children’s Home team roster. Many former ACH residents have gone on to become teachers, state government officials, business leaders, pastors and other various professional occupations. Winning Streak? Even a rookie can recognize the strategy of a champion work ethic. Go team ACH!

Photo: Appalachian Children’s Home Staff Leader Group 2013

“I’ve learned to call things as I see them. My philosophy of life is simple, with a vital, driving force: I believe in my God, my family, my country, and baseball. Including baseball may seem out of place in this statement, but I firmly believe that baseball, more than being just a national pastime, has been officially bound up with American life, certainly with my own. It helped develop me physically as a boy. It taught me teamwork and an ability to cooperate with others. Another thing, it taught me to try to play according to the rules of the game. This has helped me throughout life.” -Umpire Ralph “Babe” Pinelli

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