Summer Silly! How to Survive an Extended Stay Hotel (Part III)

Less than 2 years ago I moved 450+ miles south into a hotel just like Shocantelle — (waiting for construction to be completed at MotherStucker Headquarters) — For 6 weeks with the entire fam. Trust me, it was not as glamorous as it sounds! I’m looking back & giggling a bit (funny now, not so much then!) so I’m inclined to share. Stay tuned this month for posts to come as I mentally “checked out” around week 4! Check out the video above for the spot on “Extended Stay Guest” Laura Bell Bundy 😉

(Originally published July, 2013)

Good news OtherStuckers! I’m more than halfway through my stay and am learning an incredible amount about my fellow guests! I have met some of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered as well as some insanely bizarre characters. Monday through Friday at an extended stay hotel is fairly quiet with low guest traffic. Weekends are an entirely different story. Friday afternoons I have been known to sit in the lobby and await the weekend visitors with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning! Here are some of my favorites to date! image

-The Red Business Backpacks:
Every member of this crew is tall, thin, courteous and so intelligent it shows in their outward appearance. Each member wears a red backpack at ALL times that appears to hold a laptop computer and other assorted electronic equipment. I have no idea what they do or why they are here but it seems very “Men In Black”esque… I probably have already said too much.
-The Lacrosse Team:
Four teams of pre-teenage boys arrived with sticks and balls galore. I sighed and braced for late nights of hotel hallway game noises and boy smells. Much to my surprise the boys were extremely well-behaved. The lacrosse parents however came to party! I witnessed “40 Something Dads” doing things I would expect to see in a “Girls Gone Wild” video. I can’t lie, I was sad to see the Lacrosse team go.
-The Wedding Party:
The night before the wedding party arrived the hotel posted “Noise Policy” updates at every entrance, under guest doors, in the elevators and at the check-in desk. I could hardly wait to see who would arrive! My right eyebrow stayed perfectly lifted in disbelief all weekend when I realized the wedding party were a devoutly religious family from the East Coast. They were lovely and failed miserably at providing the level of entertainment to which I have grown accustomed.
-The Shirtless Cowboy:
I’m not sure where he parks his horse, but every Friday evening he rolls in to the extended stay hotel. He sits on the hotel patio talking on his phone, smoking cigarettes in a cowboy hat and a pair of jeans. Don’t get excited — this is not the sort of cowboy you would wish to see shirtless — or on your patio for that matter. He also enjoyed the Lacrosse team too much. Mama’s don’t let your baby’s grow up to be cowboys!

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