Summer Silly! How to Survive an Extended Stay Hotel (Part I)

Less than 2 years ago I moved 450+ miles south into a hotel just like Shocantelle — (waiting for construction to be completed at MotherStucker Headquarters) — For 6 weeks with the entire fam. Trust me, it was not as glamorous as it sounds! I’m looking back & giggling a bit (funny now, not so much then!) so I’m inclined to share. Stay tuned this month for posts to come as I mentally “checked out” around week 4! Check out the video above for the spot on “Extended Stay Guest” Laura Bell Bundy 😉

(Originally published June, 2013)
This summer my Motherstucker crew will be living in an extended stay hotel. My Otherstuckers believe that the hotel staff are helping themselves to our cookies and beer. I’m not convinced but see the need for an extended stay hotel survival guide!

1. Utilize outdoor space. Your extended stay living quarters are likely to be a more petite environment than what you are accustomed. Spend as little time as possible actually in the room and enjoy the patio, Grill, green space and pool area.
2. Sign up for the frequent guest program and start earning free nights for your next adventure!
3. Tip your house cleaning crew. This only makes good sense (cents!). Apparently housekeeping also accepts cookies and beer. See opening above….
4. Turn room fan on while sleeping to avoid air conditioning kick on/off noises and other hotel disturbances.
5. Find out who delivers food to the hotel.
6. Utilize the stairs instead of the elevator for extra exercise.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades. Sometimes bigger better rooms and services are available to those who ask!
8. Most extended stay hotels offer free breakfast. Stock up on daily snacks while in the breakfast line.
9. Ask other guests what’s nearby in town? Restaurants, attractions, etc.? If the hotel Guest has been staying at Hotel for a while they will be great resource!
10. Learn how to double duty. Extended stay hotels have kitchen equipment but probably not Everything you need. Cooking pots also make excellent ice buckets!

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