Say No to Halloween Hair with #SalonDuck

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Aflac. I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.

Watching the new Aflac #SalonDuck commercial got this MotherStucker thinking about my own past hairdo epic fails.  I aimed to go Ginger once but ended up nonuniform shades of pink. The most recent hairdo blunder occurred when my family & I moved 450+ miles south mid-summer 2013.  I needed a trim but didn’t have a new stylist yet.  It was HOT. HUMID too.  In a moment of heat related desperation I accepted my husband’s offer to cut my hair.  Hubby is a mechanical engineer (if you are looking for clear reasoning as to why I thought this was an acceptable idea, you aren’t going to find it…. Did I mention it was hot?) & he obviously was tired of hearing me fuss. He grabbed the electric clipper/trimmer & gave me the Miley Cyrus right on our front porch.

The look did come in handy (only) for Halloween 2013! 1398805_10202521238058029_128621841_o

Aren’t looking to permanently sport the “Miley” look? Me neither! Here are a few of MotherStucker’s tried & true hair styling tips:

♦Seek professional help!

Don’t let your hubby be your hairstylist unless he is a professional stylist. This also applies to all other relatives.  Find a stylist you aren’t related to.  You’ll thank me later 😉

♦Consider going short!

If you hate it, hang out for a bit. Hair grows! I sported long hair the first half of my life & short hair for the last couple decades.  Short hair gives a gal instant style & is easy for daily maintenance.

♦Give your hair “off” days!

You don’t have to tell this MotherStucker twice.  Go a day without washing, fixing, fussing, etc. Handle your hair on those days with a headband, scarf, bobby pins, etc.  Try this on days that start with S & end with Y.

♦Check out the Aflac #SalonDuck for yourself:

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