The Lazy Dog and the Quick Fox; An Action Maze Adventure in Holochromatic Color

Children will delight in this action maze adventure based on the English pangram, “The quick sly fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.” This pangram is used as a basis for extrapolating the story plots in this book. Children can make choices on how they want the story to unfold. Emotional intelligence points are awarded based on their choices. Parents will appreciate the emotional intelligence score scale focusing on friendship at the end of the book. One good example of an action maze adventure was showcased in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks as the leading star. There was a scene in a boardroom at MacMillan Toy Company where the adult Josh and Susan presented a proposal for a computerized version of an action maze adventure, a story format that has existed in paperback form in real life for ages prior to this movie’s debut. It is ironic that the author has done the opposite, first by composing an action maze adventure in an online blog, and then converting it into a book.

Most of this story can be found for free online in this blog link below. The book has pictures, the EQ scale in the back of the book, and a few extra chapters that are not found in this blog.

Ms. Rebecca Rose Orton, the author, was born deaf. She learned American Sign Language again after being away from the Deaf community for nearly 20 years. After returning to her Deaf origins, she had at least 20 years of signing experience and considers herself bilingual and bi-cultural within both the Deaf community and the hearing world.

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