Congratulations Green Kid Crafts!

MotherStucker’s MOTHERLOAD Holiday Giving Guide post #1 featured Green Kid Crafts.  See it here:

Green Kid Crafts has received two awards from MACT: the MACT Green Award, and the MACT Excellence Award (Yay!!).  Saturday (12/15/12)  is the last day to order your creative, eco friendly gifts from GreenKidCrafts and get them in time for Christmas! Just use the ad link to the right MotherStuckers!

MOTHERLOAD Holiday Giving Guide VI: MailPix

The holiday season is here MotherStuckers!  This year I ordered my photo Christmas cards from!  3 words:  Fifty Percent Off!

Yes – get your holiday cards now through 12/31/12 using promo code:  HOLIDAY

MailPix uses the latest easy-to-use web technology — integrated with social media — making your holidays to-do list easier than ever! Turn digital photos, Facebook and Instagram pictures into your holiday cards or photo books, prints,enlargements and a variety of gifts!

MailPix helped this MotherStucker create a puzzle from a family photo that the kiddos can enjoy after Christmas Eve festivities.  Likewise, I just know my besty is going to love her white leather custom photobook from MailPix this year.  Want to WIN your own FREE MailPix custom photobook MotherStucker?  Enter NOW through 12/12/12 (Midnight) by sharing your funniest holiday memory on Twitter!  Here’s how*:

#makingmemories @MailPix “Your funny holiday memory here!” #MotherStucker

Of course be sure to follow MailPix on Twitter, Facebook, MailPix Blog and on Pinterest !

(*1 winner will be chosen and notified on 12/13/12 by Twitter direct message.)


MOTHERLOAD Holiday Giving Guide IV: Jossybelle Bows

Do you have a “Cindy Lou Who” on your Christmas shopping list?  JossyBelle Bows provide gorgeous and quality handmade bows (classic,  pinwheel, loop, spike, curly, double bow tie), bow holders, and other accessories for the girls on your holiday list.  JossyBelle has discounts available on multiple item orders and a full line of Christmas 2012 bows ready to ship. This MotherStucker <3’s the Wired Headwrap (wore mine to Starbucks this morning) as it looks great and stays put!!/JossyBelleBows  859-229-6102

MotherStucker Pin-somnia

Despite the fact I’m familiar with many of the cutting-edge social media technologies, I am often hesitant to adopt them because I’m already too busy with blogging, Twitter, Facebook and my iPhone.  However, my latest obsession has surpassed them all – and believe me, that’s really saying something. It’s more than a site, it’s a lifestyle.  My husband would say an addiction.

I’ve gone from being a bored cook to being constantly inspired to try the onslaught of new, fabulous recipes.  The endless barrage of crafts and styles motivate me to action and I am completely addicted to the fashion/beauty section where I have found a collection of the most innovative, creative and accessibly stylish offerings on the Web that are updated every second.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. If you’re not familiar, here are a few basics.

What is Pinterest?  According to Pinterest’s “About Us” page, it is a virtual pin board — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste. People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things — recipes, holiday ideas, travel, crafts, kid’s activities. You name it, people are pinning it.

How do you get a Pinterest invite? Why are invites to Pinterest even necessary?  If you ask me for an invite by email, I’ll send you an invite (! Warning: it might take a few days, but I’ll get to it, I promise!  Why is Pinterest registration by invite only? I honestly don’t know. That’s the way they want it, so that’s the way it is. It can be all very Zen if you think about it the right way.

Why I love it:  I am a visual creature and my computer’s bookmarks just don’t cut it. The process is simple: if you see a Web site you like, simply copy-and-paste the URL. Or, if it is already on, simply “repin.”

What should you pin on Pinterest?  Think of your Pinterest boards as if they were actual 3D inspiration boards.

What is it that is beautiful to you? What do you dream of having, seeing, doing, hearing, reading, wearing? What is that you want to remember and come back to? Pinterest is all the best about inspiration bulletin boards combined with all the best of social book marking. Let that premise guide you as you pin.

How much does it cost to be on  This is a very good question.  Since Pinterest is free to use, and there are no ads anywhere, one has to wonder – how are they making any money to keep the site going?  The site says they are “well-funded by a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors”. Since advertising would really spoil the spirit of grass roots community and sharing that Pinterest is clearly cultivating, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go the other direction and introduce subscription fees somewhere down the line. Perhaps the site will be free just long enough to get everyone hooked.

I could go on but the important thing is for you to get on Rumor has it there is a waiting list to join (a testament of its popularity).   Happy pinning and follow my boards at  (But don’t say you haven’t been warned….).


MotherStucker Meltdown…


1.  Daylight Savings Time Day #24, 2012:  It now gets dark at MotherStucker Headquarters at 5:19 pm.  Wikipedia tells this MotherStucker that Daylight Savings Time was invented in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson.  I am tempted to locate his descendants and drop my kiddos off for an evening of complimentary childcare, although the “Hudsons” are likely in the witness protection program…consider your legacy carefully MotherStuckers.

2.  To pass the time, I evaluated our pantry supplies and concluded I could throw together some sugar cookies as “practice” for the holidays.  While I make the world’s most outstanding chocolate chip cookie bars, apparently my sugar cookies leave much to be desired.  My daughters descriptive words included, “nasty, funky, rancid, pukey” etc.

3.  In an attempt to occupy my kiddos, we ventured to the nearby (national chain) 3000 sq. foot craft store.  This MotherStucker + 2 sugar under-loaded girls held the #3rd place in line for 15 minutes because #1st place was occupied by a customer returning an entire cart of merchandise (sigh!) and #2nd place was held by a buyer who only needed 400 items (thimble size) who of course was (wait for it, wait for it)…tax exempt.

4.  Hubby just returned from his Crossfit Workout and wants to tell me about his “WOD” and “PowerSnatch”….there are no more words…

MOTHERLOAD Holiday Giving Guide II: “Olive” the Other Reindeer…

First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a perfect hostess gift!  Proudly certified as kosher, this exclusive blend is milled from three varieties which each lend something special: arbequina’s extra fruity aroma, the full and rich taste and buttery finish of manzanilla with ascolano’s hint of pepper.  More info about the award winning 500 ml olive oil is available at and ships to your door through I-Gourmet

From left:  The Mother Stucker & Bill Sanders of First Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MOTHERLOAD Holiday Giving Guide I: Green Kid Crafts!

 Holiday shopping for Cindy Lou Who or Tiny Tim?  Check out Green Kid Crafts! 

Green Kid Crafts delights kids and their parents with fun, creative and earth-friendly craft activities, delivered right to their door!  Every month’s Discovery Box is packed with three unique and engaging activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while developing their respect and love for the environment.

The “Food Adventures” themed Discovery Box we received at MotherStucker headquarters this month featured crafts celebrating healthy eating. Craft projects included making a fish game (from recycled felt), growing organic basil and alfalfa sprout gardens, and making a set of rainbow tile coasters.  In addition, the Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box this month included samples and coupons (valued at $20+) for free healthy snacks from natural food companies like Annie’s, Stonyfield, Mary’s Gone Crackers and Immaculate Baking.

Appropriate for ages 3-8, Discovery Box projects are reviewed by experts, kid tested and parent approved for fun.  I was thoroughly impressed with the overall value and attention to detail of our Discovery Box.  Perfectly age appropriate containing additional suggestions for extended play and learning – plus re-gifting possibilities through the crafts made! 

Subscriptions are available in month-to-month, 3, 6 and 12 month durations, and also make great gifts! The monthly subscription cost is $19.50 and includes shipping. Order at (or just click on the ad to the right > ) now until 12/15, take 15% off your entire order at with the code BLOGGY.

Every purchase you make with Green Kid Crafts supports sustainable business, and a portion of each sale is donated to environmental organizations.  Like and follow Green Kid Crafts for great crafting, green living, and balanced parenting ideas, as well as special contests and promotions! ; ;

Product Trial: “Fall” for SmoothMove – Twofold!

When fall began, MotherStucker headquarters needed a remodel!  New paint and carpet seemed like a great home project for Autumn.  The bad news?  Trying to live in a construction zone moving your furniture and closet contents from room to room and floor to floor, while swapping your possessions to an unfinished disaster area feels like opening Pandora’s Box.  The good news?  Thank heavens I ordered the Motherload from SmoothMove Supplies to help.

SmoothMove boxes arrive flat in multipacks.  The FastFold®Moving boxes require no tape, assemble easily in seconds, are strong and have hand holes for secure carrying.  I loved that an assortment of sizes are available to maximize the “move” smoothly.  My Motherload included:

-SmoothMove pre-loaded tape dispenser (for wardrobe and dish boxes)

-SmoothMove Small FastFold®Moving boxes (10 to a multipack 16”x 12” x 12”)

-SmoothMove Medium FastFold®

Moving boxes (8 to a multipack 18’ x 18” x 16’)

-SmoothMove Large FastFold® Moving boxes (6 to a multipack 18’ x 18’ x 24”)

-SmoothMove specialty wardrobe boxes (3 to a multipack, each holds up to 2 linear feet of hanging items with hanging bar included 24’ x 24” x 40”)  

-SmoothMove specialty dish boxes (4 to a multipack, with double thick wall construction 18” x 18” x 28”)

Although I didn’t move — it probably would have been easier if I had — especially with the help of SmoothMove.  This new knowledge put my mommy brain on the soapbox.  After the MotherStucker Headquarters remodel, my SmoothMove supplies were still in excellent shape, so this MotherStucker decided to think outside the box and try my moxie twofold.

My keepsake box contains an enormous sparkly crown as I competed at the Mrs. U.S. of A Globe Pageant in 2005 as Mrs. Kentucky and won the national title!  In 2006 I returned to compete at the international Mrs. Globe 2006 Pageant as Mrs. U.S. of A and made top 5 in the world!  This year I had the honor of judging the Mrs. Globe 2012 Pageant in Palm Springs, CA where Mrs. Ukraine was selected our new Mrs. Globe!

Each year the Globe Travel Team brings “Christmas to Kids” in Mrs. Globe’s home country.  December 5 – 10th  2012, I will be traveling to an orphanage in Kiev and bringing gifts to 90+ children with the Globe Travel Team.  Each child will receive:  blanket, pajamas, holiday outfit, teddy bear and special personalized toy requested by each child.  In addition, we make a general donation to the home; food, assorted educational toys, vitamins, tooth brushes, etc.  How are we getting these “Christmas for Kids” goodies to Kiev?  You guessed it — packing starts today at the newly remodeled MotherStucker headquarters — my SmoothMove Supplies’ next stop is the Ukraine!

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