Pockey, a premium, eco-friendly, and handcrafted women’s clutch line that prides itself on being the world’s first smart clutch product made from vegetable-tanned leather with RFID blocker, this week, in addition to its Kickstarter campaign, has launched an Indiegogo specific campaign for the Avant Garde clutch line. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost 145% of the brand’s target, Pockey became one of the top 25% Kickstarter campaigns to achieve more than their intended goal.

Passionate about developing the perfect smart clutch product that satisfies every woman’s daily demands, Pockey set out to create specially handcrafted clutches, made from eco-friendly premium leather, that is five times more durable than conventional clutches available today, for longevity and personal item protection.

“Traditional brands feel outdated today. They’re overpriced, out-of-reach, and poorly made, resulting in product degradation after only a few months of ownership,” said Karthik, Co-Founder of Pockey. “As for the inexpensive clutch brands, they are either low quality or poorly designed, putting personal items and cards at constant risk. None of these brands take care of the credit card information therein, which is where we come into play.” 

Contactless card reader technology is more prevalent today than ever before. People are able to scan and read credit card information directly through purses, clutches, and wallets. Credit card information is at an especially high risk of being stolen from cards in the clutches available to consumers today.

“Many people don’t realize that people passing them by or sitting next to them on a bus or subway can use technology to scan and read credit card information,” said Ishaan. “It’s an unsettling new reality we have to live with today in 2017. With our RFID blocker technology, we’re able to keep all cards within Pockey protected from unwanted viewers.”

Pockey clutches are made from vegetable tanned full-grain leather, sourced directly from Tuscany, Italy. To produce this special leather, it requires 40-days of skilled craftsmanship, compared to just one day for machine-made and chrome-tanned leather. Pockey comes in four colors: Cardinal, Navie, Misty, and Opaque. Most importantly, each Pockey comes with a built-in Smart RFID Blocker that keeps the clutch resistant to card scanners and invasive technology. 

Other Pockey features include ethically sourced eco-friendly tanned leather, easy to repair leather that won’t wear out under normal usage, world-class craftsmanship, and comfort with every design. Each Pockey can hold 8-cards, a coin pouch, an iPhone 7 Plus, a slim power bank, and 2 bills compartment. Additionally, Pockey is less than 150 gms, which feels like a feather in hand.

For anyone who backs the campaign, they are promised a Pockey before the holiday season, ensuring their vitality as gifts for any interested consumer.

“We never want to compromise quality, which is why we’re seeking crowdfunding support to make our hand-crafted, eco-friendly, and sustainable, safe clutches accessible at a price that people can afford,” said Ivy. For more information, or to learn more about Pockey’s journey thus far, visit: 

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