Spring Break Destination: The Lost Village! #SmurfsMovie

Happy Spring Break MOMS! A NEW #SmurfsMovie The Lost Village will be in theaters this Friday, April 7th. Last Saturday my family & I jumped at the opportunity to  pre-screen THIS Sony Pictures Animation movie at the Aurora Cineplex in Atlanta, GA while in town for 2017 Big South National (Volleyball) Qualifier. For your own SMURFTASTIC time this Spring Break start HERE:

§ Teamwork! Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy, & Brainy work together to stop Gargamel’s most dangerous plan yet. The Smurfs even welcome NEW members to their team in Smurfblossom, Smurflily, Smurfstorm, Smurfwillow & Smurfmelody!

§ Dig! Yes, Dig into some Smurfberry Pie this Spring Break!

§ Ace! Take some time this Spring Break & learn to draw Smurfette! 

§ Win! Learn more about the Smurfs Movie on Facebook & Twitter!

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