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Vegan Shampoo?

YOU have Questions, Motherstucker has Answers !

• What is Vegan Shampoo?

A shampoo specifically made to exclude any ingredients that are related to animals — This means that every ingredient that is derived from animals in regular shampoos, is replaced with a plant-based substitute — For example instead of gelatin, derived from boiling animal bones, the manufacturer could use seaweed extract which performs the same job. Vegan hair care products will have different surfactants, preservatives & conditioners compared to typical shampoos but most people would not notice the differences as they are slight. In addition, not tested on animals makes it completely guilt-free.

Most animal derived ingredients have a plant based counterpart that works equally well. An increasing number of non-vegans are choosing these as well because they prefer products that are not tested on animals, & choosing vegan products is the best way to ensure this.

• Is Vegan Shampoo Better?

They will differ in ingredients from your standard shampoo. It can only be called vegan because the product does not use animal ingredients in any way & only contains organic, natural, & plant based additives. The different cleaning agents & chemicals mean that the directions for use may differ slightly from the norm. These shampoos are often higher quality & contain ingredients that do a great job of cleaning your hair and scalp. You may find that you will need to scrub for a bit longer to achieve the same lather as chemical laden shampoo but you may not have to wash your hair everyday as there will be less buildup to remove. Also, it seems the benefits far outweigh the added 30 seconds of lathering when you consider the following: Vegan hair care contain far fewer ingredients than their commercial counterparts. And that short list of ingredients are almost certainly organic and natural.

• Where Can I Find Vegan Shampoo?

For bricks & mortar shopping where to buy: Vegan shampoo at Walmart is mixed in with all the main brands, so always check the label. Vegan shampoo at Target was harder to find as they have a slightly smaller selection of cruelty free hair care brands.

The online resource for vegan products is amazing. Look for personal care products that fit with your lifestyle & your needs at the same time. Buying from trusted online stores that have a vegan symbol are the best bet. That ensures that your hair care will be cruelty free also. Whatever hair type, oily, dry scalp, colour treated or damaged, you can find the right product. A vegan stamp from an accredited organization is a sign of a product you can trust. Also, customer reviews tell a lot about a product too so take the time to check a couple before committing to buy. Motherstucker really likes Birch 3 Vegan Shampoo available here: https://birch3.com/vegan-shampoo/

• Which Shampoo Brands are Cruelty Free?

Vegan means that you don’t have animal derived ingredients, & the product is not tested on animals. So, in most cases Vegan means cruelty-free, but cruelty-free does not mean vegan. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals but may contain animal ingredients. To determine which shampoo brands are Vegan or Cruelty Free, you have to do your research.

Be Healthy. Be Kind. Be Vegan.