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MotherStucker MADE: Custom Galvanized Curtain Rods + Curtains

Image5 Stars OtherStuckers! In typical MotherStucker style this is a no cut (pipe) no sew (fabric) project! You will need a ladder or step stool, cordless drill, pipe materials (see below), curtain material, curtain hooks (found at IKEA, Pottery Barn, etc.), stitch witch, scissors, & iron. Of course, a helper is also highly recommended! Difficulty Rating: 3
1. Blonde
2. Easy
3. Moderate
4. Hard
5. Chuck Norris

This is NOT Rocket Science – make things easy on yourself! For the Curtain Rod Pipe — Choose a length that straddles the entire window — Or if you have a bank of windows divide the distance with smaller individual sections. Total cost approx. $70.

Pipe Materials:
-One 1/2″ diameter, 10′ long pipe. It just so happened that these were precut however, they will cut your pipe to size for you and thread it if you need a different size. Personally, I wanted ample space on either size. To each (OtherStucker) her own 😉 .
-Two 1/2″ floor flanges (those are the round things, and they are about $10 a pop, believe it or not!).
-Two 1/2″ diameter, 2″ long steel nipples (those are the short straight pieces that make the rod/pipe project out from the wall a bit). You might want to have a cocktail or 2 before asking for 2 nipples at the local testosterone soaked hardware store… I speak from experience!
-Two 1/2″diameter, 90° elbows.
Be sure you wipe your pieces off before you get your curtains near them, because they come from the store kind of oily and dirty. You will also need to remove the pricing stickers. Yuck!

Image 1For the Curtains: Choose the length that you need. Then stitch witch (using your iron and a damp rag) the top and bottom of your panel. I chose a woven material (in several different variations). The sides of the material won’t fray because of the material fabrication – so don’t cut the sides. If you don’t like the “rugged” look, knock yourself out and stitch witch that too.

To assemble: Screw flanges to nipples to elbow to 1 side to the pipe — Put on curtain rings of your choice — Screw onto other side of the pipe. That either sounds dirty or like the hokey pokey – I can’t decide which ;). Drill pilot holes & attach your custom rod with wood screws. Hang curtains!