Pauls CurlieMaker, the World’s Only Electrical Kitchen Appliance That Processes Raw Potatoes into Chips & French Fries!

Bring healthy snacks fresh to the table! CurlieMaker is able to cut potatoes, red beetroot, courgettes, apples, carrots, parmesan cheese & more into curlies, shoe strings ?/or grates! 

Pauls CurlieMaker is a multi-use device turning vegetables into snacks for frying or oven-roasting. The device is a beautiful design intended to be displayed in the kitchen as a talking piece even while it entertains its admirers with fresh snacks, salads, & more. It comes with XX blade magazine adapters for producing Curling, Shredding, French Fry cuts, & more. Join Motherstucker & BACK this Kickstarter to get YOURS May 2018! 

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