Send a Meaningful Message to Young Children

What to gift nowadays to young children (ages 10 months to 6 years)? It seems easy, but not that easy.

-“I don’t know which one to pick. Too many choices.”

-“Many toys are similar. Just grab whatever you run into.”

You hear these all the time. This topic provokes deep thoughts. That’s why retailer Ten Octaves carefully selected toys & gifts that meet their criteria to be good choices for young children. Their products are very unique & are picked because of outstanding design, eco-friendliness, handmade products, organic materials &/or social responsibilities. Most of them are award winners. Some have upwards of 16 awards under their belts. Many collections are available. Dolls, puppets, rockers, balance bike, building toys, accessories even animal wall décor. Most of them are not found in your nearby toy/gift stores. Check out at, you will be surprised! Want unique, high-end toys & gifts? Look no further.

Kids are like sponges. When they get a gift, they are getting a message. Just like every word heard by infants. They will understand in their own way, on their own terms & on their own pace. It’s up to parents to send a meaningful one starting from a young age. 😉

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