Run the Show: Exert

This weekend my duathlon partner & I MEDALED for the first time as Team Motherstucker! The relay consisted of a 3 mile Stand Up Paddleboard race, followed by a 5K run. This weekend was also the first time I tried Exert. 🙂

Exert smart body coolant is NEW & available at For almost a week now, I just spray it in the morning & forget about it. Exert works on its own whenever I get hot. Our duathlon this past weekend took place in South Carolina (hello hotness!) – thank heavens for Exert cooling my skin!  While it isn’t a supplement, or hormone cream – it does work for exercise, hot flashes, night sweats, excessive sweating, & flushes caused by drug or chemo treatments. 1 can lasts for 4-6 weeks of daily use, so at $19.99 it is just over 60 cents per day. Who would not want all day protection from hot flashes/sweats for 60 cents/day? Learn more about Exert on Facebook – Make a run for it! 


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