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White Hot Review Board: Organic Herbal Face Food™

imageJust for a moment, take a step back in time with me OtherStuckers. Five years ago in 2009, I was preparing for my journey to the Mrs. America pageant as Mrs. Kentucky. Yes, the photo is of Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady!), myself, and Robin Thicke Daddy – eat your heart out ;). This MotherStucker was 31 years *young* at the time and about to undergo my first chemical peel. Part of the Mrs. Kentucky prize package included the procedure and to be honest, I needed it. Occasionally I would deal with a small cystic acne breakout and I had some mild sun spot damage to boot (nah-really? In the photo I look like a baked potato!). The chemical peel certainly helped but with a few drawbacks.
1. It burned like the 7th layer of hell.
2. Setting up the appointment, driving to the appointment, etc. were all disruptive to my schedule.
3. I mentally scarred a bank teller, the dry cleaner and my children as I picked them up from school fresh from my chemical peel appointment. My face was red and raw ;(
4. Peeling – oh vey. Not attractive and lasted for days.
5. Although my initial chemical peel was a gift, subsequent visits for the same procedure (recommended every 4 -6 weeks) are very expensive!
imageFast forward to 2014… (both photos below taken January of this year) and lucky for me, 5 years later I now know about Organic Herbal Face Food™. Not going to lie — Herbal Face Food ™ will heat up on your skin — This hot sensation is a good sign that the product is indeed working and an indication that the powerful plant antioxidants are stimulating and healing your skin cells. I use the product nightly before bed and it is in no way near as intense as the burning sensation of my chemical peel experience. imageHowever, I get the same great results that I do from a chemical peel! Check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Facebook Page plus Testimonials for more information about the first organic, edible, 100% plant based super anti-oxidant skin serum. If you have specific questions feel free to leave a comment below or check out the Organic Herbal Face Food™ Website . Go get your GLOW ON with GORGEOUS skin! Even Mr. Stucker approves! XOXO, MotherStucker

White Hot Review Board: Whypee

imageWhat a GREAT product & NEEDED common sense idea! How many times Ladies & Gentlemen have you needed to go to the restroom unexpectedly? I’m talking about those long drives, concerts, at a bar or club, strangers house, or in a port-a-potty (heaven forbid!) with no option but to use the facilities. You open the door to find the toilet seat totally disgusting! Time is of the essence here OtherStuckers! Who wants to hover, lay down toliet paper on the mess, etc.?

imageYou will never encounter that situation again with Whypee. In a matter of seconds 1 Whypee will eliminate the hassle and time of a potentially negative bathroom experience. Whypee ensures a clean, neat, safe, easy and convenient time in the restroom. Leave a lifetime of horrible bathrooms behind you when you have Whypee! White Hot Review Board: Whypee XOXO, MotherStucker