Summer Silly! How to Survive an Extended Stay Hotel (Part IV)

Less than 2 years ago I moved 450+ miles south into a hotel just like Shocantelle — (waiting for construction to be completed at MotherStucker Headquarters) — For 6 weeks with the entire fam. Trust me, it was not as glamorous as it sounds! I’m looking back & giggling a bit (funny now, not so much then!) so I’m inclined to share. Check out the video above for the spot on “Extended Stay Guest” Laura Bell Bundy 😉

(Originally published July, 2013)

The picture above was taken during one of my last few days at the Extended Stay Hotel. Remember offensive laundry gal from post II? This time she outdid herself. She upped the anty & elevated my frustration level by abandoning her position as Dryer Dictator meanwhile promoting herself to Poolchair Princess.

Said Extended Stay Hotel has 240 guest rooms & 1 very small swimming pool. The pool area is equipped with exactly 6 lounge chairs, 14 table chairs, 2 tables & 1 shade umbrella.

On this particular day Poolchair Princess & her kids are sitting at a table occupying 6 chairs complete with the only shade umbrella. Poolchair Princess has her wet laundry covering the remaining table, 8 table chairs & 4 lounge chairs. This left exactly 2 lounge chairs only for all the other hotel guests. I was so horrified that I pulled out my IPAD & with the exuberance of a Hollywood Paparazzi lunatic captured the above photo for your viewing pleasure. I also might have (loudly) mumbled something about half a mile of available pool fencing that would be ideal for drying clothes without infringing on other hotel guests’ pool seating space… (Rant/ramble)…

If staying at a hotel for an extended amount of time do yourself a favor & allow your fellow hotel guests full use of the hotel laundry facilities by drycleaning your clothing. Here are some tips from to make the best of the situation!

1. Quality knows quality. The best clothing store in town can recommend the best dry cleaner in town.

2. Yes, they use perchloroethylene (perc). It’s a probable carcinogen, but it’s the best thing we have right now. If you can smell it on your clothes, they weren’t cleaned correctly.

3. If we’re charging you premium rates, please… Let us sew that button on.

4. Things happen. We’ve heard stories about dry cleaners who borrow a customer’s dress for a weekend. But we’re sure they return it clean.

With that said, MotherStucker is making my CLEAN BREAK OUT of the Extended Stay Hotel.  Catch later Shocantelle! XOXO, MotherStucker  😉

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