Precision Probiotics!

The probiotics industry is the wave of the future. In the past 3 or 4 years, humans have discovered that your health, as well as diseases unexplainable by genetics alone, like obesity, lupus & diabetes, are all linked to the unique environment created by the microbes in your gut. The problem is that there are no good systems in place to help you get the probiotics you need. So you’re at your local supermarket’s probiotic section stocked with hundreds of different brands of pills & supplements & all you’re looking for is something that can improve your digestive health. Would you stay for long if you knew that 85 percent of the supplements that you’re looking at won’t survive your stomach & will never make it to your gut? Even if you did know which products survive, how would you know which ones to take? There are over 1,000 species of microbes in your gut & every human’s microbiome profile is unique. That’s why Sun Genomics started! At Sun Genomics, they examine your gut bacteria, determine precisely what your gut environment looks like & provide you with probiotics tailored to your unique profile. It’s precision probiotics. They test for gastric survival & harness the power of your microbiome so that you can flourish.

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